Civil War Soldiers of the
2nd Regiment New York
Company G

Alker, Samuel, Private
Atkins, James, Private
Bancroft, Adam, Private
Benjamin, Warren, Sergeant
Blivens, John L, Private
Brennan, John, Private
Briggs, Amos, Musician
Buckley, Charles, Private
Casey, Robert, Private
Conway, John, 1st Sergeant
Donnelly, James, Private
Doolittle, James, Private
Elson, John, Private
Finley, John, Private
Gardner, Jacob F, Private
Glass, Harry, Private
Glass, Simeon G, Private
Hammonds, Charles H, Private
Hickey, Nicholas, Corporal
Hickey, William, Private
Hodgman, William J, Private
Hopkins, Albert, Private
Horan, Thomas, Private
Houck, Jacob H, Private
Huffman, Eugene, Private
Hull, Edward G, Private
Isham, George, Private
James, George, Private
Johnson, Henry, Private
Johnson, Josjeph J, Private
Kelly, Timothy, Private
Kenedy, John, Private
Kenedy, William
Kirker, Cornelius A, Sergeant
Kline, George, Private
Ladne, Narcissus, Private
Lockley, John R, Musician
Ludford, Henry
Madden, John, Private
Masker, Peter, Private
Mason, George, Private
McCormick, John, Private
McGahan, John, Corporal
McGuire, Thomas, Private
Medlicott, John, Private
Mills, John, Private
Murname, John, Private
Newberry, Charles, Private
Newton, Frederick, Private
O'Brien, James, Corporal
O'Donnell, Thomas, Private
O'Hara, Bernard, Private
Partridge, John, Private
Phillips, Lewis, Private
Pruder, Joseph, Private
Russell, James, Private
Ryan, John, Private
Savoyer, Joseph, Private
Smith, Francis, Corporal
Smith, John, Private
Smith, Peter, Private
Smith, William, Private
Spain, Henry, Private
Sullivan, George, Private
Sullivan, William, Sergeant
Thompson, John, Private
Thurber, William H, Private
Tibbits, William B, Captain
Todd, James, Private
Utter, James, Private
Walsh, Patrick, Private
Wheeler, Isaac, Private
Williams, Henry P, Private
Wilson, George W, Private
Wrigley, Frederick, Private

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