Troy Daily Times
July 11, 1860

The following newspaper extract was submitted by Colleen Boose.

- In Brunswick, June 18th, at the Lutheran Parsonage by Rev. David KLINE, Mr. Andrew COONRADT, of Poestenkill, to Miss Permelia F. BARRINGER, of Troy.
- July 2d, at the same place by the same, Mr. Philip SLADE, Sen., of Pittstown, to Miss Eliza SHAVER of Brunswick.
- July 7th, at the same place by the same, Mr. Ruchford B. HANCOCK, of Brooklyn to Miss Mary CAWLEY, of Troy.
- Miss Mary DEVLIN, formerly of this city, was married on Sunday, to Edwin BOOTH, the tragedian. Mary performed for some time on the boards of the old Museum, and is no doubt known and remembered by many in this city.--Mr. BOOTH'S starring engagements this season netted him the snug little sum of $14,000, and Mary and her liege ought to live comfortably off an annual income like that.

- Col. Samuel MCCHESNEY, of Brunswick, father of Leonard MCCHESNEY, and an old and much respected citizen of that town, died on Sunday last.
- A boy aged about eight years, son of Patrick SULLIVAN, while playing in a boat at the foot of Grove street, on Sunday afternoon, fell into the River and was drowned. His body has not yet been found.

Last evening, as Mr. Gordon MILLIMAN, of Lansingburgh, was driving through Federal street, the bolt of the thills gave out, and the horse becoming frightened, started on a run. Mr. M. jumped out, but in doing so his foot caught in such a way that he was thrown with sufficient force to break one of his legs badly. He was taken into MOORE & GREGORY's store, and was promptly attended by Dr. THOMAS, of Sandlake, who happened to be close at hand. In the course of an hour, he was placed in a carriage and taken home.

Mr. Editor: The job of erecting the frame of an old building, a part of which fell, while the pieces of roof were being set up, was not under the supervision of John ARCHIBALD 2d, nor did the first article so indicate; but it was being erected under, and by the special direction and supervision of Mr. John ARCHIBALD, who is the owner of the house. The man was sent for by Mr. ARCHIBALD,--he deeming the building sufficiently safe to put the roof on,--and directed every move in the matter. I was not present any of the time. Dexter MOODY.

The semi-annual meeting of the Rensselaer County Medical Society was held in the Court House at 3 o'clock yesterday afternoon, when the following gentlemen were elected members: Dr. Alex H. HULL, of Petersburgh; Dr. W. AKIN, of Troy; Dr. BENEDICT, of Buskirk's Bridge.

Yesterday afternoon, a German named Baltzer HOUSER was examined and held by Justice PARMENTER on charge of assault with intent to commit rape upon the person of Jane COONRADT, a girl fifteen years of age. The parties reside in Brunswick, near Milville, and the offense was committed on Saturday last. HOUSER was admitted to bail in the sum of $1000 to answer the charge at the next Court of Sessions. Gotlieb WINDERMANTLE and Abraham VAN ALSTYNE became his bondsmen.

- Rev. Dr. KENNEDY proposes to spend his August 'vacation' fishing and ruralizing among the Adirondacks.
- S.A. DOUGLAS and lady have engaged rooms at the United States, Saratoga, and are expected there tomorrow.
- Rev. E.T. CHAPMAN, the new Assistant Rector of St. Paul's Church, will commence his services next Sunday. Mr. C. has but recently been ordained to the ministry.
- The brush factory of Jas. MCQUIDE caught fire on Friday, from a pan of pitch boiling over. The kettle was speedily thrown out and the fire extinguished.
Our citizens will remember that some months since Wm. HOLMES, then a merchant here, suddenly left town, and deserting his wife, removed with his children to Chicago. The wife instituted legal proceedings for the recovery of the children, and obtained a judgment in her favor. The children were taken with her to Brooklyn. The father has since petitioned for the custody of the children, and Judge LEONARD, of the Supreme Court of New York, has just made a decision in the matter.--The Judge makes provisions for the education of the children at the father's expense, and gives the youngest one, Ivah, into the custody of the mother. Both parties are to have the privilege of visiting the children, though neither it would appear are to have full control of them. The Judge condemns the course of the HOLMES quite severely.

The evidence in the WALTON murder inquest yesterday, was interesting. Two persons were examined who saw Mr. WALTON shot, and one who saw the second murder, but neither could identify either of the JEFFERDS boys as the murderer. Mrs. WALTON was recalled, and with her clear, penetrating voice, told the story of her wrongs, in a tone of unsubdued passion. She testified to many threats against the life of Mr. WALTON, which will make much additional work for the Coroner. When the inquest had been adjourned, she met PASCALL on her way out and stood, fixing upon him a look of sad rebuke for some moments. He looked back defiantly. She shook her head sorrowfully, and passing on, said, "Come, my children;" the two younger answered her call; the elder returned to prison.

- John LEACH was complained of by his wife Bridget for assault and battery, and case put off till the 21st inst. at 10 A.M.
- Michael KELLY committed an assault and battery on Francis KENNEDY, and Justice PARMENTER sentenced him to pay a find of $10 or twenty days in jail. He paid his fine.
- Sarah SPICER, as is her usual custom, got very drunk; in this condition she was found on the dock and lodged in jail. Not having an X with her this morning, she went over for ten days.
- John and Mary DONOVAN were charged with having on the 30th ult., grievously assaulted and beaten Catherine QUIRK, to which they plead not guilty. The case was in progress at noon, and as there is about ten or a dozen witnessesin the case, it will probably occupy the attention of the Court the entire day.

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