Baptisms at the
Reformed Protestant Dutch Church
at Wynantskill, 1794-1867

Surnames beginning with "H"

ChildDate of BirthDate of BaptismParents
Halembeek, Elisa9 Mar 18102 Apr 1810John Halembeek and Elizabeth Elliot
Haner, Hanna Louisa4 May 18194 Jul 1819Philip Haner and Catharine Sipperly
Haner, Hendrick6 May ____31 May 1795John B. Haner and Geertruy Philip
Haner, Henry11 Dec 1800Not recordedPhilip Haner and Maria Semon
Haner, Mary Barbara6 Jun 1801Not recordedJohn E. Haner and Gitty Philip
Harrington, John3 Jul ____27 Oct 1808Benjamin Harrington and Lana Bliss
Heidle, Jacob23 Dec ____20 Jan 1799John Heidle and Anna Schermerhorn
Heidley, _____Not recorded13 Dec 1795George Heidley and Maria Smith
Heidley, Margaret27 Aug 18381 Jan 1839John G. Heidley and Hannah _____
Heidley, Margaret31 Jul ____22 Aug 1796Michael Heidley and Elizabeth Feller
Heiny, Elisabeth25 Nov 180527 Apr 1806Peter Heiny and Margaret Pool
Hicks, William25 Mar ____13 May 1797William Hicks and Anne De Graff
Hilton, Mehalale14 Jan ____10 Oct 1813Richard Hilton and Elizabeth Norton
Hilton, Richard5 Jun 181720 Jul 1817Richard Hilton and Elizabeth Norton
Hiny, Timothy29 Feb ______ May 1796Hendrick Hiny and Elizabeth Josler
Hogle, Abigail16 Aug ____22 Sep 1797Francis Hogle and Cornelia De Freest
Hogle, Elisabeth24 Mar ____27 Apr 1806Edward Hogle and Elisabeth Van der Zee
Hogle, Elizabeth4 Sep ____20 Oct 1794Nicholas Hogle and Catrina Van Valkenburgh
Hogle, Francis Hogle21 Nov 180712 Dec 1807Jacob Hogle and Nelly Frits
Hogle, Lucretia10 Jan 181526 Feb 1815Edward Hogle and Caty Frits
Hogle, Nicholas10 Feb ____17 Mar 1811Jacob N. Hogle and Catharine Ostrander
Hogle, William9 Jan 18146 Feb 1814Abraham Hogle and Elizabeth Crannel
Huys, Barent6 May 1802Not recordedJohn Huys and Betsy Jones
Huys, Getty1 Aug ____20 Jan 1811William Huys and Jamima Ostrander
Huys, John20 Feb 1803Not recordedPeter Huys and Mariche Van de Pol
Huys, Mary31 Jan ____22 Feb 1808William Huys and Jamima Ostrander

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