Civil War Soldiers of the
2nd Regiment New York
Company H

Atwood, Alfred, Private
Bacon, David, Private
Bain, William, Private
Bennett, James, Private
Boughton, William H, Private
Briggs, George w, Private
Brunell, William, Private
Burean, Francis, Private
Carroll, Michael, Private
Chase, Jeremiah, Private
Clark, George W, Private
Cole, George, Private
Conniff, John D, Private
Conroy, John, Private
Delehanty, James, Private
Dewey, Eugene, Private
Elsey, John, Private
Farrell, James, Private
Forcey, Amos, Private
Forrester, Peter, Sergeant
Foster, Frederick, Sergeant
Frizelle, William, Private
Fuller, Hosea, Private
Gardner, William B, Corporal
Gillies, Donald, 1st Sergeant
Greenwood, George, Private
Groat, John W, Private
Halpin, John, Private
Hamilton, William, Private
Hickey, Thomas, Private
Higgins, John, Private
Hope, John, Private
Hueck, Isaac B, Private
Johnson, David, Private
Jones, Willialm, Private
King, Edward, Private
Kirkpatrick, William, Private
Law, Giles N, Private
Lee, William, Private
Little, Alexander, Private
Lynch, Henry, Private
McNutt, Joseph G, Captain
Morehead, James, Private
Morehead, Robert, Private
Murray, Thomas, Private
Norton, Hiram C, Corporal
O'Brien, William, Private
O'Donnell, Patrick, Private
Powers, John H, Private
Purdy, Augustus, Private
Purdy, Natheniel, Private
Ratheny, Joseph, Private
Riley, Bernard B, Sergeant
Romaine, Henry C, Private
Ryan, Michael, Corp
Savage, John, Private
Schwatz, Anthony, Private
Seymour, Charles A, Private
Simpson, James, Private
Smith, William H, Private
Stanford, Patrick, Private
Stevens, Charles, Private
Torrance, John, Private
Tully, Michael, Private
Twambley, John, Musician
Tymeson, Benjamin, Private
Tymeson, Jacob V, Private
Tymeson, Stephen, Private
Van Vranken, James, Jr, Private
Ward, John, Private
Wheldon, Charles, Private
Whipple, Frederick, Private
Whipple, Jerome, Private
Williams, Alexander, Corporal
Wolf, Joseph, Private

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