Troy Daily Times
July 18, 1860

The following newspaper extract was submitted by Colleen Boose.

- A young gentlemen named LEACH, in attempting to make his spirited horse curvet near the Troy House, yesterday, backed him into a window of BROWN's fancy goods store, breaking it up badly.
- A drunken man fell into the basin at West Troy yesterday, and was rescued, with difficulty from his peril.
- The investigation of charges against Engine Co. No. 7, which was to have taken place before the Fire Department Committee last evening, was deferred, in consequence of the absence of Chief Engineer ROCK.

- Mary DEVINE, an old offender, was found drunk in the street yesterday. She made her appearance with a piece of meat in one hand and a baby in the other, presenting a shameful spectacle. In consideration for the baby, and not on account of Mary's promises, the Justice let her off with six days' sentence.
- John FULTZ, found drunk in River street yesterday afternoon, about 5 o'clock. He said he was employed on the canal boat "Sam," an thought he could overtake her at Waterford. To give him an opportunity to test that ability, he was let off.
- Officer SQUIRES yesterday arrested two vagabonds named John and Michael BOLIN, who were swimming in the River back of Boutwell's mills in the daytime. They were let off with a severe lecture.

A meeting of the Board of Governors of the Marshall Infirmary, for the purpose of organization, was held on Monday, July 16, 1860, at four o'clock P.M. at the Infirmary. The following officers were unanimously elected: President--Jonas C. HEARTT; Vice President--Hanford N. LOCKWOOD; Secretary--Stephen E. WARREN; Treasurer--Alfred B. NASH; Committee of Management--John W. DOWNING, Jonas C. HEARTT, Hanford M. LOCKWOOD, Alfred B. NASH and Thomas COLEMAN; Medical Board--Alfred WOTKYNS, M.D.**Thomas W. BLATCHFORD, M.D. ** James THORN, M.D. ** Thomas C. BRINSMADE, M.D.

The North Troy Aid Association, with their friends, returned from their excursion to visit the Great Easter, on the 'Francis Skiddy, this morning, having enjoyed a delightful trip. Upon the arrival of the boat at the dock, half-a-dozen rowdies, who had smuggled themselves on board without any money to pay their fare, and made themselves very disagreeable to the excursionists, were taken in charge by officer KIPP, driven tandem through the streets, and 'roped in' to the jail. On being taken before Justice LANDON, four of them--John GROGAN, Thomas SCANLIN, Edward MURRAY, and Patrick WELCH, Trojans, who have been guilty of such practices before, were sent up for six days each. George ELY and James JACOBS, New Yorkers, were let off. The Justice gave the scamps a severe lecture, dwelling upon the frequency of such acts as they had been guilty of, and expressing his determination to inflict summary punishment upon all committing them, who shall in the future come before him.

- The earthly remains of Elder John LELAND and wife were removed to the new cemetery in Cheshire, on the 11th. The skulls, which are in a good state of preservation, are to be placed in a glass case, so that all may see them, as they reverence the memory of the good man and his wife.
- The Democrats of Ballston Spa have organized a Douglas club, with John WAIT as President.
- Rev. W. H. MILBURN, the blind preacher, is to deliver in Saratoga this evening his lecture on "Aaron Burr."
- Joseph FISH, of Saratoga county, a leather manufacturer, who had been committed to the Utica Asylum because it was feared that in fits of partial insanity he would destroy himself, died in that institution on Tuesday.
- The case of suicide in Easton, Washington county, mentioned last week, was that of an Irishman named Michael GLEASON, aged thirty four years. He first cut his throat, and then jumped into a well. He lived about an hour after being taken from the well. He had been laboring for Mr. Thomas BEADLE, and was doubtless insane.
- A gentleman entered the dwelling of Mr. G. THOMPSON in Ballston Spa, on Tuesday night last, at the hour of midnight, and transferred to his pocket the watch of Mr. R, and some $70 in cash. This is suppose to have been a freak of somnambulism, and the mistake will be entirely overlooked if the watch is returned, this being peculiarly valuable as a family keepsake.
- On Saturday afternoon, the Hon. Thomas Y. HOW, of Auburn, while talking with a gentleman in the street of that city, was suddenly taken in a fit, fell to the ground, and died in a few minutes.
- William MALLOY, a printer employed in the New York Tribune office, fell dead last evening in the Bowery.
- Jacob REIDER, who murdered his sister-in-law and mother-in-law at Brownsville, Minnesota, on the 10th inst., committed suicide by shooting himself in his own house Sunday. He has been secreted in the vicinity ever since the murder.

We see by the Auburn Advertiser, that our young friend, William J. SUTTON, has recently gone into the drug and medicine business in that thriving village. Mr. SUTTON has for five or six years been a clerk in the extensive drug house of J.L. THOMPSON, Sons & Co., of this city and has long enjoyed the confidence of that firm. He is an energetic young man, possesses excellent business qualifications, is thoroughly posted in drugs and medicines, and is in every way worthy the patronage of Auburnians. We wish him abundant success in his undertaking, and cordially recommend him to thepeople of the "loveliest village of the plain."

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