Marriages Recorded at
Saint John's Episcopal Church in Troy

These marriages were transcribed by the late Janet Derbyshire.


[Pages 194-195]

Mar 27		Rectory. John Henry BURNS, & Sarah Jane BARRETT.
		Wit: Patrick BURNS.
Apr 18		Rectory. Richard VANORDER, & Margaret KEWIN. Wit: 
Apr 20		Church. Stephen Willard BARKER, & Frances 	
[Apr 20]	Church. Dr. TOMILSON, & Carrie M. LAWRENCE. Wit:  
Oct 10		Rectory. Daniel O'BRIEN, & Mary COLE. Wit: Mrs. T.
Nov 23		Rectory. Timothy SULLIVAN, & Jeannette S. HOPPELL.
		Wit: Robert MARSHALL & others.


Mar 29		Rectory. Frederick C. MITCHELL, & Josephine 	
		DOUGLAS. Wit: W. Stone SMITH, Mrs BEAN.
Sep 27		Rectory. John L. KENNEDY, & Ann E. KAYE. Wit:
		Cyrus A. KENNEDY, Sarah M. KAYE.
Oct 18		Church. Theodore Lyell BIRD, & Alice May FRENCH.
		Wit: Dr. Saml D. FRENCH, Mrs. William BIRD.
Oct 24		Rectory. F. Nelson GLOVER, & Ellen Alton GOODRICH.
		Wit: Mrs. T. A. SNIVELY, Miss Annie MCCOOK.


Mar 28		Church. Henry Walter LOFT [TAFT?], & Julia 	
		Walbridge SMITH. Wit: Mr Levi SMITH, Mrs Frances
Jun 5		Church. Rev. Charles T. WHITTEMORE, & Alice 	
		Griffith TILLINGHAST. Wit: Rev. F. S. NORTON, Rt.
		Rev. William Croswell DOANE.

[Pages 196-197]

May 22		Rectory. William J. CRANE, & Annie MCDONALD. Wit:
		Mrs Mary Ann JOHNSTON, Miss Maggie J. WALBER
Oct 27		Rectory. Abram POST, & Marietta WRIGHT. Wit:  
		William POST.


Jan 29		171 First St. Troy, NY. Herbert R. MANN ae 24, &
		Victoria Adelaide SPICER ae 22. Wit: William
Mar 26		Church. Joseph NAYLOR ae 27, & Ellen DOCHARTY ae
		23. Wit: John MURRAY.
May 27		172 Third St. Troy NY. Charles F. HAWLEY, & Clara
		M. CONE. Clergy: Rev. F. L. NORTON D.D. Wit:
Aug 27		Church. Charles BURKHARDT, & Minnie MERTON. 	
		Clergy: Rev. H. MACBETH. Wit: J. L. BLANCHARD.
Oct 13		Rectory. William COOPER, & Marion FARNHAM. Wit:
		Joseph MAURIY, Mrs T. A. SNIVELY.


Apr 20		Rectory. William P. LEONARD, & Annie Quilty EVANS.
		Wit: __.
Oct 21		Com. PRICE res. First St. Troy NY. Alfred Howard
		RENSHAW, & Lucy Jennings PRICE. Wit: Commodore
		Cicero PRICE.
Dec 30		Church. Rev. Henry MACBETH, & Marie Kate YOUNG.
		Wit: Wm. H. YOUNG & others.


Jun 9		107 First St. Troy NY. William Lord HALL, & Lucy
		Helen CODY. Wit: Fred W. ORR & others.
Jul 28		Rectory. John R. WHITEHEAD, & Mary E. FELLOWS. 
		Wit: Fred C. WHITEHEAD & Alice C. WHITEHEAD.

[Pages 198-199]

Aug 11		Church. George COFFEY ae 26, res. Brooklyn, son
		of John COFFEY, & Jessie A. MUNROE ae 18 res.
		Troy, dau of Chas. & Isabelle MUNROE.Clergy: Rev.
		H. MACBETH. Wit: Rose E. BURNS, Richard F. DAILY.
Sep 28		61 Canal St. Troy NY. John E. THAYER ae 25, res.
		NY, son of Albert E. & Louise Jennie? THAYER, &
		Lottie E. BOND ae 21, res. Troy, dau of William &
		Isabelle BOND. Clergy: T. A. S. Wit: Henry 	
		L. EVARTS, Nancy A. BONDS.
Nov 30		31 Fifth St. Cor. Fulton Troy NY. Charles G.
		THAYER ae 31, res. West Troy, son of Sentis &
		Catherine THAYER, & Carrie L. VANDENBURGH ae 23,
		res. Ballston, dau of A. R. & Nancy [FISHER]
		VANDENBURGH. Clergy: T. A. S. Wit: Arthur 	
Dec 22		Church. John T. RONIN ae 24, res. Troy, son of
		James & Mary [HAYES] RONIN, & Annie L. ARNOLD ae
		25, res. Troy, dau of Matthew & Lottie [POTTER]
		ARNOLD. Clergy: T. A. S. Wit: Mr John H. TUPPER,
		Rev. E. S. De G. TOMPKINS.
Dec 14		Rectory. Robt. H. FOLTES ae 24, res. 99 Sixth  
		Troy, son of [?] FOLTES, & Lilly BAKER ae 23,
		res. 213 Ninth Troy, dau of John F. & Mary M.
		BAKER. Clergy: T. A. S. Wit: Danl? R. ALSTEN, Mary

