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If you have a diary written by a resident of Rensselaer County and would like to share it with others, please email Debby Masterson. Your diary or letter can be reproduced on the Rensselaer County GenWeb page, or, if you provide your URL, I can link to your webpage containing it.

HALLENBECK, Sarah Isiline ARMSTRONG - Hoosick 1864-1879 and 1893-1911
HOLCOMB, George - Stephentown 1805-1866
MILLER, C. A. - Troy 1867
SIPPERLY, Fannie - Schaghticoke 1878
SIPPERLY, Harriet - Schaghticoke 1873
UDELL, John - Nassau, Schodack, Stephentown, Troy 1833

ABBOTT letter - Margaret Abbott of Troy to her cousin Julia Moran in Ireland
DERICK family letters - Brunswick and Schaghticoke, 1817-1832
FELTON family letters, 1831-1864
Millard FILLMORE letter - Buffalo, 19 May 1860, to unnamed Rensselaer County woman
PIERCE letter - from a Troy man in the California Gold Rush of 1849 to his wife in Troy
MCCONIHE letter - Isaac McConihe to Charles N. Williams
VAN RENSSELAER letter - Solomon to Stephen, perhaps 1802

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