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BABCOCK, Jonathan N. Seeking descendants of Jonathan N. BABCOCK, b. abt 1792 in West Stephentown, NY. He was a son of John BABCOCK (b. 1769 in Westerly, RI) and his wife, Amy MAXSON (daughter of Col. Jonathan MAXSON and Mary WOODMANSEE of Richmond, RI). Jonathan N. BABCOCK went west to Genesee Co., NY by 1835. Talma Klaassen 1197 [email address given in November 1997 is no longer valid in March 2003]

BABCOCK, KENDALL. Seeking information about family of John BABCOCK b. 1769 in RI, resident of Rensselaer Co. 1790 until his death in 1842 m. Sally KENDALL (daughter of Joshua). Their children: Varnum Maxson b. 1790 m. Charity TIFFT; Jonathan N.; Tacy m. Festus ROWE; Sally b. 1805 m. Delancy KITTLE. Would like to correspond with descendants. Talma Klaassen 0198 [email address given in January 1998 is no longer valid in March 2003]

BABCOCK, DAWLEY. My brother, Larry DORAU, lives in Star Prairie, Wisconsin. Because I am interested in geneology, he sent me two pictures of the Babcock family burial site in Wisconsin. It is especially of interest to me (and my brother) because I live in Nassau, [Rensselaer County] NY and Nassau is mentioned on one gravestone. I believe that this mention of Nassau might link my DAWLEYs to these BABCOCKs. Both families came from Rhode Island, and branches came to Nassau, which is near Stephentown. There are several DAWLEYs buried in Nassau at the Finch Farm. Anyway, if you haven't been aware of this burial ground in Wisconsin, I'd like to share it with you. If you have any DAWLEYs in your ancestry, I'd be happy to know. Martha Dorau Eberle 0903 [posted here at Martha's request in response to the above two postings by Talma Klaassen, after Martha tried to contact Talma directly and found that the email link Talma had supplied no longer worked]

BABCOCK, MOREY, GREEN. Seeking additional information on the Jonathan C. BABCOCK family that lived in Stephentown, Rensselaer Co., NY from abt. 1800 to abt. 1830. Jonathan C. BABCOCK, II b. 6 Apr 1800 in Stephentown d. 24 Feb 1858 in West Henrietta, Monroe Co., NY. m. (1) Ann MOREY in 1824 in Stephentown, NY and had one daughter, Jane Anna b. 1824. He then married (2) Lucinda A. GREEN abt. 1827 in Stephentown, NY and had the following children: Lucinda b. 1828 m. George KOCHER; Orlando b. 1830; Jonathan III b. 1832; Almira b. 1837 m. William BLY; Sarah b. 1839 m. Aldis POST; Olive b. 1842 m. Edward DUDLEY; Jonathan III b. 1844. Searching for any information related to this family, including Jonathan II parents. Judy Grote 0197 [email address given in January 1997 is no longer valid in March 2003]

BABCOCK, GREEN(E). Seeking parents of Johnson BABCOCK b. possibly in Stonington, CT d. 1820-1826 in Rensselaer Co. m. abt 1794 to Zilpha GREEN(E). They had a son Johnson BABCOCK b. Rensselaer, NY. 1097

BABCOCK, GREENE. Seeking info about Johnson BABCOCK and his wife Zilpha GREENE living in the Petersburg/Berlin area of Rensselaer Co. between 1794 and 1804. Johnson was the son of Amos and Zerviah BABCOCK who farmed on a leasehold from the Van Rensselaer family. Johnson and Zilpha moved to Tully, Onondaga Co. Susan Koehler 0398

BABCOCK, PEER/PIER. I am looking for descendants of Wood BABCOCK, b abt 1795, in NY., and his wife Sophia PEER/PIER b abt 1798, in VT. They had the following children: Maria C. b 1816, Julia F. born 1818. William H. b 1830., Charles W. b 1836 and Mary S. b 1843. Wood was a Linen Manufacturer in the city of Troy. Michelle Amsbury 0298