Jan 12		Rectory. Edward R. GREEN ae 60, res. Rolland VT,
		son of Jeremiah & Betsey GREEN, & Sarah T. KENNY
		ae 36, res. Rolland VT, dau of Wm. & Joanna NASON.
		Clergy: T. A. S. Wit: Mrs T. A. SNIVELY, Annie
Jan 19		57 Fourth St. Troy. Charles Packard STIMPSON ae
		30, res. Cambridgeport [VT?], son of John & 	
		Caroline? [LORD] STIMPSON, & Juliet Adincourt
		SMITH ae 34, res. Troy, dau of Clinton & Jane A.
		ADINCOURT. Clergy: T. A. S. Wit: Mrs ADINCOURT, Mr
		& Mrs L. E. GRIFFITH.
Apr 27		Rectory. John Joseph BROWN ae 26, res. 140 Arch
		St. Albany, NY, son of George J. & Mary [SCHIPPEE]
		B. BROWN, & Clara Josephine ANDERSON ae 26, res.
		149 So. Bdway Albany NY, dau of Maxena BERENGER? &
		Phil. W. ANDERSON. Clergy: T. A. S. Wit: Mrs.
Apr 26		West Troy NY. William WOODS, res. __, & 	
		Fannie SPRING res. [?] W. T?  Clergy: For the
		Rector E. S. De G. Tompkins.
Jun _ 		Church. Watson A. DeGROFT, res. Troy, son of [?]
		Kinderhook, & Annie McCUBBIN, res. Troy, dau of __
		dead. Clergy T. A. S. Wit: E. B. COX, Mrs 	
		DEGROFT, John MURRAY? & [?] COX?.


Jan 5		Rectory. Isaac WENTWORTH ae 38, res. Albany, &
		Harriet Schoonmaker MILLER ae 50, res. Albany.
		Clergy: T. A. S. Wit: Mrs. SNIVELY, Kate HOOLEY.
Apr 4		Rectory. William F MCGEE ae 23, res. Albany, son
		of James & Mary MCGEE, Albany, & Charlotte Louise
		MARKEY ae 22, res. Albany, dau of Thos J. & Louise
		[MUNGER?] MARKEY, Albany. Clergy: T. A. S. Wit:
		Robt. C. KING, E. P. MANN.

[Pages 200-1]

Apr 9 		Mon. Rectory. George Henry BAYLESS ae 23, res. Troy,
		son of Thos. & Eliza [REED] BAYLESS, & Maggie
		GLASS ae 20, res. Troy, dau of John & Elizab.
		[MONK] GLASS. Clergy: T. A. S. Wit: Wm. J. 	
Jun 15 		Fri. Rectory. Charles R. SQUIRES ae 45, res. Troy,
		son of W. SQUIRES, & Ella [SPIERS] McCORMICK ae
		45, res. Troy, dau of widow __. Clergy: T. A. S.
		Wit: Mrs. SNIVELY, Kate HOOLEY.
Aug 4		Rectory. All. LYNCH ae 28, res. Troy, son of All. 
		& Cath. T. LYNCH of Crescent NY, & Lena BOUCHER ae
		22, res. Troy. Clergy: T. A. S. for Rector S. E.
		PRINCLY? in charge? Wit: Josie BOUCHER, Mrs. COHN
		 [& c & c?]. DIFFICULT TO READ!
Sep 20		144 Third St. Troy NY. Louis H. REYNOLDS ae 30,
		res. Amsterdam NY, son of John V. & Charlotte C.
		[RIVENSKY] REYNOLDS of Valatie NY, & Josephine
		WOOD ae 31, res. Troy NY, dau of Alexander &
		Angeline [APELL] WOOD of Troy NY. Clergy: T. A. S.
		Wit: Edward W. WOOD, Jeannette D. & A. JACKSON &
Sep 26		Rectory. Wm. S. VOLK ae 23, res. Troy, son of
		Jacob & Mary of Rochester, & Catherine McCORNERS
		ae 33, res. Troy dau of Chas. & Mary of __. 	
		Clergy: T. A. S. Wit: John MURRAY, Mary COHN?


Sep 23		Church. Edward Frances ODEY ae 38, res. NY City
		son of George & Sarah ODEY of England, & Harriet
		WOODS ae 25, of Troy NY dau of Wm. & Harriet WOODS
		of Belfast. Clergy: T. A. S. Wit: Joseph WOODS,
		Emily J. WILSON.


