Civil War Soldiers of the
125th Regiment New York
Company H

Adams, Thomas L, 1st Corporal
Allendorph, Charles H, Private
Aller, Daniel, Private
Ashley, James H, 7th Corporal
Austin, Charles M, Private
Austin, Harrison, Private
Barnes, Francis L, Private
Barry, William, Private
Bassett, D H, Private
Bassett, Daniel V, Private
Belknap, Charles W, Private
Bills, George, Private
Bonesteel, David H, Private
Bonesteel, George E, Private
Bonesteel, Jacob W, Private
Brown, David L, Private
Bryant, John, Private
Butler, Peter E, Private
Camrick, Charles, Private
Carr, Charles, Private
Carr, Daniel, Private
Clapp, Elam S P, 6th Corporal
Clay, Thomas, 2d Sergeant
Colburn, James, Private
Cole, Albert, Private
Coonradt, Darius, Private
Cunningham, Henry H, Private
Daniels, Francis, 3d Corporal
DeFreest, Daniel W, 8th Corporal
DeFreest, John W, 2d Corporal
Doolan, Jerry, Private
Dwyer, Edward, Private
Feathers, Adam, Private
Feathers, Calvin W, Private
File, Philip A, Private
Flannigan, William, Private
Forcey, Theodore, Private
Forrester, Peter, Private
Forrester, Samuel C, Private
Foust, Charles E, Private
Frizzle, Joseph, Private
Garvin, Michael, Private
Gibbs, Philip C, Private
Gibbs, Zebulon, Private
Goyer, Norman, Private
Green, Patrick H, Private
Green, Willard D, Private
Hagadorn, David, 2d Lieutenant
Hastings, Samuel S, Private
Hayner, Benjamin F, Private
Hayner, Levi, Private
Hoffman, John E, 5th Sergeant
Holt, William P, Private
Hooghkerk, Charles H, Private
Houck, Jacob H, Private
Hulburt, Richard, 5th Corporal
Humiston, Horace N, Private
Hyde, James H, Private
Hyde, Joseph, 1st Lieutenant
Hyde, William C, Private
Hydorn, Timothy, Private
Ives, Charles W, Private
Jones, Governeur, Private
Knight, Thomas R, Drummer
Lane, Albert, 4th Corporal
Lazarus, Levi, Private
Lee, Isaac, 3d Sergeant
Little, Alick, Private
Lohnes, Chauncey H, Private
Lohnes, David I, Private
Lohnes, William H, Private
McArdle, Thomas, Private
McCoubrey, James H, Private
McGovern, Owen, Private
Miller, William H, Private
Morris, Jonas H, Private
Northrup, David A, Private
O'Brien, Michael, Private
Perry, Charles C, Private
Rifenburg, Calvin, Private
Rodgers, Aaron, Private
Rodgers, William E, Private
Rosekrans, John E, Private
Saulter, William, Private
Senner, Nicholas, Private
Sherwin, Henry C, Drummer
Smith, James L, 4th Sergeant
Smith, Martin, Private
Streeter, Henry, Private
Tilley, Chauncey, 1st Sergeant
Tuller, George L, Private
Van Buren, Abiather, Private
Van Duzer, George, Private
Van Vleck, William H, Private
Van Wie, Isaac I, Private
Vandenburgh, William H, Private
Varney, William, Private
Wager, Levi, Private
Wilson, Francis M, Private
Wood, Ephraim, Captain

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