Troy Daily Times
July 14, 1860

The following newspaper extract was submitted by Colleen Boose.

- In Providence, R.I. on the 12th inst., by Rev. A. WOODBURY, assisted by Rev. Edgar BUCKINGHAM, Mr. John L. FLAGG, of this city, to Miss Ellen H., daughter of Col. Sm. W. BROWN, of Providence.
- In this city, on the 12th inst., by the Rev. D. KENNEDY, D.D. Mr. John MOORE, of Green Island to Miss Ann ATWELL of this city.

The boy George WARD, arrested yesterday for firing a stable in South Troy, has been discharged,--the parties satisfactorily arranging the matter. It was apparent the little fellow did not intend to commit a crime.

- Yesterday afternoon a man names James NASH, employed at the Rensselaer Iron Works, met with quite a severe accident. Some heavy rails fell on his leg and fractured it.
- Mr. W.H. VAN EVERY, the popular principal of the Eighth Ward School, has just started on an extended trip, to Havana, Aspinwall, New Orleans, and up the Mississippi home.

- The coroner's jury in the case of Huldah Ann MCCRANEY, at Medford, Otsego county, have rendered a verdict that she was poisoned by her step-mother, and she has been committed to jail. Mrs. MCCRANEY is a dashing woman of about 50 years, who has once been remarkably handsome. She was a witness on the inquest, and gave her testimony with great coolness. The evidence showed that she had always treated her cruelly, and that she poisoned her to death while pretending to nurse her for illness.
- A young lady named Philothete STERLING, a daughter of Peter STERLING, of Mapletown, Montgomery county, committed suicide on the 29th of June, by hanging herself with a rope in her father's barn. She was about twenty-twoyears of age, and was much respected and beloved by her friends and acquaintances. For about four years past she had suffered from ill-health, and at times seemed to contemplate self-destruction.--On the morning of the occurrence of the deed she arose very early, while her sister who occupies the same room with her was yet sleeping, and succeeded in effecting her purpose before the family were aware of her absence from the house.

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