Civil War Soldiers of the
125th Regiment New York
Company D

Agan, John, Private
Allen, William, Private
Ame, Trano Ferdinando, Private
Armstrong, S C, Captain
Badeau, Charles W, Private
Bates, Stephen, Private
Bates, William, Private
Bawden, John J, Private
Bennett, James A, Private
Bloomingdale, Joseph, Private
Bounds, John W, Private
Boyd, Thomas, Private
Bulson, George, Private
Burke, Michael, Private
Callaghan, John, Private
Cannon, James, Private
Cannon, John, Drummer
Carden, P, 2d Lieutenant
Cass, Matthew, Private
Cheever, Samuel J, Drummer
Clarely, Patrick, Private
Demers, Eugene, Private
Dollar, William, Jr, 8th Corporal
Donovan, Richard F, Private
Duffy, Meather, Private
Evens, William H, Private
Evers, John, Private
Fay, Andrew, Private
Finnigan, William, 4th Corporal
Ford, Hiram A, 3d Corporal
Frith, George W, Private
Fry, Peter S, Private
German, Charles R, 1st Corporal
Gibbins, Barney, Private
Gillott, George D, Private
Green, Albert B, Private
Green, Caleb, 6th Corporal
Green, Joseph, Jr, Private
Griswold, E Bemus, 2d Sergeant
Hagal, Peter, 5th Corp
Haley, Michael, Private
Haser, George W, Private
Hasey, Michael, Private
Heath, George F, 7th Corporal
Hewitt, Hamilton N, 2d Corporal
Hickox, Marshall E, 3d Sergeant
Hilton, Andrew, Private
Hulsoppe, Sylvester, Private
Hyde, Andrew B, Private
Hyde, Thaddeus, Private
Keeler, Thomas V, Private
Keeler, Thomas, Private
Kelly, William, Private
Kilrod, Matthew, Private
Larkins, Michael, Private
Lincoln, William C, Private
Loppy, Edward A, Private
Loughman, William, Private
Major, Miron R, Private
Mason, William, Private
Milner, William, 1st Sergeant
Morey, Frederick A, Private
Mullen, John, Private
Murphy, Thomas E, Private
Nichols, Daniel A, Private
O'Hara, Barney, Private
Oakman, Henry A, Private
Perrault, Nathan T, Private
Philo, Charles, Private
Pines, Thomas, Private
Piser, Theo, Private
Potter, Silas, Private
Quorry, John, Private
Rhodes, Charles F A, Private
Rogers, James A, Private
Russell, Henry, Private
Ryesdorph, Lyman, Private
Sanders, William H H, Private
Schermerhorn, Norman, Private
Sears, Daniel W, Private
Seiler, George, Private
Sheldon, T F, 1st Lieutenant
Sherman, Stearnes, Private
Simonds, Ezra D, Private
Slingerland, George O, Private
Smith, Hiram H, Private
Snydame, William M, Private
Swim, Peter, Private
Thompson, James, Private
Trotman, William R, Private
Tulley, William, Private
Uline, Charles A, 5th Sergeant
Usher, A R, Private
Wade, E Porter, Private
Wager, John F, Private
West, John, Private
Wheeler, Henry, 4th Sergeant
Wilkins, C Ingraham, Private
Willson, Edmund, Private
Wing, Charles M, Private

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