Rensselaer County

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This page is intended to be a "catch-all" for information that doesn't really fit in any specific category, such as newspaper articles, anecdotes, family stories or any tidbits of information, visual or written, that may help a researcher place his or her family in Rensselaer County at a given time. If you'd like to contribute, send an email with your photo etc., or a URL where the information can be seen, to me, Debby Masterson.

Ice harvesting along the Hudson River - with great photographs
showing how it was done (at Cliff Lamere's website)
Life in the Alleyways of Troy, N. Y. during the 19th Century,
by Jeanne M. Keefe, 1987 (at Cliff Lamere's website);
also has a complete surname index
One Block on Burden Avenue by Bill McGrath
Reminiscences of Dave's Grill in Troy by Bill McGrath
The Collar City
Collar Maid Cuffed Bosses
1869 East Greenbush "Rent War"
I'll Take Troy for $500, Alex!
Marriage Notice: Van Deusen-Brown
Murder in Stephentown, 1863
Murder in Stephentown, 1870
Murder in Troy, 1891
Riot in Troy, 1883
Rensselaer County Bridges
Troy 1901 Common Council
Troy Savings Bank Music Hall
Troy's Prominent Citizens, 1798-1876
Origins of "Yankee Doodle Dandy"

ABBOTT letter -
from Margaret Abbott of Troy to her cousin Julia Moran in Ireland
DERICK family letters
PIERCE letter -
from a Troy man in the California Gold Rush of 1849 to his wife

Emma Willard School, list of students from the 1931 yearbook

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Websites about Rensselaer County
The 56 Waterfalls of Rensselaer County, NY
The Belted Kingfisher - this beautiful bird lives on Papscanee Island
in the Hudson River off the town of East Greenbush
Historical and archaeological assessment of Papscanee, Schodack and other islands of the Hudson River
- by Paul R. Huey

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