Civil War Soldiers of the
169th Regiment New York
Company G

Albertson, Henry, Private
Aylmer, Patrick, 3d Sergt.
Barrett, Thomas, Private
Beckstein, Harmon, Private
Beckstein, John A., Private
Black, Robert, Private
Blair, Bernard, Private
Boutecou, William, 8th Corp.
Brabander, Martin, Private
Braxmeyer, Louis, Private
Briggs, William H., 4th Corp.
Brockline, John, Private
Burke, Patrick, Private
Carpenter, W. E., Private
Conly, John A., Private
Conrad, Albert, 6th Corp.
Coullard, Edward, Private
Curtis, James, Private
Dekey, Michael, 3d Corp.
Doran, John, Private
Dummary, Charles, 4th Sergt.
Eaton, Thomas B., 2d Lieut.
Ellis, Holbert A., Private
Etshel, George, Private
Farrar, Charles, Private
Farrel, Daniel B., Private
Farrington, Joseph, 7th Corp.
Finch, John H., Private
Fitzgerald, Thomas, Private
Flinn, James, Private
Fox, Jacob, Private
Francisco, Charles G., 2d Sergt.
Gager, George H., 1st Lieut.
Ganther, Charles, Private
Garsides, Irad L., Private
Gartland, John, Private
Glora, John Jacob, Private
Goodfellow, Reuben S., Private
Graham, Archibald, Private
Graynor, George, Private
Haley, John, Private
Havens, John D., Private
Hoag, Judson, Private
Hughes, John, Private
Kammer, Henry, Private
Lee, Charles, Private
Leffingwell, Henry, 1st Drummer
Lester, James, Private
Lundy, George W., Private
Martin, John, Private
McCoun, John T., Capt.
McDuffy, Horace G., Private
Mole, James, Private
Monroe, Donald, Private
Moore, James C., Private
Newton, W. W., 2d Corp.
Nolan, John H., 5th Corp.
O'Brien, Nicholas, Private
O'Neal, Felix, Private
O'Neal, John, Private
P?la, Patrick, Private
Prell, Augustus F., Private
Quinn, William, 1st Sergt.
Reible, Simon, Private
Reinholz, Valentine, Private
Sargeant, Samuel C., 5th Sergt.
Sawyer, George, 1st Corp.
Shaw, Harvey, Wagoner
Shaw, William J., 2d Drummer
Smith, James, Private
Spender, Charles, Private
Springsteen, John, Private
Storer, Charles, Private
Swan, Edward, Private
Swartout, William M., Private
Thayer, Thomas D., Private
Tilley, Thomas, Private
Toogood, Zebulon, Private
Van Alstyne, Thomas, Jr., Private
Van Santvoord, Eugene, Private
Walfort, Andrew, Private
Walker, Benjamin G., Private
Walsh, Michael, Private
Watt, James, Private
Wethey, John R., Private
Winkler, Louis, Private

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