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If you have photographs you'd like to contribute to this website, they'd be very welcome! You may scan them and send them in the body of an email message to me, Debby Masterson. Please bear in mind that this section, by definition, contains images and that image files tend to be very large - MUCH larger than text files. Therefore, image files often take quite a bit of time to download. Thank you for your patience. Also, please be reminded that the copyright for these photographs remains with the contributor. If you wish to make commercial use of them, please obtain written permission in advance from the contributor. Anytime you "share" these photographs, please accredit them by name to the contributor. NOTE: The photos of the Rensselaer Co. Soldiers of the Civil War are public domain; however, the New York State Military Museum requests that you credit them if you "share" any of those photos.

Rensselaer County People

ALLEN and GOEWEY families Joan Redmond and John Champoux
Lucina BAKER CROSS WOOD, 1864 Jane Hartman
BARBER and STRAIT family Gillian Wilson
Samuel L. BENSON, Troy High School, Class of 1893 Joseph M. Laiacona
Triphena BLACKMER (1792-1874) of Hoosick Gillian Wilson
Pierce Marsten BRAHAN Family of Hoosick Falls, ca 1898 Ellen Marchese
Bessie N. BRENENSTUHL Shelley Cardiel
BURT Children Shelley Cardiel
Civil War veterans from Berlin, NY Carrie Rutherford
Civil War soldier sewing his uniform, Troy Joan Howe
CORBIN family of Berlin Vic Corbin
Aaron COVEY's son Shelley Cardiel
DWYER and MCSHANE children of Hoosick Falls Paul Leach
Benjamin Willis and Mildred (JACKSON) FRAZIER of Troy Joseph Davis
Clarence FREEMYER (b 1918) of Walloomsac, Hoosick Gillian Wilson
Susan GRENOLDS JONES REYNOLDS (1828-1916) Katherine J. Wilkinson
Roger GUILE, Hoosick Barbara Fowler
KINNEY Family of Wynantskill Debby Masterson
Effie Loucene LINK, Troy, 1882 Frederick
Jessie MACDONALD, Troy, 1893 Shelley Cardiel
MCCOCHRANE family of Troy, ca 1940 Lois McCochrane
Elizabeth Warren MCCONIHE Debby Masterson
Elihu OSBORNE and Wife Sadie PINE, Hoosick, ca 1890s Jane Hartman
Huldah Guile PINE, Hoosick Barbara Fowler
Officer Harry POWERS, 1938, Troy Pam Trudeau
REYNOLDS family reunion, Berlin, ca 1898 Carrie Rutherford
Florence REYNOLDS Katherine J. Wilkinson
Troy Firefighter Carolyn Decoster
Wilhelmina Bathsheba (aka Minnie B., Mary and Billy) VAN BUREN ROGERS STEWART
and James Gordon (aka Dinny) STEWART wedding
Robyn (Stewart) Crisanti
George Washington WHITE (1786-1867) of Hoosick Gillian Wilson
WINN family Tracy Winn

Rensselaer County
Soldiers of the Civil War

Subitted by Debby Masterson

The New York Adjutant General did not include a place of residence for these soldiers in his reports, so some of the soldiers listed below may not have necessarily come from towns within Rensselaer County. I've included them anyway because the regiments in which they enlisted DID recruit from Rensselaer County. Warm thanks to Steve Wiesbicki for his help locating these photos.

