Civil War Soldiers of the
2nd Regiment New York
Company K

Appaly, Oscar, Musician
Arts, John, Captain
Batze, Fred, Private
Becker, Adolphus, 1st Sergeant
Bestel, David, Private
Bierwirth, Ferdinand, Musician
Bode, Chr, Private
Brennan, William, Private
Burckert, John, Private
Carlton, Charles, Private
Claussen, Charles, Private
Collins, William L, Private
Ebel, John, Private
Eglof, Ernest, Private
Eutzensberger, John, Private
Everly, William, Private
Fahl, Charles, Private
Fritz, Conrad, Private
Geer, Frank, Private
Geer, Louis, Private
Goodwater, Vitnel, Private
Heuer, William, Private
Hillsley, J Louis, Private
Hirsh, Andrew, Private
Hoddo, Peter, Private
Hoffman, Reinhardt, Private
Janssen, John K, Private
Jeggle, Henry, Private
Johnson, Charles, Private
Kellogg, Alexander, Private
Kettler, William, Private
King, Charles, Private
Klaar, Adam, Private
Klein, Joseph, Private
Kuenstel, Alexander, Private
Lahan, John, Private
Laubmeier, Christopher, Private
Legue, Simon, Private
Lessmann, William, Sergeant
Lonas, George N, Private
McGraw, Patrick, Private
Mitchell, Joseph, Private
Nipel, James, Private
Nolt, Peter, Private
Nunnemann, Anthonie, Private
Orth, Jacob, Corporal
Pahl, Richard, Private
Puls, Charles, Private
Read, Louis, Private
Rudinger, Edward, Private
Schauer, Louis, Private
Schepperd, Edward, Private
Schilling, John, Private
Schlafer, John J, Corporal
Schneider, Caspar, Private
Segebald, Chr, Private
Stickney, Charles, Private
Stlegmayer, Max, Private
Stuber, Stephen, Private
Sustmann, John, Sergeant
Tedt, Henry, Corp
Thiesen, John, Private
Thrane, Thomas, Private
Von Sargarsky, Ch., Private
Wald, Casper, Corporal
Walton, Edward, Private
Warmut, Gottfried, Private
Wiese, Fred, Private
Willert, August, Sergeant
Willert, John, Private
Wood, Henry, Private
Young, George, Private

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