Aug 11		Church. David HILTON [widower] ae 47, res. Troy,
		son of Isaac & Mary Ann [MURPHY] HILTON of 	
		Manchester England, & Mary Angeline CHAMBERLAIN
		nee SPAULDING [widow] ae 29, res. Troy, dau of
		Josiah & Clara	[BARRETT] SPAULDING of Troy. 	
		Clergy: T. A. S. Wit: Geo. L. ROBINSON, John
Nov 25		67 First St. Troy. George Bradley PATTISON ae 32,
		res. Troy, son of Edward C. & Julia R. [DAUCHY] of
		Troy, & Lizzie Fitch SPICER ae 32, res. Troy, dau
		of John D. & Mary A. [HAMMOND] of Troy. Clergy: T.
		A. S. Wit: Edward C. PATTISON, John D. SPICER,
		William E. SPICER.


Apr 29		Chapel. Napoleon LAVIOLETE ae 30, res. Troy, son
		of Thomas & Isolph LAVIOLETE, & Elizabeth RORKE ae
		32, res. Troy, dau of Patrick & Margaret WHELAN. 
		Clergy: Henry MACBETH. Wit: Joseph COON, Mrs
		Jennie BUCKLEY.
Apr 30		155 Sixth Ave. Lansingburgh. James N. BINELL ae
		37, res. Lansingburgh, son of Thomas & Elizabeth
		BINELL, & Mary N. HARRIS ae 39, res. Troy, dau of
		Daniel R. & Naomi HARRIS. Clergy: Henry MACBETH.
		Wit: Thomas SOUTAR, Helena A. BINELL.
Jun 17		Church. Charles Henry BRENNEN ae 30, res. Troy,
		son of Wm. & Elizabeth BRENNEN of Troy, & Irene
		Atlanta HARRISON ae 26, res. Troy, dau of John &
		Mary HARRISON of Troy. Clergy: T. A. S. Wit:
Oct 11 1892  	Rectory. Arthur BLAIR ae 20, res. Troy, son of
		Lansing & Mary BLAIR res. Canada, & Martha 	
		LONGTEMPS ae 20, res. Troy, dau of Louis & Mary
		LONGTEMPS, res Canada. Clergy T. A. S. Wit: Eva

[Pages 202-203]

Nov 18, 1891 	Wed. Cong. [Congress] St. Troy. Albert COSWELL
		ae 33, res. Troy NY, son of James COSWELL of
		Cong. St. Troy, & Anna L. SMITH ae 20, res. Troy
		NY, dau of John SMITH of Cong. St. Troy. Clergy:
		T. A. S. Wit: Large number of	friends [?].
Aug 24, 1891 	Mon. 167 Second St. James CARLISLE ae 25, res.
		Albany NY, son of James & Catherine [WILSON]
		CARLISLE of Albany NY, & Olive WALDRON ae 19, res.
		Albany NY, dau of James & Jennie WALDRON of Albany
		NY. Clergy: Henry MACBETH. Wit: Sarah A. YOUNG,
		Martha POWELL.
Nov 22 Sun  	167 Second St. Troy NY. Abram POST ae 39, res.
		23 Batavia St. Troy NY, son of Henry & Hennetta
		POST, & Mary Ann McKEOWN ae 34, res. Troy NY, dau
		of Thomas & Ann HARRIS. Clergy: Henry MACBETH.
		Wit: William H. YOUNG, Mary Ann CONNORS.

Feb 4		146 First St. Troy. Wellington WOODHULL ae 35,
		res. Troy NY, son of Henry S. & Lydia A. WOODHULL
		of Warsaw, & Jeannie BEATTIE ae 38, res. Troy NY,
		dau of Martyn & Ellen of Kirkville. Clergy: T. A.
		S. Wit: Saml D. SIMMONS, Minnie L. SIMMONS.
Apr 18		219 First St. Troy. Elmer J. DOTY ae 26, res. Troy
		NY, son of Clinton & Harriet L. DOTY of Nassau, &
		Sarah E. WALTON ae 24, res. Troy NY, dau of Thos.
		& Sarah WALTON of Troy. Clergy: T. A. S. Wit: Mary
		A. WALTON, Chas. G. APPS.
Apr 18		Rectory. A. Lincoln VANDECAR ae 31, res. 2637
		Fifth Ave. Troy NY, son of Abram & Ann VANDECAR of
		Saratoga, &  Mary Estelle GALLIGAR ae 27, res.
		2658 Fifth Ave. Troy NY, dau of Bernard & Kate
		GALLIGAR of Cohoes. Clergy: T. A. S. Wit: Geo: W.
May 3		Rectory. George Edward ENGLISH ae 23, res. Troy
		NY, son of Wm. & Mary [CONE] ENGLISH of England, &
		Mary Charlotte CHILDS ae 22, res. Troy NY, dau of
		Henry A. & Mary A. [POST] CHILDS of Troy. Clergy:
		T. A. S. Wit: Alice CHILDS?, John MAURIY?.
Jun 9		Church. Frank HARRISON, res. Troy, & Gratia L.
		BLOSS, res. Troy. Clergy: T. A. S. [bp. DOANE]
Oct 11		234 Third St. Troy NY. John R. RUDDY ae 34, res.
		West Troy, & Anna E. WALK ae 25, res. Green 	
		Island. Clergy: G. L. RICHARDSON. Wit: Lilias J.
		JOHNSTON, Jean D. POWELL. [repetition of R. C.
		ceremony Sept. 27]

