Civil War Soldiers of the
2nd Regiment New York
Company F

Allen, Alfred W., Private
Andrus, Hiram, Private
Barber, Milton W., Private
Bates, William, Private
Beale, James, Private
Brazee, Charles, Private
Clark, James E., Jr., Private
Cleveland, James G., Private
Cramp, David, Private
Cummings, Adelbert, Private
Cummings, Chauncey E., Private
Darrell, William T., Private
Denehey, Jeremiah, Private
Dodge, John W., Sergeant
Doyle, James, Private
Everts, Haskell A., Private
Felt, George K., Private
Ferguson, Andrew H., Private
Fratt, Jacob H., Corporal
Frear, William R., Private
Gardner, Daniel E., Private
Gardner, George, Private
Garthy, John, Musician
Harrington, Warren, Private
Harris, Morgan A., Private
Hatfield, Charles B., Private
Herrick, Ambrose A., Private
Holden, Henry A., Private
Howyer, David, Private
Hunes, Augevine, Private
Huse, Jesse G., Private.
Jevens, Charles E., Musician
Kane, John F., Corporal
Kay, George, Private
Keeler, John G., Private
Kellogg, Clark, Private
Marion, Philip, Private
McCormick, William, Private
McLellan, Samuel T., Private
Mearns, John, Sergeant
Moncrieff, Alexander, Private
Morris, George N., Private
Nelson, George W., Private
Newcomb, Cyrenus W., Private
Newcomb, John P., Private
Nichols, Luke W., Private
Palmer, Rollin H., Private
Parks, Sidney W., Captain
Patten, David O., Sergeant
Pierce, George, II, Private
Pierce, John J., Private
Quay, Levi, Private
Ray, Peter P., Jr., Private
Roates, James M., Private
Robinson, John, Private
Rogers, Robert, Private
Rowland, John, Corporal
Shannon, William, Private
Shook, William H., Corporal
Smith, Edwin R., Private
Smith, L. Sherwood, Private
Smith, William W., Private
Smyth, Leslie, Private
Stanley, John, Private
Sturtevant, James M., Private
Taylor, William G.,1st Sergeant
Thompson, George W., Private
Welch, John, Private
Wells, John, Private
Williams, Benjamin F., Private
Wilson, Edward, Private
Wood, George, Private
Yearsley, Jonas, Private

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