BAILEY, Smith. Seeking information about Smith BAILEY who may have lived in Rensselaer Co., NY about 1800. His wife's name was Rodemarily (?). She was born in 1790. He was in Bradford Co., PA by 1811 when his son, Orange BAILEY, was born. He settled in Franklin Co., OH about 1830-40 and may have gone to IA with Orange in 1845. Jerry England 0798 [email address given in July 1998 is no longer valid in March 2003]

BAKER, Gideon. Seeking information about Gideon BAKER b. in Schenectady Co., NY m. 1820 in Allegany, Co., NY to Sarah. Migrated to Freedom Twp., Cattaraugus Co., NY. Peter BAKER m. 1825 in Cattaraugus Co., NY to Catherine MARVIN. Peter and Gideon both lived in Cattaraugus Co., NY. Peter bought land in Allegany Co., NY in 183 [sic - 1830?] and sold it in 1831. Is Peter BAKER the son of Gideon BAKER? Census records indicate it is possible. Sister Mary Francis Cates 0197 [email address given in January 1997 is no longer valid in March 2003]

BARBER, WILLIAMS. Seeking information about the family and descendants of Lorenzo BARBER b. 1821 in Windsor, Berkshire Co., MA. He moved to Lee, Oneida Co., NY in 1824-1828 m. 17 April 1861in the Methodist Episcopal Church in Troy, Rensselaer Co., NY to Marian A. WILLIAMS b. 1837 d. 5 May 1928 in Mechanicsville, Saratoga Co., NY. On December 31, 1862, at age 40, Lorenzo enrolled at Washington, D.C., to serve three years, as Chaplain (officer), 2nd Regiment, U.S. Sharpshooters, U.S. Volunteers. He was wounded at Mine Run, VA on November 30, 1863 and was honorably discharged near Petersburg, VA on February 18, 1865. After the Civil War he was an insurance agent in Troy and Syracuse. He was also a clergyman in the Methodist Episcopal Church. He was living in Troy in 1879. He died near Troy on 9 or 10 April 1882 when he was accidentally wounded while hunting. His wife, Marian, lived in Mechanicsville in 1891. On 27 Nov 1916, she lived there at 18 So. Main St, and in 1928 at 246 So. 2nd Ave. Neil E. Barber 0797 [email address given in July 1997 is no longer valid in March 2003]

BARBER, GRAY. Seeking information about family of John BARBER b. 1731 in Worcester, MA d. 1802 in Bridport, Addison Co., VT m. Hannah GRAY of Holden, MA. He resided in Addison Co., VT and in Lansingburgh, Rensselaer Co., NY. The births of three of his children (James, Betsy and Joel) are recorded in VT, the rest (Sarah b. 1757, John b. 1761-65, John, Jr. b. 1766, William Hazzard b. 1770, Hannah b. 1773 and Catherine b. 1778) are not. I suspect they are recorded in NY. I am particularly interested in William. Sally Shaner 0197

BARKER, Morris. Seeking birth date, parents, etc. of Morris BARKER b. abt. 1847 in Troy, NY. He was the son of a farmer. Leslie Barker Thomas 1296 [email address given in December 1996 is no longer valid in March 2003]

BARKER, FOSTER. Joseph Lawrence FOSTER was born in 1825 in Rensselaer Co., NY. It is currently hypothesised that he married Mary A. (Agnes KIRK) 3 Nov 1846 in Troy. It is further hypothesised that his parents were Alvah St. John FOSTER and Sally Ann BARKER. Can anyone either confirm or refute these two hypothesises? I have lots of records to share. Toni Richard Turk 1198

BARNFATHER. Looking for any information on the BARNFATHER family who were living in Nassau Town starting about 1830. They came to the US from Lincolnshire, England, in 1828. The following children were born in Nassau: George S. (1830); Martha A. (1833); John (1834) - married Celestia ??; Mary E. (1837); David G. (1839)- married Carrie ?? and worked as a tinsmith; Elizabeth (1842); Amanda (1843); Andrew (1844); Levi (1846) - a farmer; Frankland B. (1848) married Frances E. (Haner?); and Julia E. (1850) - married ?? Lowrie. The family seems to have left the area by the 1920 census. Any information on descendants, marriages and death dates would be very helpful. Lee Bridge Cognetta 0798