Apr 27		2423 Fifth Ave. Troy NY. William H. OLIVER Jr. ae
		28, res. 110 First St. Troy, son of William H. &
		Susan A. OLIVER, & Lilias J. JOHNSTON ae 33, res.
		2423 Fifth Ave. Troy, dau of Jas. & Lucy E. 	
		Ella Powers SAMPSON, Agnes Bell RICHARDSON.
May 18		175 Congress St. Troy NY. William Ed. MOULTON ae
		25, res. Lansingburgh, son of Nathaniel G. & Ella
		H. MOULTON of Lansingburgh, & Bertha Laura MYERS
		ae 25, res. 175 Congress St. Troy NY, dau of Henry
		J. & Margaret A. [FILKINS] MYERS of Troy. Clergy:
		H. R. F. Wit: Chas. H. CLIFTON, Mrs C. H. CLIFTON.
May 23		409 Fourth St. Troy. James LAMB ae 31, res. 409
		Fourth St. Troy NY, son of John & Dorothy W. LAMB,
		& Sarah Alice WHITEHEAD ae 33, res. 409 Fourth St.
		Troy, dau of Ralph & Elizabeth [KEISERWETHER]
		WHITEHEAD? Clergy: H. R. F. Wit: E. K. WHITEHEAD,
[Pages 204-205]

May 24		Rectory. James Francis CARMONDY ae 34, res. 37
		Hutton St. Troy, son of Cornelius & Honora 	
		[COSTELLO] CARMONDY, & Maria Victoria EVANS ae 32,
		res. 3021 Sixth Ave. Troy, dau of Richard & Maria
		[COLLINGS] EVANS. Clergy: H. R. F. Wit: Charles
		VICE, Anna Maria ROUSE.
Jun 27		Rectory. John MCKEON ae 43, res. 1 Ashland Place
		Troy, son of Thos. & Eliz. [CARDIE] MCKEON, &
		Lillian WALTON ae 23, res. 219 First St. Troy, dau
		of Thos. & Sarah [ROGERS] WALTON. Clergy: H. R. F.
		Wit: John BRENNAN, Ruth WALTON.
Jun 21		Church. John Woodside FERGUSON ae 26, res. 472
		Second St. Troy, son of Peter T. & Janet [SMITH]
		FERGUSON of Troy, & Mary HAHN ae 24, res. 332
		First St. Troy, dau of John & Mary [WRIGHTS] HAHN
		of Troy. Clergy: H. R. F. Wit: Kate F. MITCHELL,
		Emil HAHN.
Jun 24		Rectory. William ANDREWS ae 63, res. 1432 First
		Ave. West Troy, son of William & Mary [SNYDER]
		ANDREWS, & Preston Eliz. B. MILLER ae 34, res.
		1457 Bdwy West Troy, dau of Robert & Preston
		[GRAND] BANFIELD. Clergy: H. R. F. Wit: A. J.
Jul 23		Church. William McGregor DOCHERTY ae 20, res. 390
		Tenth St. Troy, son of John & Matilda [GORMAN]
		DOCHERTY, & Josie May GLASS ae 17, res. 96 Hoosick
		Troy, dau of John & Isabel [NICHLIN]. Clergy: H.
		R. F. Wit: Mrs Joseph LAROSE, Leo B. LAROSE.
Sep 6		Church. Frank MITTER ae 31, res. 92 Ferry St.
		Troy, son of Andrew & Louise H. [HUSENBETH] MITTER
		of Germany, & Catherine D. MITTER ae 28, res. 102
		River St. Troy, dau of John & Susannah [BRADT]
		BUESHER. Clergy: W. B. WALKER of Bennington. Wit:
		Clarence BREG, Henry KELKNEVNER?


Jun 6 		Wed. Church. John Henry MUNTON ae 26, res. Clinton &
		Fifteenth Sts. Troy, son of Jas. H. & Mary A.
		[ENGLISH] MUNTON, & Anne Catherine BOHNE ae 18,
		res. 10 Prospect Ave. Troy, dau of Wm. H. & Mary
		A. [LIGHTNER] BOHNE. Clergy: H. R. F. Wit: James
		BINNEY, Nellie Frances DOUGHNEY.
Jun 6 		Wed. Church. Michael Stockton EMMET Jr. ae 24, res.
		New Rochelle NY, son of Richard S. & Catherine
		[TEMPLE] EMMET of New Rochelle, & Mary Lamport
		OLIPHANT ae 23, res. 170 First St. Troy, dau of H.
		V. & Mary [LAMPORT] OLIPHANT of Troy. Clergy: H.
		R. F. Wit: Nellie S. LAMPORT, Eben STEVENS.
Jul 18		1636 Fifth Ave. Troy. James Russell COLEMAN ae 25,
		res. 1834 Fifth Ave.Troy, son of James R. & Jennie
		E. [BAILEY] COLEMAN of Troy, & Marion Grace BOOTH
		ae 26, res. 1636 Fifth Ave. Troy, dau of William
		S. & Eliz. S. [NASH] BOOTH of Troy. Clergy: H. R.
		F. Wit: B. S. BOOTH, H. Coe SEYMOUR. 
Jul 2		2 Glen Ave. Troy. William HOOPPELL, res. 2 Glen
		Ave. Troy & Marion Eliz. Wheeler HOOPPELL, res. 2
		Glen Ave. Troy. Clergy: H. R. F. Wit: Lewis L.
Sep 26		202 First St. Troy. Joseph Rogers NEALS ae 28,
		res. 3159 Sixth Ave. Troy, son of Jas. W. H. &
		Amelia [HARRIS] NEALS, & Susanna FORD ae 25, res.
		202 First St. Troy, dau of Wm. H. & Caroline
		[REEVES] FORD. Clergy: H. R. F. Wit: Bernhard H.
		MATZ, Hattie Bell CUMMINGS.

