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DABOLL, KITTEL. Seeking information about Solon Moxley DABOLL b. 1823 and his wife Lucy Ann KITTEL b. 1830. These two were both born in Stephentown, NY. The DABOLLs were from CT early on, and I understand the KITTELs were RI Baptists. I would like to learn the date and place of their marriage. Also, any information on Lucy Ann's ancestry. Her father was Benjamin KITTEL, but who was her mother? Bob Shepherd 1197

DAME, ARBOUR. Seeking information about Edward DAME and wife Lucy ARBOUR. Their son, Edward J. DAME was born in Hoosick Falls in 1905. His birth record indicates that Edward was born in the US abt 1872 and Lucy was born in Canada abt 1876. Edward's occupation, as listed on the birth certificate, may have been "knitter" however, the certificate is difficult to read. Unfortunately, I have nothing more specific than what I have already written. Would be interested in any information relating to this family and am willing to share the little information I already have. Ginger Sicari 0898

DANDURAND, JANOTTE-LACHAPELLE. Seeking information about Cyphrian DANDURAND and wife Celine JANOTTE-LACHAPELLE, natives of Iberville, Quebec, who lived in Troy between 1865 and 1873 and had two children while there: 1. Rosanna b. abt 1869; and 2. George C. b. abt 1870. Would like to know exact birth dates of these children; also, if possible, what brought Cyphrian and Celine to the area in the first place. Joann Betschart 0898

DATER, MCCHESNEY. Seeking information about Philip P. DATER b. 21 Dec 1790 d. 19 Jan 1868 in Brunswick and wife Mary MCCHESNEY b. 23 Aug 1799 d. 2 June 1871 in Brunswick. Only known child: Antoinette DATER b. 1832 d. 19 Apr 1867. She also married a MCCHESNEY. Bill Knight 1097

DAVEY/DAVY/DAVIE. Searching for various records for my father's family who were residents of HalfMoon, NY in the mid-1800s. Family name in census records at that time was spelled Davey but variations could include Davy or Davie. Specifically seeking birth records of my grandfather (James H. DAVEY) and his siblings (John L. DAVEY, Michael DAVEY, and Mary DAVEY) all born between 1850 and 1860, as well as a death record for my great-grandfather (Timothy or Thaddeus DAVEY or DAVY) who died in the mid-1870s. All of them included in the 1865 Census in HalfMoon. After that, some of them may have moved to Greenbush in Rensselaer County (recorded there in a deed transaction dated 1880) or in Albany area. Also looking for an obituary notice that may have been published in one of the local area newspapers for James H. DAVIE who died on December 2, 1921. I have a partial copy of it and it appears to have been written for the local HalfMoon/Saratoga County area. I'd be interested in learning which newspapers were in that area at that time and how to request or access microfilm records. Arthur J. Davie 1097

DAVID, FINNEY. Seeking information about William DAVID and Lydia FINNEY who were married in Greenbush, Rensselaer Co., NY July 15, 1799. The names of two of their sons are known: John b. abt 1817 who m. Emily; and Orson Aretmus b. Sept.4, 1811 and m. abt. 1831 Sarah Ann SHARP. By 1840 Orson and Sarah DAVID were in Geauga Co. Ohio, and by 1850 they were in Michigan. Barbara Dean 0797

DAVID(S), WOODWARD. Seeking children and parents of Stephen Van Rensselaer DAVID(S) and wife Mary WOODWARD m. July 4, 1825 in Schodack. Ross David 0298

DAVIS, Dr. Arnold Carpenter and brother, Oscar. Seeking birth record for Dr. Arnold Carpenter DAVIS b. 25 May 1839 in Berlin, NY and his brother Oscar DAVIS. They are the sons of Silas DAVIS and Honor Emeline (Carpenter) DAVIS. 0397

DAVIS, POST. Seeking final resting place of Dr. Arnold Carpenter DAVIS, Jr. b. 20 Oct 1870 in Farina, IL d. May 1908 in West Edmeston, NY m. Carrie Edna POST. Son: Milton Daland DAVIS. Arnold is buried in New York, possibly Rensselaer County. This family was Seventh Day Baptist. 0397

DAVIS, CARPENTER. Seeking marriage record for Silas DAVIS m. abt 1838 in Berlin, NY (?) Honor Emeline CARPENTER b. 1811 in Berlin, NY (?) d. 1862 in Walworth, WI. 0397

DAVIS, SLOCUM. Benaijah DAVIS died in Hoossack [Hoosick], Rensselaer Co., NY on 26 Aug 1816. He was a veteran of the Revolutionary War, and his wife, Welthan Slocum DAVIS, applied for a widow's pension after his death. He was born in 1752 in New York state. Would appreciate any info on his life in Rensselaer Co. and anything about his parents and siblings. Bob Harris 0697

