Civil War Soldiers of the
125th Regiment New York
Company B

Allen, Robert, Private
Austin, Charles, Private
Beebe, Henry B, Private
Bosher, Charles, Private
Briggs, Aurie D, Private
Brown, Franklin U, Private
Brown, George, Private
Brown, Joseph, Private
Bucklee, James H, Private
Bulson, Samuel, Private
Caswell, Edwin B, Private
Chamberlin, William R, Private
Cherbonnon, Anthony, Private
Clarkson, Francis, Private
Cleminshaw, Charles E, 1st Corporal
Clum, Henry M, 4th Sergeant
Clum, Harvey G, Private
Cogger, William, Private
Cole, James M, 1st Sergeant
Cole, John A, Private
Connor, John, Private
Davis, Charles S, Private
Davis, Henry J, Private
Davis, John, Private
De Lanoy, Chas E, Private
Duffy, John, Private
Dutcher, Henry, Private
Eigerman, Edward, Private
Fairbanks, William, Private
Feathers, John M, Private
Ferguson, Alexander, 6th Corporal
Fletcher, Orin A, Private
Fry, Reuben, Private
Gault, James, Private
Grant, Goorge B, Private
Hallenbeck, Thomas, 4th Corporal
Halor, William, 3d Sergeant
Hamilton, George, 7th Corporal
Harrington, Herman E, Private
Hatch, Geo E, Private
Hatch, James H, Private
Higgins, Michael H, Private
Himes, Clarence A, Private
Hull, Thomas J, Private
Kennedy, Wm S, Private
Lewis, Leonard L, Private
Luther, George A, Private
Madigan, John, Private
Manning, Thomas, Private
Miller, John L, Private
Myer, Robert E, 5th Sergeant
Myers, Aaron B, Captain
Nooning, Thomas A, 8th Corporal
Northrup, Rowland, Private
Ogden, Edward, Private
Padley, Richard G, Private
Parsons, Charles S, Private
Porter, Calvin S, Private
Quay, John, 2d Lieutenant
Rhodes, Samuel A, Private
Rich, Aaron P, Private
Richer, John H, Private
Ripley, Sidney S, Private
Robins, Joseph L, 5th Corporal
Roddy, Michael, Private
Romaine, John J, 3d Corporal
Rose, William H, Private
Saunders, John, Private
Smith, Marvin, Private
Sterling, William H, Private
Stewart, Hamilton, Private
Taylor, Charles H, 1st Lieutenant
Wallace, George L, Private
Walton, James, Private
Weaver, Charles H, Private
Weaver, William, Jr, 2d Corporal
Westropp, Henry, Private
Wilson, Andrew J, Private
Winn, James E, Private
Wise, George, Private
Wiswall, John P, Private

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