BARRINGER, YAGER. Seeking descendents of Frederick BARRINGER and Getty YAGER b. 1787. Children: Hannah b. 1800 m. Henry ENSIGN; Zacharius b. 1802 m. Mary FARRINGTON; Sally b. 1804; David Kuhn b. 1808; Margaret b. 1813; and Solomon b. 1815. This family originated in Rensselaer Co. and some of them moved to Otsego Co. and possibly Monroe Co. Barbara Jeffries 0397 [email address given in 1997 is no longer valid in 2007]

BATES, OBEDIAH. Seeking information about Obediah BATES b. abt 1810 in MA m. abt 1842 to Maria in Rensselaer Co., NY d. Oct. 25, 1879 in Troy, buried Mt. Ida. Obediah is the father of Stephen BATES, my gg-grandfather. A David BATES was living with Obediah in the 1850 census (age 77). Was this Obediah's father? Also seeking information on Obediah's other children Eliza b. 1849; Martha b. 1852; Harriet b. 1858; George b. 1860. Cyndy Bates Finnie 1297 [email address updated in January 2010]

BECKER, MCGRATH. Seeking information about Dow BECKER b. 1897 in area of Troy, NY. I was told the family came from a place called Becker's Corners. Anyone know of it? Dow m. Helen MCGRATH. His father was Henry Bellinger BECKER. His grandfather was Christopher BECKER. His great grandfather was Delos Isaac BECKER. Henry m. Ada DE FREEST. Delos m. Elizabeth BLOOMINGDALE. Shirley Becker 0297 [email address updated in November 2008]

BECKER, Maurice. Seeking information about Maurice BECKER d. 1898-1907 in Troy m. Mary WAHL or GOYER d.10/13/1918 in Troy. Seeking death date of Maurice BECKER-1898-1907 and confirmation of wife's name. 0898

BEHAN, FARRELL. Seeking information about Edward BEHAN and wife Catherine FARRELL. Their first son, Lawrence T. BEHAN b. abt. 1872 in Troy, NY d. 1947 buried St. Joseph's Cemetery with wife, Julia. I think Edward and Catherine might be buried there as well but I am not sure. I need to find a record of Edward and Catherine's marriage abt 1869-1872, and possibly parent's names from the marriage record or birth and death information from their headstones. Linda 0497

BEIERMEISTER, Andrew. Seeking information about Andrew BEIERMEISTER and wife Eva. Need to establish link with Frederick, who may be Andrew's brother. Lynne Beiermeister 1298 [email address updated in November 2009]

BEIERMEISTER, WILDERMUTH. Seeking information about Henry BEIERMEISTER and wife, Carolyn Quirk WILDERMUTH b. 1885 d. 1957 buried in St. Peter's Cemetery in Troy, NY. Children: John W. b. 1909 d. 1998, Marjorie b. 1914 d. 1993 and Robert E. b. 1924 d. 1998. Lynne Beiermeister 1298 [email address updated in November 2009]

BENNETT, Asabel Joseph. According to census data, Asabel Joseph BENNETT b. 1814 in NY. I have heard about an Asabel BENNETT, a Benjamin BENNETT and a J.L. BENNETT living in Hoosick in 1840. My Asabel was living in Wisconsin in December, 1840, but because of the unusual first name a relationship seems quite possible. Would like any information on whether he was born in Hoosick, parentage, whether these men were related. Margaret Stapleton 1298

BENSON, SNYDER. Seeking information about Evelyn L. BENSON b. Mar 1861 m. abt 1878 to Charles E. SNYDER. Shown with family in North Greenbush, Rensselaer Co., NY in 1900 census. Jack Leroy Bryson 0297 [email address given in February 1997 is no longer valid in March 2003]