[Pages 206-207]
Nov 28		Rectory. William Francis BELL ae 24, res. Mechanic
		St. South Troy, son of Frank & Sarah BELL of
		Mechanic St., & Catherine D. LYNCH ae 20, res. 314
		First St. Troy, dau of Alpheus & Catherine LYNCH
		of First St. Clergy: H. R. F. Wit: Chas. BELL,
		Lulu SCHULTS. 


Apr 15		87 First St. Frank B. ARCHIBALD ae 26, res. 	
		Chicago ILL, son of __, & Mary Matilda RUSSELL ae
		24, res. 87 First St. Troy, dau of John L. & Mary
		L. RUSSELL. Clergy: H. R. F. Wit: Mary L. RUSSELL,
Feb 20		12 Second St. Troy. Chas. F. W. TRAVDT ae 29, res.
		Newark NJ, son of Fred A. & Annie E. [HAVERMAN?]
		TRAVDT of Newark, & Hattie LUCAS ae 26, res. 12
		Second St., dau of Chas. F. & Louise [QUENSTELL?]
		LUCAS of Troy. Clergy: H. R. F. Wit: Louis L.
Apr 16		Church. Hobart Warren THOMPSON ae 33, res. 61
		First St., son of John J. & Mary M. THOMPSON of
		Troy, & Grace MCLEOD ae 25, res. 149 Second St.,
		dau of Chas. A. & Harriet G. MCLEOD. Clergy: H. R.
		F. Wit: Annie L. MCLEOD, Ed. C. GALE.
Apr 30		115 First St. John Griswold HALL ae 29, res.
		Pittsburgh, PA, son of Benj. H. & Margaret M. HALL
		of Troy, & Bessie CHAMBERLAIN ae 26, res. 115
		First St., dau of Lee & Mary F. CHAMBERLAIN of
		Troy. Clergy: H. R. F. Wit: Mary F. CHAMBERLAIN,
May 31		160 Third St. Troy N.Y. Wm. H. MCUMBER ae 56, res.
		Danbury CT, son of John & Julia MCUMBER, & Emeline
		CHAMBERLAIN ae 47, res. 160 Third St., dau of John
		& Jane CHAMBERLAIN. Clergy: H. R. F. Wit: Wm D.
Jul 17		1826 Third Ave West Troy. Chas. Hutchin MACKENZIE
		ae 24, res. 1109 Twenty-fifth St. West Troy, son
		of John & Lucretia MACKENZIE of West Troy, & Emma
		HERBERT ae 24, res. 1826 Third Ave. West Troy, dau
		of Geo. H. & Susanna HERBERT. Clergy: H. R. F.
		Wit: Harry E. BALTIN, Carrie A. SIPPERLEY.
Sep 25		363 Congress St. City. Frank POLLOCK ae 28, res. 5
		Marshall St. son of Jas. & Jennette POLLOCK of
		Troy, & Hannah G. CHOWN ae 20, res. 15 Walnut St.
		dau of George & Caroline CHOWN of Troy. Clergy: H.
		R. F. Wit: Jas. POLLOCK, Caroline CHOWN.
Oct 6		Rectory. Benjamin LANGLEY Jr. ae 21, res. St.
		John's St., son of Benj. & Amelia LANGLEY of Troy,
		& Mary Ann POTTS ae 22, res. St. John's St., dau
		of Elias & Emma B. POTTS. Clergy: H. R. F. Wit:
		Jas. MASON Jr, Mary JOY.
Oct 9		Church. Frank Ed. NORTON ae 40, res. 30 Fourth St.
		City, son of Joseph C. & Clarissa B. NORTON, &
		Clara Potter FRENCH ae 34, res. 20 First St. City,
		dau of Saml D. & Sarah C. FRENCH. Clergy: H. R. F.
		Wit: Robert SQUIRES, Norman H. SQUIRES.
Nov 14		3 Second St. Troy N.Y. William W. SECOR ae 67,
		res. Sing Sing N.Y., son of Noah & Annie [BROWN]
		SECOR, & Jane B. HATCH ae 52, res. 33 Second St.
		Troy, dau of William & Catherine [ROBINSON] 	
		METCALF. Clergy: H. R. F. Wit: Mary E. UNDERWOOD,
Dec 11		Rectory. William O. GOEWEY ae 25, res. 49 Bank St.
		son of Adam & Ann [CHISOLEN] GOEWEY, & Jennie
		DOBSON ae 26, res. 281 Fourth St., dau of Edward &
		Sarah [COWEN] DOBSON. Clergy: H. R. F. Wit: Geo.