DAYTON, LLOYD. Seeking information about James DAYTON b. abt 1856 in Troy m. Katherine LOYD, moved to NYC and had a son Leonard DAYTON b. 1884. Bill Mullowney 0298

DEAN, PARKER. Chester DEAN was born in NY or CAN married Mary PARKER born in NY died possibly in 1878 in WI. They had at least two children. 1. Joseph "Joe" Parker Dean born in 1857 at Lima NY married in 1902 Edith NELSON (chn Joseph & Edward). 2. Charles Wesley Dean married Mattie SIMS (chn Henry & Paul). Chester and Mary Dean may have resided Lima NY circa 1850s, removed about 1859 to possibly Steven's Point WI. Chester Dean possibly married 2nd time. May be the Chester Dean born on 11 Sep 1818 in Sand Lake, Rensselaer Co., NY, son of Shubal Treadway Dean and Sarah "Sally" ROBINSON. Am seeking ancestry of Chester Dean and Mary Parker. E. Nelson Dean 0298

DECKER, Alexander. Seeking any information about Alexander DECKER b. abt 1864, possibly in Troy. Would like to find his birth certificate, as we have conflicting accounts of his birthdate. Also looking for his parents' names; they could possibly be Joseph and Mary, but I'm not sure. Also would be interested in knowing if there is a record anywhere of a boat accident on the Hudson River during the 1860s--1870s that caused his mother to drown. The family story says that this happened and that he went to live with an uncle when he was very young and then ran away. He was in Oklahoma in 1901 and maybe as early as 1876. Jacklyn Decker 0198

DEE, AHERN. Seeking information about James H. DEE, no date of birth, was b. in County Cork, Ireland, m. in Troy, Rensselaer County, NY 1850+/- to Mary AHERN b. May 1822 in County Cork, Ireland. Seeking the date and place of their marriage. I'm also interested in information about their parentage. James is a son of Thomas DEE and _____ MORRISSEE. Mary is a daughter of Thomas AHERN. Pam Gillett 1198 [email address updated in Nov 2010]

DE FORREST/FORREST, PETERSON. Seeking information about family of Sarah DE FORREST/FORREST of Albany, NY (?) (daughter of James and Charlotte FORREST), b. abt 1852, m. 21 June 1873 in Troy, NY to George Washington PETERSON of Ghent, NY. Erica 1097 [email address updated in July 2005]

DELANEY, NOONE. Seeking information on Thomas DELANEY and Catherine NOONE (b. 1868 in County Mayo, Ireland). They were married possibly in Troy, NY. Their children: Agatha b. 1908 (never married); Helen b. 1910 (never married), Catherine b. 1913 (never married); and Joseph b. 1918. Sisters Agatha, Helen and Catherine reportedly ran a bookstore in Troy or that area. Would like to find information on Catherine NOONE, possibly through descendents of Joseph DELANEY. Catherine NOONE was the older sister of my grandfather, Michael NOONE. I need information on Catherine and Thomas DELANEY in order to trace the NOONE family. The DELANEYs lived in Troy, NY. I am happy to share my NOONE information. Loretta Barnard 1296

DELAPP, BAGG. Seeking information about family of Michael DELAPP and Mary BAGG m. 1849 in St. Mary's in Clonmel, Tipperary, Ireland. Children: Terence c. 1853, Patrick c. 1857, Philip c. 1861 and Brigid c. 1864. All children were born in Ireland. Michael fought in the Civil War and was imprisoned in the Libby Prison. The family moved to Troy, NY. Bridget m. Mike BURKE, Mayor of Green Island. Patrick DELAPP died at the BURKE home abt 1906. Mary Hoar of Yonkers, NY 0297 [email address updated in March 2003]

DENISON, TOWER. Simeon M. Tower b. Sept. 11, 1822 in Ellery, Chautauqua County, NY m. Sarah M. DENISON in 1853. Was this the Sarah M. DENISON Berlin, NY, whose brother B. Franklyn DENISON m. Simeon's sister E. Minerva TOWER? I'd guess yes, but I'm looking for proof. Nancy Hauser 1298

DENNISON, Mahala. Seeking information about Mahala DENNISON aged 47 in 1850, living in the household of Wood BABCOCK and his wife Sophia PIER, in Troy in the 1850 Census? I would like her ancestry, descendants, her relationship to this family. Michelle Amsbury 0298

DERRICK, ROBERTS. Seeking information about George DERRICK b. 1784 d. 1862 m. Mary ROBERTS b. 1790-1877. Daughter Deborah DERRICK b.Feb 28,1823 in Center Brunswick d. Mar 27, 1886 m. Anson HAYNER (son of Martin M. HAYNER b. 1791 d. 1844 and Sarah BOOMHOWER b. 1795 d. 1877) b. 28 Jan 1823 d. 21 Nov 1900. All of Center Brunswick. Could use help especially on DERRICK, ROBERTS and BOOMHOWER ancestry. Gary D. Carter 0697 [email address updated in August 2009]

