Civil War Soldiers of the
2nd Regiment New York
Company E

Abbey, William, Private
Agen, Edward, Private
Allbright, James H., Private
Allston, Wm., Private
Armstrong, John, Private
Atchinson, John, Private
Bailey, Patrick, Private
Bray, William, Private
Brennan, Dennis, Private
Carr, Terrence, Private
Casey, Thomas B., Private
Churchward, Joseph A., Private
Costello, James, Private
Crandall, Horace W., Private
Cunningham, William H., Private
Debar, George H., Private
Derby, William, Private.
Downing, John, Private
Ebrehardt, John, Private
Farley, John, Private
Ferguson, George
Fletcher, Thomas
Fonda, F. P., Corporal
Fonda, James H., Sergeant
Gainor, Patrick, Private
Gainor, Thomas, Corporal
Goodspeed, Willard, Musician
Grant, John, Private
Hagadorn, Charles, Private
Hagen, J. J., 1st Sergeant
Halsey, Thomas, Private
Hayd, John H., Private
Hill, Edward
Hodgeson, Kendall, Private
Keefe, John, Private
Kendall, William, Private
Larkins, John, Private
McGaffan, James, Private
McGill, Davis, Private
McGill, James, Corp
McMahon, Patrick, Private
McNamara, Lawrence, Private
Mooney, David, Private
Moore, F. A., Sergeant
Moranville, Simeon, Private
Morrell, Benjamin, Corporal
Morris, Lewis R., Musician
Murray, Michael, Private
O'Neil, John, Private
Pulver, William H., Private
Quinn, Patrick, Private
Redmond, Michael, Private
Robinson, Joseph, Private
Robinson, William, Private
Rooney, Barney, Private
Ryan, Frank, Private
Scully, John, Private
Senior, George R., Private
Skinkell, William, Private
Smith, John N., Private
Somes, Albert, Private
Stevenson, John H., Private
Terry, James, Private
Totten, George, Private
Totten, Thomas, Private
Van Steenberg, Elias, Private
Vassar, R. G., Sergeant
West, James, Private
Wilcox, Alexander, Private
Wilson, George W., Captain
Wilton, Clarence E., Private
Wilton, Frederick, Private
Wolf, Charles, Private
Woolhiser, Frederick, Private
Wooster, Tillman K., Private

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