Civil War Soldiers of the
125th Regiment New York
Company K

Acker, Philip, Private
Anthony, James H, Private
Bacon, John, Private
Barron, Daniel, Private
Beauchamp, Emery, Private
Bliss, Henry L, Private
Bostello, Peter, Private
Brand, Thomas, Private
Brown, Thomas, Private
Brownell, Charles H, Private
Bryan, George A, Private
Buffett, Levi, Private
Burch, Ezra, Private
Busby, Levi D, Private
Carpenter, R J, Private
Carr, William, Private
Clark, George, Private
Clow, Isaac S, Private
Conlon, John, Private
Crandall, C J, Private
Curley, Thomas, Private
Daniels, Jacob, Private
Davis, James C, Private
Doty, A J, Private
Doty, William, Private
Doyle, James, Private
Falerdo, O, Private
Fields, Timothy, Private
Fisher, Archibald, Private
Fisher, Douglass, Private
Fisher, John, Private
Fisher, William, Private
Force, Jacob I, Private
Grant, Job A, Private
Green, George, Private
Groesbeck, William M, Private
Guest, Lorenzo, Private
Hagadorn, F F, Musician
Hagadorn, W P, Private
Hammond, George W, Musician
Holden, William H, Private
Hornbrack, A B, Private
Horton, Harvey, Private
Houck, Andrew, Private
Houck, Charles, Private
Hoyt, Warner, Private
Johnson, ____, Private
Kelley, William, Private
Kelsey, George, Private
Kipp, Abram J, Private
Kraus, Frank, Private
Loomis, Aeretus, Private
Mabb, James E, Private
Maher, John, Private
Marshall, John, Private
Martin, William, Private
McCabe, Edward, Private
McEvery, John, Private
McGowan, William, Private
McGregor, Steel, 1st Sergeant
McMurry, Michael, Private
McPherson, George, Private
Meconkey, J H, Private
Milk, David, Private
Miller, H W, Private
O'Brien, Timothy, Private
O'Neal, George, Private
Overocker, D W C, Private
Pickett, Charles A, 1st Lieutenant
Rain, Thomas, Private
Rain, William, Private
Robins, Jason, Private
Roddy, Martin, Private
Russell, James, Private
Scott, James C, Private
Sharp, Frederick, Private
Simmons, J K, Private
Slocum, Joseph, Private
Slocum, Josiah, Private
Stratton, Charles E, Private
Thompson, Smith, Private
Thwaite, William, Private
Tice, William N, Private
Toomey, Michael, Private
Travis, Lafayette, Private
Turner, Lewis H, Private
Van Loon, William, Private
Van Antwerp, J T, Private
Vandenburgh, J V W, Captain
Vanschaick, William W, Private
Ward, Amos, Private
Washburn, S W, Private
Wheeler, Washington, Private
White, Chauncey, Private
White, Frederick B, Private
Whyland, Alexander, Private
Wolf, Charles H, Private
Wolf, George, Private
Wolf, William H, Private
Wood, Morgan L, Private

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