Civil War Soldiers of the
169th Regiment New York
Company H

Alipaw, Edward, Private
Amblinger, Coonradt, Private
Apple, William H., Private
Atwater, David A., Private
Bailey, Abram S. L., Private
Bently, Benjamin F., Private
Bextine, Charles, Private
Bowers, George L., Private
Brimmer, Darius M., Private
Brimmer, Leonard, Private
Brock, Edwin H., Private
Carmon, Alfred, Private
Carr, Thomas, Private
Church, John W., Private
Claxton, William, Private
Clemence, William, Jr., Private
Clow, Isaac L., Private
Cooney, Patrick, Private
Craver, Chester L., Private
Cruikshank, David S., 4th Sergt.
Dunn, James H., 1st Sergt.
Ernst, Henry, Private
Falmsl?ie, Abram P., Private
Feathers, Henry R., Private
Fellows, George H., 3d Sergt.
Flamsburgh, Herbert M., Private
Hakes, William F., Private
Haner, Hiram, 2d Corp.
Holt, Phineas W., 1st Corp.
Horton, Alonzo, Private
Horton, James, Fifer
Horton, Richard J., Private
Joslin, Harmon, Private
Keeler, Frederick J., Private
Knight, Thomas, Drummer
Knowlton, Minturn S., 7th Corp.
Larkin, Samuel, Private
Leak, Hewlit, Private
Marvin, Barney M., Private
Marvin, Nathaniel D., Private
Murry, John, 2d Sergt.
Noyes, Charles H., 8th Corp.
Odell, Daniel, Private
Odell, John H., Private
Odell, Lewis E., 3d Corp.
Parsons, William S., Private
Peck, Marcus, 5th Sergt.
Pohl, William, Private
Russell, Michael, Private
Shoemaker, Peter, Private
Sliter, Alonzo, Private
Smith, Joseph, Private
Sticklemeyer, Jacob H., 6th Corp.
Stritzman, Loen, Private
Tealin, Christopher, Private
Traver, Alvaro V., Private
Uline, Bernard S., Private
Van Loon, William, Private
Vanderzee, Edgar, 5th Corp.
Wade, Scranton E., Private
Warger, Henry, Private
Weidmann, Eugene, Drummer
Wickes, William, Capt.
Wilcox, Stanton A., Private
Young, George H., 4th Corp.
Zeiser, Dagobert, Private

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