Pvt. Stephen ABERTON 169th NY Infantry
Brig.-Gen. Alonzo ALDEN 169th NY Infantry
Capt. Sylvester D. ALVORD 93rd NY Infantry
Pvt. Alonzo AUSTIN 104th NY Infantry
Pvt. Asbury BACCHUS 169th NY Infantry
Capt. Francis S. BAILEY 93rd NY Infantry
2nd Lieut. William BALL 93rd NY Infantry
1st Lieut. Charles T. BARNES 93rd NY Infantry
Capt. Dennis E. BARNES 93rd NY Infantry
2nd Lieut. Edward Nelson BARNES 125th NY Infantry
Corp. David H. BONESTEEL 125th NY Infantry
Pvt. Charles BOSHER 125th NY Infantry
Pvt. George Leonard BOWERS 169th NY Infantry
Corp. Edward T. BOWMAN 169th NY Infantry
Pvt. Chauncy G. BROCKWAY 169th NY Infantry
Col. Clarence BUELL 169th NY Infantry
Maj. James C. BUSH 125th NY Infantry
Capt. George BUSHNELL 93rd NY Infantry
Sergt. John H. BUSS 30th NY Infantry
Lt. Col. Benjamin C. BUTLER 93rd NY Infantry
Pvt. Charles S. CAMERON 104th NY Infantry
Brig.-Gen. Ambrose CASSIDY 125th NY Infantry
Capt. Lee CHURCHILL 125th NY Infantry
1st Lieut. Elam S. P. CLAPP 125th NY Infantry
Pvt. Charles A. CLARK 169th NY Infantry
Capt. James A. COLVIN 169th NY Infantry
Pvt. Darius COONRADT 125th NY Infantry
1st. Lieut. Elwood Spencer CORSER 93rd NY Infantry
Col. Levin CRANDELL 125th NY Infantry
Pvt. Charles N. CRAWFORD 104th NY Infantry
Brig.-Gen. John S. CROCKER 93rd NY Infantry
Pvt. Harvey CUDNEY 104th NY Infantry
Capt. Joseph EGOLF 125th NY Infantry
1st Lieut. Norman F. ELDRIDGE 93rd NY Infantry
Pvt. William E. ENSON 125th NY Infantry
Ward F. FERDINAND, Chaplain 104th NY Infantry
Capt. Daniel J. FERGUSON 169th NY Infantry
Capt. Edson FITCH 93rd NY Infantry
Corp. Francis Wegland FLETCHER 30th NY Infantry
Capt. Thomas P. FULLER 93rd NY Infantry
Pvt. Charles GANTHER 169th NY Infantry
Sergt. Alfred C. GIBBS 93rd NY Infantry
Pvt. Phillip C. GIBBS 125th NY Infantry
Lieut.-Col. Harryland GIFFORD 93rd NY Infantry
Capt. John W. GODDEN 93rd NY Infantry
Pvt. Norman GOYER 125th NY Infantry
2nd Lieut. Robert Liston GRAY 93rd NY Infantry
Pvt. Horatio Vans GREEN 125th NY Infantry
Col. John A. GRISWOLD 125th NY Infantry
1st Lieut. William S. HARTSHORN 169th NY Infantry
Corp. John C. HAYES 104th NY Infantry
Capt. Elijah HOBART 93rd NY Infantry
1st Lieut. Richard J. HORTON 169th NY Infantry
Capt. Solas S. HUBBELL 93rd NY Infantry
Col. Nathan J. Johnson 93rd NY Infantry
Capt. William H. KINCAID 93rd NY Infantry
Pvt. Ransom S. KINGSLEY 30th NY Infantry
1st Lieut. Sidney N. KINNEY 169th NY Infantry
Adjutant Zebulon Mosher KNIGHT 30th NY Infantry
John KNOWLSON, Surgeon 169th NY Infantry
Pvt. Carlos G. LOWELL 104th NY Infantry
Pvt. James M. LOWERY 30th NY Infantry
Capt. John MAGUIRE 175th NY Infantry
Col. John MCCONIHE 169th NY Infantry
Maj. Samuel MCCONIHE 93rd NY Infantry
Sgt. George A. MCCORMICK 177th NY Infantry
Pvt. John H. MECONKEY 125th NY Infantry
Capt. Charles D. MERRILL 169th NY Infantry
Corp. George MINGAY 30th NY Infantry
2nd Lieut. Wilber D. MOSIER 93rd NY Infantry
2nd Lieut. William F. MULLIN 125th NY Infantry
Capt. Walter K. NEWCOMB 125th NY Infantry
Corp. Henry C. NOBLE 30th NY Infantry
Lieut.-Col. Jay H. NORTHRUP 93rd NY Infantry
Pvt. Peter O'SHAY 93rd NY Infantry
2nd Lieut. George Harrison OVEROCKER 30th NY Infantry
1st. Lieut. Francis PALMER 104th NY Infantry
John Thurman PARKER, Asst. Surgeon 169th NY Infantry
Pvt. Henry PARKINS 104th NY Infantry
Capt. Nelson PENFIELD 125th NY Infantry
Corp. Edward T. PENNEY 169th NY Infantry
Maj. Albert I. PERRY 30th NY Infantry
2nd Lieut. Charles B. PIERSONS 22nd NY Infantry
1st. Lieut. Robert S. ROBERTSON 93rd NY Infantry
Pvt. Odden H. RUNYAN 30th NY Infantry
Chaplain Daniel RUSSELL 104th NY Infantry
Pvt. Henry H. SALISBURY 30th NY Infantry
John SCOTT, Drum Major 22nd NY Infantry
Pvt. Peter SCHUMACHER 169th NY Infantry
Pvt. Ludwig SCHWARZMAN (aka Lorenzo Stritzman) 169th NY Infantry
Maj.-Gen. John SEDGEWICK 2nd NY Cavalry
1st Lieut. McKendree SHAW 22nd NY Infantry
1st Lieut. William Henry SHOOK 2nd NY Infantry
Capt. Zophar SIMPSON 104th NY Infantry
Pvt. Cornelius M. SITSER 169th NY Infantry
Sergt. Henry A. SLACK 169th NY Infantry
Capt. Edwin R. SMITH 169th NY Infantry
Sergt. George SMITH 93rd NY Infantry
Capt. Henry P. SMITH 93rd NY Infantry
1st Lieut. James L. SMITH 125th NY Infantry
Pvt. Joseph SMITH 169th NY Infantry
Strowbridge SMITH, Surgeon 93rd NY Infantry
Pvt. Philo SNYDER 169th NY Infantry
Pvt. Richard SPICER 30th NY Infantry
Capt. Alexander S. SPRINGSTEEN 125th NY Infantry
2nd Lieut. Walter S. STEPHENS 104th NY Infantry
Col. John R. STRANG 104th NY Infantry
Cooley H. THOMAS, Wagoner 104th NY Infantry
Sergt. Harry N. THORNBURN 125th NY Infantry
Capt. James L. TILLEY 125th Infantry
Capt. (UNIDENTIFIED) 93rd NY Infantry
Capt. Augustus D. VAUGHN 169th NY Infantry
1st. Lieut. Campbell W. WALLACE 93rd NY Infantry
Corp. Robert C. WALLACE 93rd NY Infantry
Theodore C. WALLACE, Surgeon 93rd NY Infantry
Levi WALLING (rank not noted) 93rd NY Infantry
Pvt. William WOODRUFF 104th NY Infantry
1st. Lieut. Campbell Harris YOUNG 104th NY Infantry
Co. G, at Bealton, VA, August 1863 (1) 93rd NY Infantry
Co. G, at Bealton, VA, August 1863 (2) 93rd NY Infantry
Commissioned and non-commissioned staff at Bealton, VA, August 1863 93rd NY Infantry

