Troy Mystery Photo

A photocopy of this photograph was kindly contributed by Noreen Phelps.

NOTE from the contributor: This picture was among my grandmother's photos which my aunt found after my grandmother had died. My grandmother was Rosalie HURLEY from Troy. Her father was Jeremiah Leonard HURLEY. We know that he played ball in Troy sometime around the turn of the century, and we believe that this is a photo of the team he played with. He was also a music instructor for the Hillside School band and for Vanderheyden Hall. He also was in Doring's Band. We are assuming that he is one of the men in this photo. but we're not sure. We have no photos of Jeremiah to assist in identifying him in this one. Jeremiah married Julia MAHONEY. They had Rosalie HURLEY, Virginia HURLEY and Agatha HURLEY. Jeremiah is buried with the Mahoney family in St. Mary's Cemetery in Troy. We are trying to locate anyone who may have any pictures of Jeremiah. I am hoping that someone will recognize this photo and perhaps have an old yearbook picture of him and identify the people in the picture we have.

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