BENTLEY, BABCOCK, GREEN, TEFFT/TIFFT. Searching for descendants of Noah Bentley, m. 3 or 4 times 1) Polly BABCOCK 2) Lucy GREENE 3) Sally Tefft/Tifft. Noah b. abt 1763, prob. son of William and Mary (Niles) Cottrell Bentley of Richmond, RI. Noah moved to the Sand Lake/Stephentown area of the county by 1790. He died in 1830. Bentleys are still in the area today. Seek information on the farm he supposedly owned of 800 acres in size and just any anecdotal information on this man and his family. I am descended from one of his youngest sons, William Niles Bentley (b. 1824, d. 1900, moved to Tolland, Mass., where his sister Abigail (Bentley) Larkin, much older, also lived). I have a photo showing six or seven of the siblings at a reunion late in 1800s. Interested in ANYONE who knows the "lore" of this family, supposedly buried on a tract in Alps section of Nassau. Julia Lobdell's Bentley Gleanings "oral history" ca. 1900 is about this part of the family. Catharine Helck 0597

BICKNELL. Seeking land deeds of John BICKNELL and Hiram Atwood BICKNELL. John was in the Stephentown census from 1800 to 1830. In 1830 his son Hiram (about 23 years old) is listed but John is gone. Hiram lived there until 1850. I am looking for some land deeds with either John or Hiram on them and I understand that the Troy Co. records keep the deeds, but you have to go to NY to look them up. I live near the genealogy library in Salt Lake and would be willing to trade lookups. I have a feeling that John Bicknell moved to Stephentown from Conn. in about 1793 and if I had a land purchase around that time or any other information it would be great. I did visit Stephentown and did look at every graveyard I could find but alas, either they didn't die there or the graves are lost. Bobbie Coray 0697

BIZAR, Joseph. Seeking info on Joseph Bizar b. 4-22-1902 in Troy, NY. Seeking date of birth and immigration details on his parents Sam (Gabriel) BIZAR and Sarah BERSEK. David Bizar 0898 [email address updated in June 2003]

BLACO. Looking for any BLACOs in Rensselaer Co. 1800-1900. 0798

BLACKINTON/BLACKINGTON. Seeking information about Jabez BLACKINGTON b. l815 and his brother Charles BLACKINTON b. l8l7 in Troy. Believe their father was William BLACKINGTON b. l776 in MA or RI. Sandy 0997 [email address given in September 1997 is no longer valid in March 2003]

BLAKE, TRAVERS. Seeking information on James BLAKE b. May 1781, m. 1 Nov 1807 to Susanah TRAVERS at Troy. Children: Margaret Maria b 13 Feb 1809 and James D. b. 24 Nov 1814. Seek further information and contact with descendants. Joy Thomas 0698 [email address given in June 1998 is no longer valid in March 2003]

BOARDMAN, BEACH. Seeking information about Henry Augustus BOARDMAN b. 9 Jan 1808 in Troy, NY d. 15 Jun 1880 in Philadelphia, PA, buried in Laurel Hill Cemetery m. 1831 in Philadelphia, PA to Eliza BEACH. I am seeking information on his parents and siblings. Barbara Boardman 1197 [email address is still current in March 2003]

BOLSTER, Lot. Seeking information and any records on Lot BOLSTER b. 1751-52 in Gloucester, Providence Co., RI, Lot BOLSTER, Jr., John BOLSTER, Abner BOLSTER and Amos BOLSTER. Lot, John and Amos were listed as farmers in Nunda Twp. in Livingston Co. in the 1820 U.S. Census. In the 1810 U.S. Census, Lot, Lot, Jr., and Abner were listed in German Twp., Chenango Co. In the 1800 U.S. Census, Lot BOLSTER was listed in Rensselaer Co., Petersburgh Twp. In the 1790 U.S. Census, Lot (Lott) and John were listed as being in Albany Co., Stephentown Twp. Prior to that Lot was listed in a 1774 RI census as living in Coventry, Kent Co., RI. Sally Holcombe 0497 [email address given in April 1997 is no longer valid in March 2003]