DEVEREUX, Jonathan. Seeking proofs of will, land records or census records for Jonathan DEVEREUX, who was born in about 1750 in Goshen, CT. He moved to Schodack, Rensselaer County, NY sometime after the Revolution. His will was dated Sept. 29, 1802. Gwen Plyler 0597 [email address updated in March 2004]

DITMEYER, Francis Joseph. Seeking information on my grandfather, Francis Joseph DITMEYER b. 1893 in Troy, NY. Seek parental information. Lynda Dalton-Gallagher 0298

DIVER, OVERACKER. Seeking information about Andrew DIVER b. abt. 1734 d. abt. 1809. Buried in Lutheran Church Cemetery, Melrose, NY. Wife Eve OVERACKER. Andrew was a Loyalist, believed to be the father of Michael DIVER who died in 1813 in Schaghticoke and John DIVER who migrated to MI. Andrew is believed to have been in Schaghticoke 1790-1800. Barbara Pepper 0197

DOPKINS, CUNNINGHAM.Seeking information about the DOPKINS and CUNNINGHAM families who lived in Rensselaer Co., NY during the latter 1700s to early 1800s. Nancy Acker 0197

DORE, PATRICK. My great-grandfather, Patrick DORE, emigrated from Ireland to Johnsonville, New York ca 1880 with his siblings. The sibling DOREs made their home in Johnsonville, but my g-grandfather moved to Pittsburgh, Allegheny County. He married Rose DOWLING in 1886. My mother, Gertrude CREGAN, corresponded with DORE families in Johnsonville for many years. I am seeking ancestors of DORE's from Johnsonville. The name may be spelled differently, as my g-grandfather was illiterate. Joanne Tyler-Tucker 0498

DOTY, John. John DOTY b. 8-9-1750 m. Ozebiah or Zebiah 1786. Seeking information on wife's maiden name, parents. The family moved to Rensselaer, NY in 1834. Their children include Benjamin Ward DOTY (1772 - ), Joseph, Elisha (my ancestor) and Lois Phebe (1834- ). Linda Chickering 0898

DOTY, OVERROCKER. Seeking information about John Adams DOTY b Jan 6, 1781 in Schaghticoke and Anna B. OVERROCKER b abt 1781 at Schaghticoke. They had a son named John B. DOTY who was born in Schaghticoke in 1819. I am seeking information about John Adams DOTY's and Anna B. OVERROCKER's parents or death information. John B. DOTY is living in Lyme, Jefferson County, NY by 1840, but I don't know whether his family moved there or not. Kathy Reynolds 0298

DOUGHERY, WILBER. I am looking for information on Katherine DOUGHERY b. abt 1853-1855 in Greenbush, NY m. Judson WILBER of Ballston Spa, NY. 0898

DOUGHTY, BERNERD. Seeking information about Martin DOUGHTY and wife Matilda BERNERD whose daughter Clara Belle DOUGHTY b. 6 or 16 Apr 1870 d. 13 May 1934, m. Percy Canfield BARNEY, my grandfather, in Troy, NY. Clara Belle attended a girls' school with her best friend, Stella Richardson BLOOD, who was my grandfather's third wife. Would like to find birth and death information. Bob Barney 0397 [email address updated in May 2005]

DOUGLAS, SHERMAN. Seeking information about Samuel DOUGLAS m. Asenath SHERMAN before 1834. Their children on the 1860 census, Pittstown: Sarah F., 26, William 23, John 20, Ellen 18. Sarah m. James HALPINE abt 1861. Looking for others researching this family; also, parents of Samuel DOUGLAS. His father may have been Thomas DOUGLAS. Joyce Brown 0707 [email address is still valid in March 2003]

DOUGLASS, FERGUSON, WOOD. Seeking information about Major Samuel DOUGLASS b. 1754/5 d. 14 Dec 1811 m.1) 1 Jan 1781 at Schaghticoke Dutch Reformed Church to Patience FERGUSON b. 1760 d. 2 Sep 1797 m.2) at Schaghticoke Dutch Reformed Church to Priscilla WOOD b. 1778 d. 1 Feb 1831. They lived and are buried on what is now the Sheffer farm in Groveside/Pittstown. The gravesite is regestered with the DAR. I am most interested in Samuel's parents and his place of birth. Also interested in similar for Priscilla WOOD. Stephen P. Douglass 0398

DOVEBACH, LYND. Seeking parentage of Mary DOVEBACH who m. Archelaus LYND in 1761 in Albany, NY. They later moved to Rensselaer Co. and had several children there. Her name, Mary, was probably the anglicized Marytie. I have seen her surname spelled several ways. Tim Tillyer 0398

