Civil War Soldiers of the
125th Regiment New York
Company E

Aller, John W, Private
Andrews, Nelson P, Private
Andrews, William B, Private
B?lls, Charles H, Private
Babcock, Lorenzo G, Private
Barley, Samuel H, Private
Barnes, Isaac W, 5th Sergeant
Bateman, George W, Private
Beebe, Lorenzo D, Private
Bennett, Oscar F, Private
Bentley, Clark W, Private
Blake, John W, Private
Bradt, George, Private
Bradway, Cortez G, Private
Brainerd, David, 3d Sergeant
Brown, Alexander J, Private
Brumminghum, Frank, Private
Bush, Calvin, 1st Leiutenant
Carrier, De Witt R, Private
Cherevoy, James G, Private
Clapper, John, Private
Clark, Benjamin F, Private
Clark, Harrison, Corporal
Coleman, Horatio D, Corporal
Coleman, J De Witt, 1st Sergeant
Constant, George, Private
Converse, Amos F, Private
Coons, George, Private
Cowan, William, Private
Cox, James W, Corporal
Cummings, Theodore, Private
Cummings, Thomas, Private
Curly, Patrick, Private
Daboll, Amos I, Private
Daboll, Clark P, Private
Davis, George, Private
Dimond, William, Captain
Dunham, Dalmer W, Corporal
Goodrich, Alexander R, Private
Green, Benjamin H, Private
Green, Liba A, Private
Greenman, Benjamin L, Private
Harris, John L, Private
Hasson, James E, Private
Haynes, Calvin A, 4th Sergeant
Hogeboorn, Sidney, Private
Hollis, Francis R, Private
Hollis, Harlan S, Private
Horton, Luther, Private
Hulsapple, Henry, Private
Hunt, Stephen, Private
Jolls, Egbert, 2d Lieutenant
Kirby, John H, Private
Kittel, Ebenezer H, Corporal
Lappens, Henry, Private
Larkin, Lewis, Private
Little, Albert, Private
Marsten, Andrew T, Private
McGill, John, Corporal
Miller, Coonradt, Private
Millins, Adam, Private
Momrow, William H, Private
Nye, Daniel, Private
Pratt, Franklin, Private
Rice, Chauncey B, Private
Robbins, Watson L, Private
Robinson, Charles, Private
Rogers, Edwin A, Private
Saxby, John C, Private
Sedgwick, Philetus, Private
Shepherd, Philander, Private
Shoert, William N, Private
Simmons, Albert, Private
Simmons, Harmon C, Private
Snow, George W, Private
Snyder, Robert, Private
Sweet, Trunan, Private
Sykes, Horace, Private
Taylor, Abram M, Private
Taylor, John M, Private
Tifft, James E, Private
Tifft, Nathan H, Private
Tooley, Hid J, Private
Trapp, David, Private
Vickery, Henry W, Private
Wait, Daniel B, Private
Wait, Warren C, Private
Warden, Nathaniel E, Corporal
Warren, Aaron G, Private
Waters, Daniel, Private
Weaver, David H, Private
Webster, Gilbert, Corporal
White, David E, 2d Sergeant
Whitman, William, Private
Wiley, Edson O, Private
Wilkinson, Cornelius H, Private
Witbeck, Peter, Private
Wolcott, Perry, Private
Woodward, Hiram B, Private

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