BOOTH, PARKER. Seeking information about the family of Alfred BOOTH b. 1821 d. 1895 m. Ann PARKER b. 1825 d. 1895, who lived in Albany. Need names of children and their vital facts. Also need information regarding Ann's mother, who went by the name of "Granny" GIBSON, and the family of Andrew C. ROE b. 1804 in Germany d. 1880 m. Madeline L. [surname unknown] b. 1806 d. 1899. The William WHITE family also lived in the Albany area. I need all the details I can get on them. William m. Martha CAPRON. All these people lived in the town of Albany or very close by. Many of them are buried in Albany Rural Cemetery. Donna S. Boyd 0697 [email address updated in Jan 2004]

BOVIE, BARROIS. Seeking information about Matthias BOVIE and Catherine BARROIS. Matthias' father may have been Jerome BOVIE. According to Munsell's, original spelling of name was BEAUFILS. This family was first in Bergen Co., then moved to Albany and Schenectady are. Also many in Hoosick, NY. I have found much in Dutch Reformed Church records and Holland Society Yearbooks. Jerry Wise 0197

BOWERS, KENNEDY. Seeking information about Albert A. BOWERS and Theresa KENNEDY who were married in Hoosick Falls ca 1885-1888. Albert was a son of William BOWERS and Laura E. ALLEN who were in Troy, NY in 1861. Terry Bowers 0697

BRADLEY. Seeking information about a BRADLEY family who lived in Lansingburgh, Rensselaer Co., NY in mid-1800s to early 1900s. Felix BRADLEY d. 1927 m. Ellen FITZPATRICK d. 1897. Mary, a nun, d. 1920 at St. Joseph's convent; Kate d. 1930 in Troy; Rose d. 1939 in Troy. I don't know if there are any descendants or not. William E. Fitzpatrick 0697 [email address given in June 1997 is no longer valid in March 2003]

BRADT, DUMOND. Chester BRADT m. Dorothy DUMOND c.1808. Chester is supposed to have been born near Troy c. 1888. Looking for marriage record, families of origin. Joyce Brown 0798 [email address updated in March 2003]

BRADY, WINSLOW. I am looking for the parents of Mary BRADY who supposedly was of Lansingburg, NY and married my ancestor, Asa WINSLOW. They lived in Hudson, Columbia Co., NY in the early 1810's. I found the source in the Winslow Memorial book. Helen Peterson 1198

BREES/BREESE/BRIES, Gerrit. Seeking information about the family of Gerrit BREES of Hoosick, NY. Gerrit's daughter Sally m. 24 Jan 1808 to John A VEEDER of Fonda, NY. Joan 0897 [email address given in August 1997 is no longer valid in March 2003]

BREESE, Henrietta. Seeking contact with family members or researchers of Henrietta BREESE b. 1849. She was a daughter of William Henry BRESE b. Nov. 7, 1810 and Deborah BUMP b. 12 Oct 1818. Marilyn Brien, 128 Linda Drive, San Antonio, TX 78216 0197 [email address updated March 2003]

BREESE/BRIES. I'd like to connect with any BREESE or BRIES researchers who are descendants of Hendrick BRIES. Marilyn Brien, 128 Linda Drive, San Antonio, TX 78216 0197 [email address updated in March 2003]

BROOKER. Seeking information about BROOKER family of Schaghticoke, circa 1790-1830. They later moved to Buffalo, NY, but are placed in Schaghticoke during above time period. Know of Cybil BROOKER and son Sylvester; other family members are Nancy (married GRAY); Sybil (married Conaway); William; Elisha; Phipps Waldo; Betsy; Elizabeth (married Stearns). Data from mother Sybil's will ca 1834. Need to prove family into CT, and later to Buffalo, but need proof of existence other than will statement that they were all from Schaghticoke. Larry Naukam 0997

BROWN, MYERS. Seeking information about Herman BROWN and wife Mary MYERS. Herman was a carpenter. They had two sons that are known to us, Silas H. BROWN and Hiram B. BROWN. Herman BROWN died in May of 1856, and Mary died in March 1888. Both are buried in Oakwood Cemetery in Troy, NY. I believe that they were both born in New England. Any information such as obit notices or anything would be greatly appreciated. Linda Foster 0798 [email address given in July 1998 is no longer valid in March 2003]

