Civil War Soldiers of the
2nd Regiment New York

Bain, William, Private
Bloomingdale, Henry A., Private
Bonell, William, Private
Brady, James, Private
Brand, John, Private
Broderick, John, Private
Buchanan, Archibald, Private
Cain, John, Private
Cameron, Donald D., Private
Cassidy, Michael, Captain
Conners, E., Sergeant
Conroy, John, Private.
Dalen, Christopher, Private.
Douglass, W. S., Corporal
Duffy, James, Private
Dwyer, Thomas, Private
Egolf, J., 1st Sergeant
Fagan, James J., Private
Farrell, Thomas, Musician
Fitzpatrick, Patrick, Private
Flaherty, Michael, Private
Flaherty, Timothy, Private
Flynn, James H., Private
Flynn, John, Private
French, Albert, Private
Grace, John, Private
Grace, Patrick, Private
Hackett, Thomas, Private
Halpin, James, Private
Hendry, James H., Private
Hennessey, Thomas, Private
Hill, James F., Private
Hollen, Michael, Private
Judge, J., Sergeant
Kingsley, Lawrence, Private
Lawless, Andrew, Private
Lawless, Thomas, Private
Looby, Edward, Private
Looby, John, Private
Luce, David P., Corporal
Lumby, George, Private
Lyons, John, Private
Lyons, Thomas, Private
Manning, Michael, Private
McCormick, James, Private
McGann, James, Private
McGovern, John, Private
McMahon, Matthew, Private
Merriman, Lawrence, Private
Meyatt, Francis, Private
O'Brien, Patrick, Corporal
O'Neil, Francis, Private
Payne, George, Private
Pitcher, Adam, Private
Powers, William, Private
Quinn, Martin, Private
Raney, Thomas T., Private
Rivers, Samuel, Private
Russell, M., Sergeant
Ruth, Charles, Private
Ryan, John, Private.
Schaughnessey, Michael, Private
Scholes, Richard, Private
Shanley, James, Private
Shattuck, John, Private
Smith, Bernard, Private
Smith, John, Private
Sullivan, James, Private
Taylor, Joseph C., Private
Thornton, Patrick, Private
Towhill, Michael, Private
Ward, J., Corporal
Whalen, James, Private
Wylie, John A., Private

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