Civil War Soldiers of the
2nd Regiment New York
Company I

Adams, Luther A, Private
Allen, William, Private
Baker, Michael, Private
Bentley, William H, Private
Benway, Henry, Private
Blake, James, Private
Buchanan, George, Private
Burke, James W, Private
Chapman, Stephen B, Private
Conner, Martin, Private
Cormick, Charles, Private
Cremer, William, Private
Daly, Michael, Private
Delany, John H, Private
Dennis, Arnold, Private
Dill, Herbert H, Private
Donovan, Timothy, Private
Dunham, George, Private
Dunn, Edward, Private
Dutcher, George D, Private
Emery, George, Private
Fairchild, John, Sergeant
Fisher, Francis, Private
Gaffney, Thomas A, Private
Golden, Warren, Private
Gorrance, Michael, Private
Greenwood, William, Private
Halpin, John T, Private
Harrington, James N, Private
Hays, Morris, Private
Hinds, John, Private
Hoddy, William, Private
Holcomb, George W, Corporal
Hopper, Patrick, Private
Johnson, James, Sergeant
Leary, Lawrence, Private
Lefferts, George, Private
Livingstone, Hiram S, Private
Mallon, John, Private
Marett, Henry, Corporal
McClay, Alexander, Private
McConihe, William, Captain
McCotter, Frank, Private
McCullough, William F, Corporal
McGee, Patrick, Private
McGovern, Peter, Private
McGrath, Thomas, Private
McNulty, William G, Sergeant
Montgomery, Solomon P, Private
Murray, David, Private
Myers, John D, Private
Northrup, George, Private
Orr, Nathaniel L, Musician
Phillips, George R, Private
Raymond, Alexander, Private
Rice, Charles H, Private
Robinson, Lawrence V, Private
Seeley, George H, Private
Sharp, George, Private
Skelton, Richard, Private
Slatterly, Eugene, Private
Speadhuls, John, Private
Stapleton, John, Private
Stone, Edmund B, Private
Sweet, Alonzo, Private
Swit, Henry T, Corporal
Taylor, Morgan L, Sergeant
Tracy, Chauncey H, Private
Turnbull, Philip, Private
Van Deuzen, Sanford, Private
Vanderzee, Lewis, Private
Vosburgh, John H, Private
Welch, John H, Private
Welch, William, Private
Willson, George, Private

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