BROWN, SHOEMAKER. Seeking information on the parents of Anna Maria BROWN b. 11/4/1805 d. 12/13/1865 m. 3/2/1837 in the Nassau Reformed Protestant Dutch Church to John J. SHOEMAKER. Also any information on where to access this church's marriage records would be greatly appreciated. Christopher Allen 0498

BROWNELL, BORDEN. Seeking information about family of Ezra BROWNELL b. 1746 in Little Compton, RI d. 1818 in Rensselaer Co., NY and wife Hope BORDEN b. 1768 in Portsmouth, RI. Where are they buried? Alana Bauman 0997

BROWNELL, SHEAK. BROWNELL, David (b. 3/1789) m. SHEAK, Betsey (b. 9/1801)--both born in NY state and lived in Rens. Co. approx 1820's and 1830's in Pittstown or nearby; Seek marriage date, their parents and siblings information. David and Betsey's children: William, David N., Hosea, Harriet, Louisa, Eunica, Ruth, & Mary; all born in NY state. Doreen Brownell, 112 Mesa Road, Apartment C, Springfield, IL 62702 [email address given in February 1998 is no longer valid in March 2003; whether the submitter's snail-mail address is still valid is unknown]

BRYAN, SMITH. Seeking information about Reuben BRYAN (son of Lewis BRYAN) m. to Dorcas SMITH. Children: Ambrose, Calvin H., Susanna, Luther, Roby, Roswell, Harriet, Almira, Luther S., and Juliette. He moved to Madison Co. and then to Livingston Co., where he died in 1846. Gordy Challeen 0497

BUMP/BUMPUS/BUMPAS,Ichabod. Seeking information about Ichabod BUMP b. 15 Jun 1780 in Rensselaer Co. He was a son of Ichabod BUMP (BUMPUS or BUMPAS). I'd like to connect with any BUMP researchers. Marilyn Brien, 128 Linda Drive, San Antonio, TX 78216 0197 [email address updated in March 2003]

BUMP, ROGGA. Seeking information about Hannah BUMP b. 1817 d. 1874 m. Henry ROGGA b. 1808 d. 1889. They are buried in the Maple Grove Cemetery in Hoosick Falls, NY. I know they had one daughter, Eleanor (Nellie ) Marie ROGGA, b. April 13, 1838 in Hoosick Falls, NY d. Dec. 7, 1931 in Hoosick Falls m. James Benjamin JOY of Hoosick Falls. Denise Joy Mullen 0697

BURCH, CHASE. Seeking information about Asa BURCH and Hannah CHASE, both born abt. 1750. It's believed tht they lived in Dutchess Co. prior to moving to Stephentown, Rensselaer Co. Asa may have been a son of John BURCH who lived in Dutchess Co. Seeking information to confirm this. Howard Hickman 1296 [email address updated July 2007]

BURDICK, COON. Seeking information about parents of Clark(e) BURDICK b. 1 Dec 1798 in Rensselear Co., NY m. abt 1821 to Permelia COON b. 31 Dec 1800 in Rensselear Co., NY. 0597

BURDICK, DAVENPORT. Seeking information about g-g-g-grandparents Martha/Patty BURDICK (daughter of John BURDICK b. 1772 m. abt 1800 to Sarah ODELL b. 1774 in Grafton, NY) b.1806 in Grafton, NY m. 1821 to Benona DAVENPORT b.1800 in CT. Children: Nelson, Benona Jr., George, Seymour, Louis, Phillip, Lavicia, Phoebe, David, Cyrus, Roxana and Barret. Pat Moore 1197

