Troy Daily Times
July 19, 1860

The following newspaper extract was submitted by Colleen Boose.

We have at last a respectable portrait of LINCOLN. It is a splendid lithograph from the painting by HICKS, and is at once a capital likeness and a good picture. There seems to have been a vigorous rivalry among political artists in making Lincoln appear to be the ugliest of living men. A large lithograph, from a portrait by BAKER, is entitled to the palm in this respect. It presents Mr. L. as a sour, thin, course, wrinkled personage, who does not look as if a gleam of good nature or common sense ever disturbed the acrid stolidity of his face. In HICKS' portrait we have a much more pleasing, as well as a much more accurate picture. The expression of the mouth, which is that of extreme kindness and amiability--is admirable presented. Mr. LINCOLN is not a handsome man--but he looks thoroughly the man of intelligence, of character and of kind-heartedness that he is. The picture by HICKS is the first we have seen that does him anything like justice. It shows in him the Henry CLAY cast of countenance, the real marks of a statesman. It is for sale by L. WILLARD.

- At last Advices from California, Judge TERRY, the murderer of BRODERICK, had gone to Marin county, to pass through the farce of a trial.
- J.M. MORRISON, Cashier of the Manhattan Bank of New York, having inherited ten slaves, has emancipated them all.
- Louis D. PILSBURY last night resigned the Superintendency of Ward's Island, and is to return to the Albany Penitentiary.
- Park BENJAMIN, after having tried almost everything, poetry, prose, lecturing and editing, has finally opened an intelligence office on Union Square, New York.
- The woman Mary TOBIN, who was so outrageously maltreated by a gang of over a dozen Albany rowdies a few weeks since, is a raving maniac in the county asylum.
- The coroner's inquest in the WALTON and MATTHEWS murder in New York was concluded yesterday, and resulted in holding Charles JEFFORD, a step-son of Mr. WALTON, for the crime. His brother Edward was discharged.
- A drunken woman was found trying to bury the body of a child about four months old, on a hill at Newark, N.J. on Monday night. On examination it was found to be in a horribly emaciated and filthy condition, showing clearly that it had perished from neglect. The woman was arrested.
- A burglar broke into the house of John BRADY, on Third Avenue, New York on Tuesday night, and was plundering the property, when Miss Catherine BRADY seized him and held him so tightly that he only escaped by stabbing her in the arm. Yesterday, a fellow named John THOMPSON was arrested and identified as the robber.
- Six convicts employed in the marble quarry, at Sing Sing, attempted to make their escape yesterday by running past the guard. One of them, named John RHAN, was shot through the head and instantly killed, and Christian BECKSTEIN, the notorious burglar, who was leader in the attempt, was beaten insensible before he could be subdued.

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