Abstract of the
Last Will and Testament
Roswell Phillips
Town of Schodack

Information on this page was abstracted by the late Lin Van Buren from the original will as recorded in the will book and from the probate papers as recorded in the probate file at the Surrogate Court for Rensselaer County, NY.

Abstract of the Will of Roswell PHILLIPS of Schodack

The will of Roswell PHILLIPS of Schodack was dated 26 May 1838, was probated 25 October 1838 and was recorded in Rensselaer County, NY Surrogate Court Will Book 37 on pages 460-466.

The executors named in the will were these three people:

The witnesses were Milo KINGMAN and J. VAN VALKENBURGH.

The will names as children of the testator the following eight people:

The probate papers specify that in 1838, the places of residence of the heirs were as follows:

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