BURDICK, PHILLIPS. Elisha T. BURDICK (1812-1868) of Grafton, Rensselaer Co., NY married Charlotte PHILLIPS (1815-1886); they were married in Grafton in 1834. Charlotte was a daughter of Benjamin PHILLIPS (c1781-1828) and Phebe SMITH (born 1 Nov 1786 in Grafton). After Elisha died in Grafton, Charlotte moved with her son Aaron Melvin BURDICK (1836-1881) to New Auburn, Sibley Co., MN. I have a great document written and signed by Charlotte, which I found in Aaron's Civil War file at the National Archives in Washington, D.C. and am happy to share it with any others researching this family. Phyllis Movius, Fairbanks, Alaska 0503

BURGESS, MATTESON. Seeking information about Benajah BURGESS d. 1830 and wife Zilpha MATTESON. Both are buried at Wallomsac, Rensselaer Co., NY. Children: 1) Benjamin m. Rebecca CHASE b. abt 1820. They lived in Hoosick, NY and Bennington, VT. I'm looking for proof that Rebecca's father was Mordicai CHASE from White Creek, [Washington Co] NY. Rebecca died and Benjamin remarried to Amanda FOSTER. Benjamin and Amanda migrated to WI in 1838; 2) Archibald. He is buried at Bennington. I would like to exchange information with any interested researcher. A biography was written about Archibald in 1903 that might shed some light on the BURGESS family. The book was "Genealogical and Family History of the State of Vermont." The author was Hiram Carleton and the publisher was The Lewis Publishing Co. I need a copy of pages 219 and 220, which covered the biography of Archibald BURGESS. Bob Heck, 4910 Steeple Drive, Greendale, WI 53129 1297 [email address and snail-mail address both still valid in March 2003]

BURKE, DELAPP. Seeking information about family of Michael BURKE, former mayor of Green Island. Michael BURKE m. Bridget (Birdie) DELAPP of South Troy. They lived on Hudson Avenue in Green Island. Children: Stephen, Frank, Walter, Graham and Rose. Mary Hoar of Yonkers, NY 0297 [email address updated March 2003]

BURKE, TOBIN/TOBAN. Seeking death and burial info for David BURKE and Mary TOBIN. David BURKE b. abt 1825 in County Tipperary, Ireland; immigrated to Troy abt 1840 m. abt 1850 in Troy, NY to Mary TOBIN b. 1820 in Ireland. Children: John J. b. 1854 in Troy; William Edward b. 1858 d.1926 in Troy. David was a carpenter / coffin maker, operated a funeral home at 229 Fourth Street, Troy in 1871. John took over the funeral home after David's death. William had a saloon at Fourth and Adams Streets and was Eighth Ward Alderman in 1891. K. R. Schafer 0898 [email address given in August 1998 is no longer valid in March 2003]

BURNS, HOGAN. Looking for info on family of Michael BURNS b. 1812 in Ireland and wife Jane HOGAN b. 1823 in Ireland. A daughter Catherine BURNS was born in Troy, NY in Sept 1847. In 1850 census were in Beekmonton, Clinton Co, NY and in 1860 census in Cleveland, Cuyahoga Co, Ohio. Family is closely associated with CULLITON, FURLONG and CONWAY families. Parnell Culliton 1198

BURVEILL. Seeking information about Ruben and Margaret and their daughters Catherine b. 1843, Mary and son Stephen. They lived in the village of Nassau. I have never seen this surname before. Has anyone heard of this family, or am I misreading the handwriting? I would like to find out anything available on these individuals. Michael Janzen 0997

BUSH, Abram. Seeking information on the family of Abram BUSH. The 1800 census lists an Abram BUSH living in Rensselaer Co., NY. His wife's name was Mary. They had a son, John BUSH b. abt 1811 in NY. They moved to IN by the mid-1830s. Also looking for George and Daniel BUSH who moved to IN at the same time. Relationship to Abram unknown. Garry Bush 1298 [email address given in December 1998 is no longer valid in March 2003]

BUTLER, John Monroe. Seeking parents and/or sibilings of John Monroe BUTLER b 1860 in Troy, NY. , These BUTLERS are reportedly immigrants from Kilkenny Ireland. Sometime approx. 1870 imigrated to IL. Rochelle 0199 [email address given in January 1999 is no longer valid in March 2003]

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