Civil War Soldiers of the
2nd Regiment New York
Company A

Allman, Charles, Private
Armitage, John W, Captain
Baker, James H, Private
Ballantyne, Charles, Corporal
Becroft, Jacob A, Private
Beers, Washington, Private
Bounds, William, Private
Bowen, John D, Private
Brown, Thomas, Private
Carlow, Francis, Private
Carrolls, John C, Private
Chipperdale, J, Private
Cole, George H, Private
Connor, Paul S, Musician
Conway, Thomas, Private
Crannell, William H, Private
Curran, F, Corporal
Cutherbertson, Thomas, Private
Downing, Benjamin, Private
Edwards, Nathan, Private
Finday, James, Private
Folmsbee, Abram B, Private
Gamble, Adney W, Private
Gault, William, Private
Gautz, George P, Private
Hall, George, Private
Hall, Samuel M, Private
Hard, Ovid, Private
Harris, Jacob, Private
Hayner, Josephus, Private
Hayner, Philip, Private
Higgins, J W, Sergeant
Himes, Thomas E, Private
Hodgman, Nathan T, Private
Hollis, Calvin D, Private
Hollis, John, Private
Horan, J B, Jr, Sergeant
Johnson, David, Private
Johnston, Samuel H, Private
Laithe, William B, Musician
Long, Thomas, Private
Madell, John, Private
Magee, Thomas, Private
Maliff, James, Private
McLeman, George, Private
Murray, James, Private
Myers, Simeon, Private
Nulty, Michael, Private
O'Brien, Michael, Private
O'Hanlin, William, Private
Preston, John H, Private
Preston, J H, 1st Sergeant
Primmer, Harvey G, Private
Raymond, Henry, Private
Riley, John M, Private
Rogers, Leolin, Private
Rogers, Philander, Private
Root, George A, Private
Shattuck, Charles H, Private
Shaw, Isaac W, Private
Smith, James, Private
Stande, Adolphe, Private
Stanley, William H, Private
Thompson, J, Corporal
Travis, John A, Private
Tucker, William J, Private
Van Arnum, John T, Private
Vanderwerken, Tunis, Private
Van Keek, William, Private
Vann Ness, Zalmon, Private
Webster, Albert G, Private
Webster, Edward H, Corporal
Westervelt, Charles E, Private
Wheeler, S, Sergeant
Youmans, Albert, Private

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