Rensselaer County
Tax Lists

Strictly speaking, these are Albany County tax lists, because they date from 1779, 12 years before Rensselaer County was created from Albany County, in 1791. Leslie Potter kindly transcribed the two 1779 lists for districts which would later be part of Rensselaer County. The original source for these is the Lansing Papers, Call Number KT 13324, GY Lansing Papers Box 1, at the New York State Library in Albany.

If you would like to transcribe other Rensselaer County (or future Rensselaer County) tax lists from other years and contribute them to this site, they would be very welcome! You may email them in plain text in the body of an email message to me, Debby Masterson.

1779 - Hosack District (Hoosick)
1779 - Schachtakook District (Schaghticoke)

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