DOYLE, Lewis. Seeking information about Lewis DOYLE and his wife, Judith, who immigrated from Ireland abt 1815-1830. They settled in Troy, NY and raised a family. Children: Ellen M.DOYLE b.1854 m. William E. CORCORAN; Lewis J.DOYLE b.1839 m. Mary NICKLESON. Lewis J.DOYLE had children: Mary, Malachi b.1869, Lewis, Vincent b.1877, Matthew and Jane. Lewis J. DOYLE was involved in Troy politics. Tom Spillane 0697

DUDLEY, EASTWOOD. Researching Hiram C. DUDLEY who married Mary EASTWOOD (of Rochester Co., NY); Hiram and Mary were living in Rensselaer Co. abt 1860, but lost after that time. Allyson Monroe Tilton 1198

DUGAN, QUALEY. Looking for any information parents and siblings of William B. DUGAN b. 12/2/1854, possibly in Troy m. Mary Ann QUALEY 12/25/1875 d. 3/19/1905 in New York City. Lived most of his life in Troy. Father of Mary E. (b. ? d. 4/28/1886); Gertrude M. (b. 2/19/? d. 12/6/1935, never married); Walter J. (b. 12/16/1883 d. 5/3/1965, m. Deborah Dorothy Faden 11/17/1919). The whole family is buried in St. Peter's Cemetery, Troy. Lynn Dugan Julian 0598 [email address updated March 2011]

DUGAN/DOUGAN. Seeking information about Joseph Peter DUGAN b. abt 1839 in Armagh, Ireland d. 14 Dec 1921 in Bronx, NY. Naturalized 233 Oct 1863 in Troy, NY. Alien Declaration listed Patrick DUGAN of Troy as sponsor. Were Patrick DUGAN and Joseph DUGAN related? Joseph served in 69th NYSM, Apr-Aug 1861. Can reciprocate with research in Watertown, NY area. John Dougan 0497

DUNHAM, DAVIDSON/DAVISON. Seeking information on my g-g-grandparents William Maben DUNHAM b. 25 Mar 1838 d. 19 Mar 1882 and Margaret Jane DAVIDSON b. 7 Jan 1838 d. 29 Dec 1907. According to the IGI (FHL film no. 930244), William and Margaret married 3 Nov 1838 in Schodack, Rensselaer County, NY. Family records say that Margaret's maiden name was DAVISON and that she and William married 2 Nov 1858 in Greenbush, Rensselaer County, NY. Children: Laura Ann, Frank Melvin, Ella May (my great-grandmother), Robert and Joseph. Margaret's father was Nicholas G. DAVIDSON, who appears in the 1855 NY State Census for Rensselaer County and in the 1860 US Census. William DUNHAM later moved to New York City and worked as a brakeman, probably on the NY Central Railroad. Bruce Hamilton 0297 [email address updated in Nov 2010]

DUVAL, MITCHUE. Seeking place and date of birth/death, also parents and ancestors of Nelson DUVAL b. Troy, NY abt 1820-1824 and wife Delvintine MITCHUE. Willing to exchange information that I have, which is the younger generaton. Joan Gooding 0898

DYER, ANTHONY. I am looking for information about the family of Desire DYER of Troy, NY and Watervliet ("West Troy"), Albany Co., NY. She was the daughter of William and S. DYER, probably of RI. She was born abt 1787 in RI or MA, moved to upstate NY, and there married Samuel I. (or J.?) ANTHONY, son of John ANTHONY and Elizabeth GOEWEY, before 1807. She died on 1 Mar 1854 in Troy and is buried in Watervliet. Her father, William DYER of RI (or MA?), may be the William DYER (born before 1755) who bought land in the 'old Schoharie Patent' in 1798 and appears in the Watervliet census of 1800. William may have also had sons Bowdoin DYER (born about 1769-70 in RI) and William W. DYER (Jr.?) (born about 1770-1; married Lucy _____; died on 21 Jun 1839; buried at Gibbonsville Cemetery in Colonie, NY - this grave appears next to a Thomas H. DYER, whose son Jonathan DYER witnessed a deed of Desire's.) Desire's husband Samuel ANTHONY was baptized on 12 Dec 1780 in Gilead Evang. Lutheran Church, Brunswick, NY. He was probably a farmer. He died during 1827-30 in Watervliet. Their children included: Sarah ANTHONY (born about 1814 in West Troy (Watervliet); married carpenter Elijah S. HODGE. They lived in Troy, and are my ancestors) and perhaps (2) Samuel ANTHONY (born between 1810-1820 in NY; married Louisa PECK on 21 Nov 1838 in Troy; died after 1840. He was an engineer.) Chris Baer 1098

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