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ZIEGLER, VAN DYKE. Seeking information about Lawrence ZIEGLER m. 3 Oct 1885 in Schodack Landing to Elizabeth VAN DYKE. The 1876 Beers atlas lists him as a broom manufacturer at Schodack Landing. Was Lawrence ZIEGLER one of the Ziegler brothers who grew broom corn on part of Schodack Island and had a broom making shop in Coeymans? Did they also operate Ziegler's Ice House on Schodack Island shown on maps in 1901 and 1915? How many and who were the Ziegler brothers? The Schodack Vital Records lists a Frank DEERING who married Catherine ZIEGLER before or during 1912. Paul Huey 0997 [e-mail address still current in March 2003]

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