Civil War Soldiers of the
125th Regiment New York
Company I

Alexander, William, Private
Anderson, William, 2d Corporal
Armstrong, William, 3d Sergeant
Barnes, Edward N, 2d Sergeant
Barto, Benet G, Orderly-Sergeant
Beger, William, Private
Beren, Edward, Private
Bont, George, Private
Brady, Philip, Private
Brand, John, Private
Brewer, Charles, Private
Brown, Clark L, 4th Sergeant
Buchanan, Archibald, 1st Lieutenant
Carroll, John, Private
Catlin, Julius F, Private
Cawley, Philip, Private
Cipperley, George, Private
Collins, Patrick, Private
Costello, Jeremiah, Private
Donlon, Michael, Private
Dwyer, John, Private
Fink, Edward, 2d Lieutenant
Fitzgerald, James, Private
Folmsbee, A P, Private
Fuller, Clarkson D, Private
Gillis, Donald, 1st Sergeant
Goodrich, Aaron G, 5th Corporal
Gouders, Joseph, Private
Grandy, Nathaniel, Private
Grosse, Ludwig, Private
Hall, Jordon G, Private
Hall, Romain, Private
Hamilton, Thomas, 4th Corporal
Hardy, John, Private
Henry, James, Private
Higgins, George, Private
Holdridge, Jeremiah J, Private
Holdridge, Samuel, Private
Holmes, Charles W, 3d Corporal
Holton, Charles, Private
Hutton, John, Private
Johnson, Charles, Private
Johnson, James D, Private
Johnson, John, Private
Jones, Edward P, Captai
Jones, Silas A, Private
Juchhatz, Charles, Private
Kaus, Michael, Private
Keeney, Samuel, Private
Kelly, John, Private
Killmer, Milo, Private
Kinnally, John, Private
Kinney, B W, Private
Kuester, John, Private
Leahy, Daniel, Private
Maugher, Patrick, Private
McAllister, James A, Private
McCarty, John, Private
McIntyre, Thomas, Private
McKay, Robert, Private
McMahon, Michael, Private
Melvin, John T, 8th Corporal
Melvin, Thomas, Private
Metzger, George, Private
Metzger, Raphael, Private
Moore, Charles E, Private
Moritz, Joseph, Private
Mullen, James, Private
Neglen, William, Private
Nixon, James A, Private
Noble, William, Private
Odell, Amasa, Private
Patterson, Thomas, Private
Pease, Giles, Private
Pease, Henry, Private
Pease, Platt T, Private
Peckham, Adelbert, Private
Pierce, Albert D, Private
Raisch, Jacob, Private
Ralston, Edward, Private
Salisbury, Albert W, Private
Shannon, Michael, Private
Smith, Aaron P, Private
Sthab, John, Private
Stillman, Ezra, Private
Sweet, George W, Private
Talnier, James, Private
Thompson, Jacob, Private
Thornton, Martin, Private
Townsend, Edward C, 6th Corporal
Trei, Philip, Private
Trenber, Gustave H, Private
Van Lenren, George, Private
Vanderpool, Charles W, Private
Vanderpool, Sylvester, 1st Corporal
Warren, Lorenzo, Private
Weber, Christian, Private
Wiley, Richard, Private
Wiley, William, Private
Wood, Quincy, Private
Yakey, Jacob P, 7th Corporal
Youmans, Albert, Private

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