Civil War Soldiers of the
Second Regiment New York
Company C

Andrews, John F., Private
Ashley, George T., Private
Ayatt, Alexander, Private
Beckett, William, Private
Benjamin, Nicholas W., Private
Bullis, W. F., Sergeant
Butler, James, Private
Campbell, William A., Private
Cannon, James, Private
Craven, G. B., 1st Sergeant
Daly, James, Private
Dayton, Eugene A, Private
Dean, John A., Private
Delaine, George, Private
Dickie, Robert B., Sergeant
Doud, Michael, Private
Earl, David, Private
Elliott, Elwood, Private
Gatchell, Horace, Private
Grear, John, Private
Haley, James, Private
Halland, Dennis, Private
Hayner, Levi, Private
Homan, Joseph, Private
Hudson, George, Private
Hurllut, Elijah, Private
Ide, Nelson, Private
Jones, John, Private
Kelly, William, Private
Kilmer, Lyman E., Private
Landon, William, Private
Lansing, David, Corporal
Lee, Bernard C., Private
Long, Thaddeus, Private
Mack, John, Private
Manir, P., Corporal
Martin, Walter C., Musician
McCodue, Charles, Private
McDonald, P., Corporal
Melencon, George, Private
Miras, Nicholas, Private
Morris, William G., Private
Morrison, Andrew, Private
Muir, Edwin, Private
Nelson, Joseph, Private
Ostrom, W. M., Corporal
Otis, George H., Captain
Penfield, John B., Private
Pullen, Samuel H., Private
Quigley, John, Private
Richer, Henry, Private
Roberts, Albert F., Private
Royers, Titus E., Private
Russell, Joseph, Private
Ryan, Patrick, Private
Ryan, Thomas, Private
Schollay, James A., Private
Sculley, William, Private
Shaughnessey, Michael, Private
Sheehan, Patrick, Private
Simmons, David L., Private
Smith, William F., Private
Snow, H. E., Sergeant
Stickney, Charles, Private
Tuttle, Edward, Private
Vain, Leon, Private
Valentine, Henry, Private
Valentine, Joseph, Private
Waller, Chas. H., Private
Watson, Archibald, Private
Weaver, Orsanus W., Private

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