Last Will and Testament
Bathsheba Betts
Town of Greenbush

Information on this page was obtained from Rensselaer Co., NY Surrogate Court, File No. 202, and was submitted the late Lin Van Buren.

The Last Will and Testament of BATHSHEBA BETTS decd. with the Proofs thereof as a will of Real & Personal Estate Recorded July 1st, 1856 Will

The last Will & Testament of BATHSHEBA BETTS of the Town of Greenbush in the County of Rensselaer and State of New York (late relict of PETER BETTS deceased) Considering the uncertainty of this mortal life & being of sound mind & memory (blessed be Almighty God for the same) do make & publish this my last Will and Testament in manner & form following that is to say

First I give & devise unto JONAS SMITH MANVILLE of the town of Greenbush in the County of Rensselaer & State of New York and to his heirs & assigns forever (subject to the Several legacies hereinafter ------ed) The one equal undivided three fourths of one third part of the farm of land upon which I now reside situate in the Town of Greenbush in the County of Rensselaer, being the farm purchased of DAVID SCOTT & bounded as follows to wit on the east by lands owned by LUCAS DEFREEST and PHILIP DEFREEST, on the south by lands owned by PHILIP DEFREEST, on the west by lands owned by WM P VAN RENSSELAER, and on the north by lands owned by MOSES BLOOMINGDALE the whole farm containing about one hundred & Fifty Acres be the same more or less.

Second, I give & devise unto PETER BETTS MANVILLE of Greenbush in the County of Rensselaer & State of New York (son of Jonas Smith Manville) and to his heirs & assigns forever the remaining one equal undivided one fourth of one third part of the farm of land herein before bounded & described which together with the bequest made to Jonas Smith Manville constitutes the one equal third part of the entire farm, the same as devised to me by my late husband Peter Betts deceased as by reference to his said will may more fully & at large appear. But it is further expressly ordered that in case said Peter Betts Manville wishes to dispose of his said share of said farm he shall in such case give the refusal of offer of sale to his Father Jonas Smith Manville (if he shall be alive at such period) and in case they cannot agree as to the terms of said sale that then in such case each party shall select one of their townsmen & in case they cannot agree they shall select a third man & these three thus chosen shall fix the price or consideration for such share and the terms thereon to be paid to said Peter Betts Manville by said Jonas Smith Manville.

Third, I give & devise unto BATHSHEBA PHILLIPS of Greenbush daughter of Jonas Smith Manville & to her heirs & assigns forever the sum of One Hundred Dollars to be paid to said Bathsheba by Jonas Smith Manville in one year from my decease. I also give and devise to said Bathsheba my good necklace (or beads).

Fourth I give & devise unto POLLY BOLT (my adopted Daughter) and wife of CHARLES BOLT of the Town of Bainbridge in the County of Chenango & State of New York & to her heirs & assigns forever the sum of Four Hundred Dollars to be paid to said Polly Bolt by said Jonas Smith Manville in One year from my decease I further give & devise to said Polly Bolt all my household furniture.

Fifth, I give & devise unto Geo. Thomas Betts & to his heirs & assigns forever, if he be alive at my decease, all and singular my undivided share of right title and interest of in & to that certain peice or parcel of land situate lying & being in the Town of Norwalk in the county of Fairfeild & State of Connecticut, the same as was devised to me by my late husband Peter Betts decd., as by reference to his said will may more fully & at large appear, and still further described by the last will & Testament of Burwell Betts decd. And it is further provided that in case said Geo Thomas Betts should not be alive at my decease as herein before mentioned, I do in such case give & devise the said premises (conditionally devised to George Thomas Betts) to Polly Bolt wife of Charles Bolt & to her heirs & assigns forever.

I do hereby further Order that the lands & Tenaments herein devised to Jonas Smith Manville be bound for the payment of the two several legacies herein made the first of $100 to Bathsheba Betts the Second of $400 to Polly Bolt and lastly I do hereby nominate constitute & appoint my nephew (by marriage) Thomas Betts of the Town of Brunswick in the county of Rensselaer Sole Executor of this my last will & Testament, and hereby expressly revoke all and every former will by me made. In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand & seal this 9th day of February in the year of our Lord One Thousand Eight Hundred and Forty Two

Bathsheba Betts {L. S.}

Signed, Sealed Published & declared}
by the Testator to be her last will &}
Testament in the presence of us who}
at her request and in the presence}
of each other & her presence}
have subscribed our names as}
witnesses written on one sheet of Paper}
and not entirely Separated}
Luther D. Eddy of the town of Brunswick}
Thomas Betts do of Brunswick}
George H. Manvill of Town of Greenbush}


This is a codicil to my last will & Testament making disposition of my personal Property that is not disposed of.

1. I give to Polly Bolt my wearing aparel.

2. I give to Hannah Raymond wife of John Raymond deceased One third of the Remainder of my personal Property.

3. I give & bequeath to the daughters of Jonas Smith Manville the other two thirds to be Equally divided among them, Bathsheba Philips & Elenor J. Defreest & Lucinda Manville, Mary Eliza Manville, Elizabeth Manville to be equally divided among them.

May the Twenty eighth 1849

Bathsheba Betts {L. S.}

Signed Sealed in the Presence

Thomas Betts}
Jeremiah Link}

[NOTE:The will was proved on 1 July 1856 in Rensselaer Co NY Surrogate Court on the oath of witness Luther D. Eddy; the codicil was proved on 1 July 1856 in Rensselaer Co NY Surrogate Court on the oath of witness Jeremiah Link and on the affirmation of the witness Thomas Betts; the testatrix was described on this occasion as "late of the Town of North Greenbush" because the town of North Greenbush had been created from the part of the town of Greenbush where the testatrix had resided.]

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