Mar 18		Church. Clarence Edgar CLAREN? ae 21, res. 427
		Tenth St., son of Chas. H. & Eliza [RYSEDUFT]
		CLAREN?, & Cornelia Helen GUNSALUS ae 20, res. 3
		Jackson Place, dau of Geo. W. & Cornelia P. 	
		[VANARNAM] GUNSALUS. Clergy: H. R. F. Wit: Mr Fred

[Pages 208-209]
Apr 8		Schenectady N.Y. E. E. Theodore KIESENWETHER ae
		34, res. 306 Third St., son of Henry & Louise
		22, res. Schenectady N.Y, dau of Nicholas & 	
		Frances [SEGILMAN] MESNIG. Clergy: H. R. F. Wit:
		B. J. NOACH, Frances E. MESNIG.
Jun 24		246 Second St. Troy. Thos. Ed. LUCE ae 28, res.
		Oneonta N.Y., son of Wm. Henry & Charlotte 	
		[SLITER] LUCE, & Jennie Elizabeth CASWELL ae 27,
		res. 246 Second St. Troy, dau of Asa Leonard &
		Caroline CASWELL. Clergy: H. R. F. Wit:	Josephine
Jun 29		Rectory. Edward A. WEBSTER ae 33, res. 811 River
		St., son of Jasper W. & Emily [CUSHING] WEBSTER, &
		Virginia PRICE ae 28, res. 241 Second St., dau of
		Abel & Christina [PEABODY] PRICE. Clergy: H. R. F.
		Wit: Emma F. PRICE, Fannie E. FREEMAN.
Jul 27		Rectory. George Francis DOBSON ae 30, res. 281
		Fourth St., son of Edward & Sarah [COWEN] DOBSON,
		& Mary Ann VOWELLS ae 35, res. 863 Second Ave.
		Lansingburgh, dau of Thomas & __ VOWELLS. Clergy:
		H. R. F. Wit: Joseph DUWYER, A. M. DUWYER.
Sep 15		224 First St. Troy N.Y. Sylvester G. MANGARD ae
		32, res. New Haven CT, son of John R. & Cornelia
		[WARTON?] MANGARD, & Ann Elizabeth NELSON ae 33,
		res. 224 First St. Troy, dau of Jas. Chas. &
		Lenora [FURNESS] Nelson. Clergy: H. R. F. Wit:
		Rose C. NELSON, Lulu C. NELSON.
Oct 7		555 First St. Troy N.Y. Olin Walton HARWOOD ae 26,
		res. Bennington VT, son of Geo. H. & Caroline
		res. 388 Fourth St., dau of Joseph C. & Sarah A.
		[ROGERS] CARTWRIGHT. Clergy: H. R. F. Wit: Mary E.
Oct 15		Rectory. F. David HOLLER ae 24, res. Hudson N.Y,
		son of John P. & Margaret [TURNBULL] HOLLER, &
		Mary C. MARSHALL ae 19, res. Newport R.I., dau of
		Denis & Agnes MARSHALL. Clergy: H. R. F. Wit:
		Martin BURGER.
Oct 29		Rectory. Alfred BUFE ae 24, res. Williamstown MA,
		son of Robert & Pauline [SCHOLZ] BUFE, & Ada Eliz.
		ODELL ae 23, res. 8 Oakwood Ave. dau of Wm. & Ann
		[WELLS] ODELL. Clergy: H. R. F. Wit: Harritt E.
		MILLS, Edward W. ODELL.
Nov 26		Rectory. Fred Willis HASWELL ae 30, res. 	
		Watervliet N.Y., son of Wm. H. & Angeline [COLE]
		HASWELL, & Lizzie Ann LLOYD ae 27, res. 391 First
		St., dau of Thos. & Ella [BAYLIS] LLOYD. Clergy:
		H. R. F. Wit: Mabel A. MARTIN, Eddy M. HASWELL.

Feb 1		Church. William Geo. PENTREATH ae 45, res. 	
		Watervliet N.Y., son of John W. & Julia [LAKE]
		PENTREATH, & Eliz. Mary TEDFORD ae 35, res. Albany
		N.Y., dau of Eliz. Mary T. & Margaret VALLEY. 
		Clergy: H. R. F. Wit: Wm. J. CONNELL, Maurice
Apr 5		Rectory. James O'NEILL ae 31, res. 2 Hill St., son
		of John & Mary [PRICE] O'NEILL, & Hattie BROWN ae
		38, res. 2 Hill St., dau of Obed & Catherine
		[FOLYARD] BATES BROWN. Clergy: H. R. F. Wit: Mary
		A. KIRK, Alice R. BATTS.
Jun 1		Church. John Walter BOWMAN ae 28, res. Green
		Island N.Y., son of Cassius M. & Julia A. [LASHER]
		BOWMAN, & Alice Gertrude BIRD ae 29, res. 154
		Liberty St., dau of Caleb & Sarah E. [SAVAGE]
		BIRD. Clergy: H. R. F. Wit: K. P. CARR, J. S.

