Civil War Soldiers of the
169th Regiment New York
Company A

Allan, Alfred R, 5th Sergeant
Bacchus, Merville, Drummer
Barrett, Edward, Private
Birdsall, Walter S, Private
Clarke, John F, Private
Colvin, James A, Captain
Connolly, Thomas, Private
Corbin, Daniel S, Private
Fitch, Alvah B, Teamster
Garhart, Gottlieb, Private
Gibbons, James, Private
Grose, John H, Private
Hill, James, Private
Hopkins, Albert, Private
Jessop, Thomas, Private
Kenyon, James, Private
King, John, Private
Mack, James, Private
Matthew, Thomas, Private
McMahon, Matthew, Private
Miller, Theodore, Drummer
Osborn, Daniel, Private
Parmenter, Jerome B, 1st Lieutenant
Pierce, Seth, Private
Powers, John, Private
Roark, Barney, Private
Ryan, Thomas, Private
Schutt, Theodore, Private
Shattuck, George G, Private
Siver, George, Private
Smith, Bernard N, 2d Lieutenant
Smith, James, Private
Smith, William, Private
Stillman, Henry A, Private
Stillman, Rufus B, Corporal
Strassman, August, Private
Topley, Francis, Private

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