Troy Daily Times
July 10, 1860

The following newspaper extract was submitted by Colleen Boose.

At West Stephenstown, on the 3d inst., by the Rev. I. B. COLEMAN, Mr. James H. CUMMINGS to Miss Emily L. KNAPP, both of Nassau.

Mr. Editor: In reference to the fall of the frame of a building in Tenth street yesterday, I wish to say that the job was not under my supervision as stated in the 'Times'. It was Mr. MOODY'S job, and the work was under the direction of his men. The cause was an attempt to put on the roof before the building was properly stayed. John ARCHIBALD, 2D.

The political Belleveretts, the particular friends of the Union, or in other words, the National Union Club of Troy, met last evening and appointed Harvey SMITH delegate to the State Convention which meets at Utica on the 12th. Lewis LILLIE, Jonas C. HEARTT, John S. PERRY, F.B. HUBBELL and C.L. RICHARDS were appointed alternates. No other business of importance was transacted. The attendance at the meeting was small though select.

- On Sunday last, a little son of Mr. R. CLARKE, was standing in the yard back of his father's premises, when a ventilator to an outhouse, about fifteen feet long, fell, and in its descent struck the lad on the head. He was taken up insensible, but by the proper application of restoratives, was soon returned to consciousness. A clothes line broke the fall of the ventilator, and saved the boy's life.
- Thomas SULLIVAN, a boy aged eight years, whose parents reside on Congress street, Lansingburgh, was drowned yesterday in the River in the rear of No. 4's engine house. His body has not yet been recovered.
- As a little lad named George CUMMINGS, about eight years of age, was bathing in the River near the Falls, on Friday last, he went in beyond his depth, and would have drowned, had it not been that John BROWN, merchant, saw the little fellow struggling, and hastened to his assistance. When the lad was taken out he was unconscious.

The body of the boy VAN OSTRAND, who was drowned on Friday last, was found in the river near the steamboat landing last evening. Coroner MADDEN held an inquest. The funeral took place this morning.

C.R. VOLENTINO, of Shushan, caught on the 31st ult., in the Shushan pond, an eel weighing thirteen pounds and three ounces, and five feet nine inches in length.

High Constable SQUIRES yesterday arrested a man named Francis FERLEY, for stealing a coat, vest and $10 in money from John APPLEBY, of Seventh street. The coat and vest were found on the person of the prisoner, but the money was gone. He is in jail.

Mr. J. M. SPENCER, who resides on Mohawk street, in the Third Ward, was brutally beaten on Saturday night last, at the corner of Howard and Remsen streets, by a gang of ruffians who frequent that part of the village, evidently for the purpose of provoking a row with peaceably disposed citizens who may be called upon to pass that way, after nine o'clock at night.

POLICE COURT -- Justice PARMENTER presiding:
- Dr. Rudolph BINDER, drunk; was sent up for thirty days.
- Henry HUGHES, drunk; fined $10 or ten days-- committed.
- James G. FOLMSBEE, charged with neglecting to support his wife; case adjourned to the 23d inst.
- Patrick KEATING, petit larceny in stealing a dog; put over to the 18th inst.
- Alfred BURLINGHAM, assault and battery on Henry WILSON; fined $2 or five days--sent over.

- Lager Beer Garden. Mr. John SCHNEIDER would respectfully inform his old friends and the lovers of good Lager Beer generally, that he has recently opened on his grounds, 144 Congress street, a Garden where the best of Mosel and Rhine Wines, Schenectady Lager Beer, Cigars, and other refreshments, will be served up at all times. Gents will find on trial that every attention possible will be bestowed upon all who may favor me with a call. Also, I have an Agency for the celebrated Schenectady Lager Beer, to which I would especially call the attention of dealers. John SCHNEIDER.
- R.H. HYDE -- New Stock. The Subscriber would call the attention of the public to the fact that during the present season he has entirely refitted his well-known Livery Establishment. He has now an entire new stock of Barouches, covered and single Carriages, Harness, &c., constituting an equipage which, in point of variety and elegance will compare favorably with any other in the State. He employs none but the most experienced and careful drivers, his prices are as low as those of any other establishment, and his patrons will always find him prepared to supply them with any turn-out they may require. Office and Stable on Franklin street, in the rear of the Court House. R.H. HYDE.
- Bathing, Hair-Dressing, &c. The Undersigned has leased for a term of years Mr. RATH's Bathing and Hair Dressing Saloon, No. 3 Third street, and handsomely refitted and furnished the same, rendering it one of the most commodious and elegant establishments of the kind in the State. Open from 5 A.M, to 9 P.M.; on Saturdays until 11 P.M.; on Sundays from 5 A.M. to 12 M. Bathing in all styles--everything neat--polite attention to customers and satisfaction warranted. Hair Dressing, Shaving, Shampooing. Particular attention to cutting children's hair. Geo. T. STEENBERGH, No. 3 Third st. P.S. Six bath tickets for one dollar, or 25 cents for a single bath.
- M'Knight's Malt Wine. Malt Wine--An unrivaled Ale. One-Half the price of Imported. Put up in cases of 1 doz. each, for private families. Bottled and for Sale by: C. CLEMINSHAW, 469 River street. Families having their own bottles can have them filled with the unrivaled Malt Wine, or Champagne Cider, at a small expense. Bottles of all kinds taken in exchange by: C. CLEMINSHAW, 469 River street.
- Mrs. P.H. JONES, having removed her place of business from Troy to 584 Broadway, Albany would inform her friends that orders conveyed to her through the Post Office, or left at Mrs. Benjamin MARSHALL'S corner of Albany and Second streets, will receive prompt attention.

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