[Pages 210-211]

Jun 16		Church. Philip K. LASUEM? ae 33, res. 3235 Seventh
		Ave., son of Philip & Miriam [FALLE] LASUEM, &
		Elizabeth ELLARD ae 32, res. 302 Third St., dau of
		Joseph & Jane [GLASS] ELLARD. Clergy: H. R. F.
		Wit: Thomas JEFFRIES, Maude R. PFAW?.
Sep 29		311 Jacob St. Alphonso LEMAY ae 26, res. 311 Jacob
		St., son of Adolphus & Palcherie [MASSE] LEMAY, &
		Lillian Florence HADENCAMP ae 22, res. 311 Jacob
		St., dau of Frederich & Margaret [KEE] HADENCAMP. 
		Clergy: H. R. F. Wit: Mary Jane HADENCAMP, W. E.
Dec 19		Rectory. Chas. Augustus LLOYD ae 28, res. 296
		Second St., son of Chas. A. & Josephine D. LLOYD,
		& Mary Catherine MCCONVEY ae 23, res. 44 Mont St.,
		dau of Jas. & Catherine [SLAVIN] MCCONVEY. Clergy:
		H. R. F. Wit: Mary FANNET?, W. NEOLON.
Dec 29		Church. William Hugh RANKEN ae 26, res. Tibbits
		Ave., son of Wm. & Carrie Page [CHENEY?] RANKEN, &
		Alma Florence EICHKOLZ ae 24, res. 611 River St.,
		dau of Fred & Barbara [GLUCH] EICHKOLZ. Clergy: H.
		R. F. Wit: Charles E. WALKER, Florence M. RANKEN.


Apr 23		Church. Chas. Mayberry BROOKS ae 28, res. N. Y.
		City, son of Chas. H. & Fannie [EARLY] BROOKS, &
		Frances Harriet GILBERT ae 25, res. 165 Second
		St., dau of Edward G. & Sarah W. [PLUM] GILBERT. 
		Clergy: H. R. F. Wit: E. W. BROOKS, Josephine
Apr 27		162 Fourth St. Troy. Edward WICKERT Jr. ae 29,
		res. 24 Tenth St., son of Edward & Henrietta
		[HOCKEFOR?] WICKERT, & Mary Ann GILE ae 26, res.
		162 Fourth St., dau of Julius J. & Susan L. 	
		[BROWN] GILE. Clergy: H. R. F. Wit: Frank H.
Jun 29		Church. William Ritchard? SEARLES ae 21, res. 29
		Fourteenth St., son of John & Mary [CARROLL]
		SEARLES, & Lillie Frances CHRISTIAN ae 18, res. 29
		Fourteenth St., dau of Jas. T. & Amelia [DEFREEST]
		CHRISTIAN. Clergy: H. R. F. Wit: William A. 	
Oct 5		Rectory. Cornelius B. SUYDAM ae 40, res. Twelfth
		St. Lansingburgh, son of Henry & Mary A. 	
		[BLOOMINGDALE] SUYDAM, & Anna MILLER ae 32, res.
		543 Fourth St. Troy, dau of John & Ellen [CASEY]
		CARROLL. Clergy: H. R. F. Wit: J. F. MCDONALD,
		Mary E. MEYERS.
Nov 22		Rectory. Walter Jas. GRANGER ae 26, res. 18 Fourth
		St. Troy, son of Jas. & Sherman [SHERMAN] GRANGER,
		& Carrie Adelaine SIPPERLEY ae 27, res. 1311
		Fourth Ave. Watervliet, dau of Horace & Cornelia
		[ALTON] SIPPERLEY. Clergy: H. R. F. Wit: Mrs Chas.

Apr 5		Rectory. Hiram M. SHERMAN ae 27, res. 323? Sixth
		Ave, son of Charles & Sarah [BOLD] SHERMAN, &
		Marie Eugenia BOUTIN ae 24, res. 12 Ida St., dau
		of John & Sophie [MARCEAU?] BOUTIN.Clergy: H. R.
Apr 12		Church. Walter C. COLEMAN ae 37, res. Troy, son of
		Thomas & Amelia [BECKETT] COLEMAN, & Helen Maud
		MURRAY ae 21, res. Division St. Troy NY, dau of
		John & Mary F. [HANDLEY] MURRAY. Clergy: H. R. F.
		Wit: Harriet L. BURGER, W. O. COLEMAN.
Apr 19		59 East 54th St. N. Y. City. Philip CURTIS ae 25,
		res. N. Y. City, son of Nathaniel W. & Sarah J.
		[SCULL] CURTIS, & Mary Olyphant EMMET ae 27, res.
		Morristown N.J., dau of Harwood V. & Mary 	
		[LAMPORT] OLYPHANT.Clergy: H. R. F. Wit: A. O.

