Troy Daily Times
July 27, 1860

The following newspaper extract was submitted by Colleen Boose.

- In Utica, July 25th, in the 41st year of his age, Frederick C. FOSTER, of Saratoga Springs, son of Nathaniel FOSTER, of West Troy.
- In Albany, on Thursday evening, July 26th, Martha VANDERLIP, wife of Benjamin BABCOCK, in the 71st year of her age. Relatives and friends of the family are invited to attend her funeral on Saturday (tomorrow) afternoon at 4 o'clock form the residence of her son-in-law, Thomas COOKE, Jr.., No. 10 Chestnut street, Albany.
- Patrick CONNARS was drowned in the River below the saw mills at Sandy Hill on Monday the 16th inst. The body was not recovered until the Sunday following, when it was found below Fort Edward, and brought to Glen's Falls.
- On Saturday a man named POWELL was drowned while swimming the River at Fort Edward Centre.

The excursion of the Ladies Home Mission to Pittsfield yesterday was a perfect success. A good time was enjoyed by all on board, and at Pittsfield the citizens gave them a splendid reception. In the evening Mrs. LAITHE, Miss YATES and DORING's Band gave a concert. The train on its return met with an accident fourteen miles East of Albany. The train was going at a high rate of speed, when the locomotive encountered a cow. The first car was thrown from the track, and before the train could be stopped ran it nearly a mile on the ties, tearing them up and injuring the track. The greatest excitement was occasioned by the catastrophe. The accident detained the train about an hour.

- Peter DUNN, A Trojan, was found in a dying state at New York on Wednesday, and lived but a short time. His friends here, if any, should address the Coroner.
- Dr. BUTTS, Justice of Schaghticoke, writes that the chances for the recovery of Mrs. PHALEN are quite favorable.

A boy named PARMALEE, while catching a ride on the cars passing through North Third street, this morning, attempted to jump off, and in doing so, fell with his foot under the wheel, smashing it badly. Amputation has not yet been resorted to, in hope of saving the limb, though the chances are small. Two other boys were with him, and had narrow escapes.

The number of pickpockets in this vicinity appears to be rapidly on the increase. They are following up the steamboat and railroad lines, and people cannot be too cautious while traveling. Last evening, while Prof. GIRARD, of the Philadelphia High School, was purchasing a ticket at the office, on board the 'Francis Skiddy', his wallet containing over $500 in bills, was abstracted from his pocket. The money was mostly in large bills, and on the Philadelphia Banks. The thief made his escape. The detectives have the matter in hand.

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