Civil War Soldiers of the
Second Regiment New York
Company B

Ayliffe, Charles W., Private
Bates, Charles K., Private
Boltwood, Frederick, Jr., Private
Boyce, John, Private
Boyle, John, Private
Brower, Orson, Private
Brown, John, Private
Brown, Robert, Private
Burns, Thomas, Private
Bussey, John, Private
Cannon, James, Private
Cannon, Patrick, Private
Carnell, Joseph W., Private
Carroll, John, Private
Caswell, Andrew Ruth, Sergeant
Cocks, Joseph, Musician
Cornick, Thomas, Private
Cunningham, John, Private
Curran, Arthur, Private
Davis, John B., Musician
Dorin, James, Private
Downing, Levinus V., Private
Doyle, Thomas, Private
Dunham, Henry, Private
Dyer, Geo. A., Private
Farrell, Daniel, Private
Farrell, Michael, Private
Flood, James, Private
Forcry, T., Corporal
French, James, Corporal
Gardner, C. H., 1st Sergeant
Garrison, Elias, Private
Haskins, Charles, Private
Hazard, Anthony Holsopple, Private
Hear, Thomas, Private
Hill, Robert, Private
Horn, Theodore, Private
Jahn, William, Private
Jones, Laniston, Private
Kaveny, John, Private
Kerrigan, Patrick, Private
Langley, Richard, Private
Lawton, George, Private
Licker, Peter B., Private
Lucey, John, Private
McLoughlin, Henry, Private
McSweeney, Michael, Private
Merrill, James, Private
Miller, John, Private
Mitchell, John, Private
Mott, Henry, Private
Murray, George, Private
Murray, Henry, Private
Olmstead, William A., Captain
Parker, Charles, Private
Pike, James K. P., Private
Porter, Oliver H., Private
Priest, Horace, Private
Rankin, David M., Corporal
Richards, Benjamin, Private
Risdorff, G., Corporal
Robson, Peter, Private
Russell, James, Private
Scott, William C., Private
Smith, John A., Private.
Thomas, John E., Private
Traynore, James, Private
Truesdell, Calvin, Private
Tyler, Levinus A., Private
Uesher, Winfield S., Private
Vickers, Henry, Private
Weaver, B. A., Sergeant
Wilson, William, Private

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