Civil War Soldiers of the
169th Regiment New York
Company B

Anderson, Robert, 4th Corporal
Austin, John, Private
Ayres, Vaness, Private
Bean, John, Private
Behan, Christopher, Private
Benson, David P, 1st Lieutenant
Blow, Peter B, Private
Bounds, D T, Private
Brower, George, Private
Cannon, John, Drummer
Caulfield, D T, Private
Clary, Edward, Private
Consaul, Joseph, Private
De Bar, George, Private
Dempsey, John, Jr, 5th Sergeant
Descell, William H, Private
Donnelly, Hugh, 2d Sergeant
Duffy, Robert, Private
Dunn, James, 3d Sergeant
Edge, Loderick, Private
Falen, Michael, Private
Finnerty, Dennis, Private
Flaherty, William H, Private
Fleming, John, Private
Freeman, William H, Private
Gaffeney, James, Private
Gorman, John E, 6th Corporal
Green, Harvey, Private
Greenwood, George W, Private
Guyer, John W, Private
Hall, William H, Private
Harris, Daniel G, Private
Hever, James, Private
Holmes, Michael, 2d Lieutenant
Hudson, James, Private
Hughes, Henry, Private
Johnson, Henry, Private
Johnson, John, Private
Kane, John, Private
Kaough, Simon, Private
Keenan, James, Private
Kolmel, Isadore, Private
Lester, Felix, Private
Lockton, Perry, Private
Madden, Charles, Private
Matthew, James G, Private
McCafferty, James, Private
McCormick, William H, Private
McCray, William T, 2d Corporal
McGorlick, John, Private
McGorlick, Philip, Private
McMahon, John, Private
Mizner, S T, Private
Moran, John, Private
O'Brien, John, Private
O'Brien, Patrick, Private
O'Brien, Pierce, 5th Corporal
O'Neal, Michael, Private
O'Neilly, Charles, Private
Oatman, Andrew J, Private
Osterhoudt, Peter, Private
Porter, Claudius H S, Private
Purcell, John, Private
Quinn, Henry C, Private
Roche, Peter, 7th Corporal
Rose, Irving W, Private
Ryan, James, 4th Sergeant
Ryan, Michael, Private
Sherwin, Henry, Drummer
Shinners, William H, Private
Shriner, William, Private
Shultz, Erskine, 3d Corporal
Simmons, N C, Private
Sloan, Thomas, 1st Sergeant
Smith, Henry, Private
Smith, Lampson, Jr, Private
Smith, William, Private
Spaulding, Josiah, Private
Stevens, William, Wagoner
Stiles, Austin, Private
Sullivan, John, 1st Corporal
Tanzy, Owen, Private
Taylor, John, Private
Van Order, James, Private
Van Valkenburgh, Jacob, Private
Wager, William D, Private
Welch, Patrick, Private
Wood, Nat, Captain

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