Rensselaer County Places and Events

Home of Sarah A. BARNARD, Johnsonville, Pittstown, NY Mary Richardson
Berlin, Work Crew on Plank Road (with names), ca 1915-1920 Tracy Winn
Berlin Fire Department, 1909 Vic Corbin
Berlin photos, some with names Carrie Rutherford
Berlin photo, showing house interior Carrie Rutherford
Berlin school, ca 1898 Carrie Rutherford
Berlin School, Early 1900s Carrie Rutherford
Broadway opposite Union Station, Troy, ca 1890s Joan Howe
Catholic Central High School Class of 1934 Pam Trudeau
Chauffeurs Protective Association, Troy, ca 1918 Katherine J. Wilkinson
City Hall fire, Troy, NY, October 1938 Joan Howe
City of Rensselaer's Amtrak Station, opened in 2002Geno Dailey
Congress Street at West Sixth Avenue, Troy, 1890s Joan Howe
DUSENBURY house, early 1900s Dawn Burges
Evangelistic services at Troy church, 1890s Joan Howe
Fairview Home for Friendless Children of Watervliet, NY Raymond L. LeMay III
Fort Craillo, Rensselaer Joan Howe
Fraternity House, Second Street, Troy - present day Pam Trudeau
Gilbert Car Manufacturing Company, Troy - 19th-century carriage makers Joan Howe
Grafton, Berlin and Petersburgh photos in book for sale Anne Kiely
Grafton Observatory Paul Hartmann
Sketch, House of the Good Shepherd, Peoples Avenue, Troy, NY Joan Howe
Lansingburgh High School Joan Howe
Methodist Episcopal Church, West Sand Lake Joan Howe
Odd Fellows members, ca 1920 Katherine J. Wilkinson
Parade in Troy, ca 1900 Joan Howe
Petersburgh Boys' Day Out Katherine J. Wilkinson
Petersburgh in the Snow, February 1936 Katherine J. Wilkinson
Rensselaer High School, Class of 1921 Kathleen Scheffler
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, in the 1890s Joan Howe
REYNOLDS-BREESE house in Hoosick Evan Wilson
Saint Joseph's Convent in Troy, 1880 Joan Howe
Saint Joseph's School, Troy - 1950s class photos with names Lisa M. Murray
Saint Patrick's School - 1920s Pam Trudeau
Saint Paul's Episcopal Church, Troy - present day Pam Trudeau
Snow White Laundry Staff Picnic Mary Kay Gillie
Troy Savings Bank - present day Pam Trudeau
Troy Union Station, views through the years Joan Howe
View down Second Street from State Street in Troy - present day Pam Trudeau
View of Troy, 1825 Joan Howe
WAGAR / WAGER gravestone photographs from various Rensselaer Co NY cemeteries Diane McCormick
Ward-Haven Hall, Troy, NY, 1925 Joan Howe
ZAMPIER's Troy Pie Shop trucks, 1923 Gregory Zampier