[Pages 212-213]
Sep 6		1532 Fifth Ave. Troy N.Y. William Henry HAFF ae
		31, res. Poughkeepsie N.Y., son of Hyland & Anna
		[CALDEN] HAFF, & Lulu Cordelia NELSON ae 26, res.
		1532 Fifth Ave., dau of Chas. & Leonora [FURNISS]
		NELSON. Clergy: H. R. F. Wit: Nora KEAL?, Jas.
Nov 13		Rectory. Joseph RALPH Jr. ae 32, res. Schenectady
		N.Y., son of Joseph & Bridget [CONNORS] RALPH, &
		Edith DECAMP ae 22, res. Schenectady N.Y., dau of
		David John & Celia [ASHER] DECAMP. Clergy: H. R.
		F. Wit: Mary C. SATES?, T.D. SCATES?
Nov 29		Home of bride. James H. R. BEAL ae 25, res. 1642
		Sixth Ave., son of Isaac & Hannah [MACUGEE] BEAL,
		& Hattie May WILLIAMS ae 27, res. 1623 Fifth Ave.,
		dau of Cyrus & Emily H. [DOLLY] WILLIAMS. Clergy:
		H. R. F. Wit: Emma B. WILLIAMS, Andrew C. KELLY.
Dec 2		Dr NELSON res. Fifth Ave. William Henry PURDY ae
		29, res. 577 First St., son of John H. & Naomi J.
		[TRAVIS] PURDY, & Una Lauretta VALANCE ae 34, res.
		N. Y. City, dau of Isaac W. & Cornelia A. 	
		[TENBROOK] VALANCE. Clergy: H. R. F. Wit: H. G.

Jan 3		Rectory. John Maxwell BURT ae 20, res. 22 Spring
		Ave. Troy, son of Harrison A. & Martha [MAXWELL]
		BURT, & Lillian May MARQUETTE ae 21, res. 175
		Fiftheenth St., dau of Geo. A. & Mary [DOCHERTY]
		MARQUETTE. Clergy: H.R. F. Wit: Fannie E. FREEMAN,
		Lizzie C. ECKER.
Jan 16		Rectory. John COOK ae 19, res. Schenectady, son of
		Jas. & Sarah A. [ALLEN] COOK, & Ida May OLMSBEE ae
		18, res. 2 Jackson Place, dau of Elijah F. & Ida
		[PROUS] OLMSBEE. Clergy: H. R. F. Wit: Frank
Jan 17		165 Second St. James Henry OTTLEY ae 47, res. N.
		Y. City, son of Enoch & Fannie [HENRY] OTTLEY, &
		Lucetta Banks GILBERT ae 30, res. 165 Second St.,
		dau of Edward G. & Sarah W. [PLUM] GILBERT. 	
		Clergy: H. R. F. Wit: Chas. M. BROOKS, Caroline T.
May 12		Rectory. Warren Stewart CLARK ae 24, res.   	
		Schenectady, son of Amos Warren & Eliz. N. 	
		[WHEELER] CLARK, & Blanche Ernestine SANBORN ae
		24, res. Schenectady, dau of Geo. Frank & Zuba Ann
		[LANE] SANBORN. Clergy: H. R. F. Wit: Fannie E.
Jun 6		85 Lincoln Ave. Troy. Thomas LASCH, ae 29, res.
		North Greenbush N.Y., son of John L. & Christian
		[YEAGLE] LASCH, & Jennie Charlotte SIPEL ae 23,
		res. 85 Lincoln Ave., dau of Jacob N. & Elizabeth
		A. [SNYDER] SIPEL.  Clergy: H. R. F. Wit: 	
		Elizabeth BASHMAN, Sherman J. PATTEN.
Jul 16		Church. Frederick Archie BUMP ae 25, res. 503
		Jacob St., son of Ichabod & Mary [HAWTHORNE] BUMP,
		& Sarah Jane HENRY ae 25, res. 465 First St., dau
		of William H. & Margaret [REVY?] BUMP. Clergy: H.
		R. F. Wit: David HENRY, Jennie HENRY.
Aug 7		551 Federal St. Troy. Frank John NEHREN? ae 27,
		res. Troy N.Y., son of William & Margaret [MESNIG]
		NEHREN, & Bessie Irene BECKER ae 20, res. 551
		Federal St., dau of Chas. C. & Deborah E. 	
		[BROWNELL] BECKER. Clergy: H. R. F. Wit: Fred S.
		MESNIG, Margaret NEHREN.
Sep 5		Rectory. Horatio Malford STRATTON ae 40, res.
		Brooklyn N.Y., son of Isaac S. & Kate L. [WRIGHT]
		STRATTON, & May L. HARTMAN ae 22, res. Brooklyn
		N.Y., dau of Henry & Mary [PENNY] HARTMAN. Clergy:
		H. R. F. Wit: Henry R. THOMAS, Mary A. KIRK.

[Pages 214-215]

Oct 10		Bride's res. Elbert Mason ILER ae 23, res. Grant
		Ave., son of Martin O. & Harriet [RHODES] ILER, &
		Carrie Ella ROSE ae 24, res. 1037 Sixth Ave., dau
		of Ira Johnson & Mary E. [HARNER?] ROSE. Clergy:
		H. R. F. Wit: Ira J. ROSE, Martin E. ILER.

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