Photographs from Adjacent Counties

Albany County, NY: Colonie class photo, 1910, with namesAnn
Albany County, NY: Green Island class photo, 1890s, with names Donna K. Vaughn
Albany County, NY: Two West Troy school photos Barbara Fowler

Rensselaer County Cemetery Photographs

Hoosick: Image of Island Hill Cemetery Christian Yunck
Hoosick: Images of Ostrander Cemetery Kurt Trolenberg
Petersburgh: Image of Stillman Village Cemetery Christine Pearce
Pittstown: Images of Old Cooksborough Cemetery Shirley Woodruff
Pittstown: Image of Old Cooksborough Cemetery David C. Marino
Poestenkill: Images of Brookside Cemetery Beth
Rensselaer, City of: Image of Beverwyck Cemetery in the former Bath-on-Hudson Christian Yunck
Sand Lake: Image of Oak Hill Cemetery Christian Yunck

Rensselaer County Postcards

Averill Park in the early 1900s Joan Howe
Brewery wagon, early motor-powered Joan Howe
City Hall and Baptist Church, Troy Joan Howe
Emma Willard School, Troy at Alan's Vintage Views of New York website
Fifth Avenue, Troy Joan Howe
Fire-brigade wagons Joan Howe
Frear's Troy Bazaar Joan Howe
Holy Cross Church, Troy Joan Howe
Island Golf Course Clubhouse, Troy Joan Howe
King Street, The Bowery, Troy Joan Howe
Lakeview Sanitarium, Troy Joan Howe
Masonic Temple, Troy Joan Howe
Monument Square in Troy Joan Howe
Plum Memorial, Upper Troy Joan Howe
Poestenkill Falls Joan Howe
Proctors New Theatre, Troy Joan Howe
Prospect Park in Troy at Alan's Vintage Views of New York website
Quandt beer wagons Joan Howe
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Club House, Troy, 1913 Joan Howe
Sisters of St Joseph Convent, Troy, 1914 Joan Howe
State Street M. E. Church, Troy Joan Howe
Taconic Inn, Berlin Carrie Rutherford
Trolleys on Third Street, Troy Joan Howe
Schools in Troy, NY Joan Howe
Troy City Artillery, 1840 Joan Howe
Troy Orphan Asylum, two views Joan Howe
Union Station, Troy, exterior and interior Joan Howe
Vale Mansion, Prospect Park, Troy, 1909 Joan Howe
Waterford Bridge and Car Barns, Upper Troy Joan Howe
Whitewash Brigade, Wyckoff Farm, Center Berlin Carrie Rutherford
Woodside Presbyterian Church in South Troy at Alan's Vintage Views of New York website

Rensselaer County Photos Needing a Family

The photos presented in this section are photos that some kind person has rescued from an antique dealer, thrift shop, flea market, etc. If you recognize the subject as being someone in your family and wish to acquire the photo, please contact the contributor at the email address provided.

Gracie Josephine CliffordShelley Cardiel

Rensselaer County Mystery Photos

The photos presented in this section are photos with no identification. If you recognize the subject(s) as being someone in your family and wish to inquire about obtaining the photo, please contact the submitter at the email address provided.

Mystery PhotosSubmitter
BURDICK mystery photos Katherine J. Wilkinson
Three mystery photos Paul Leach
Is this Miss Alice MAHER of Hoosick Falls? Bill Mahar
Three mystery photos Katherine J. Wilkinson
Troy mystery photo Noreen Phelps
Who are these Troy women? Virginia Marcellus

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