Saint Joseph's School
in Troy circa 1955

The photocopies of these photographs were kindly contributed by Lisa M. Murray of Troy. Lisa writes, "My Mom came across some old photos that were my Dad's from when he was in 8th grade at St. Joseph's School in South Troy. I thought some of the visitors to the website might like to see them." We certainly would like to, Lisa - thank you very much!

Left to right: Gail Berghammer, Patricia Eldridge, Dennis Marr, and Robert Campbell.

Lisa writes, "The photo above is of four of the 8th-grade students posing near what appear to be models of a Catholic church altar. The photo isn't labeled with the names of the students, but from another labeled photo, I've been able to identify them. My father, Joseph Corbett (known as "Butch"), graduated from Catholic High in 1960, so I would estimate that this picture was taken around 1955/56."

Row 1, left to right: Paul Tegler, Howard Manning, Martin Kennedy, John Cody, Joseph Plumadore, Walter Soraux [?], Richard McCann.
Row 2, left to right: John Bowman, Dennis Marr, Robert Campbell, Edward Lillis, John Huber, Alan Shaw, Fred Facteau, Tom Mooney.
Row 3, left to right: Patricia Eldridge, Gail Berghammer, Frances Harrigan, Patricia Sanderson, Lydia Bilinski, Betty Ann Dalton, Carole Rado, Mary Agnes McNamara.
Row 4, left to right: John Dwyer, Joseph Corbett (Lisa's father), Betty May, Patricia Durand, Mary Bassett, Nancy Cornwell, Georgianna Mosher, Noreen Bouchey.

Lisa writes, "The photo above was taken in the classroom. I'm guessing there must have been two 8th-grade classes, because there are about twice the number of students in the actual 8th-grade graduation photo (see below). This is a photo of the class my father, Joseph Corbett, was in. The photo is labeled on the back by row - four rows, going from the front of the class to the back, left to right."

8th-grade class at Saint Joseph's School in South Troy, in about 1955

Lisa writes, "This third photo isn't labeled with names. The only thing written on the back is "Butch under arrow", indicating where my father, Butch Corbett, is in the photo. He's about a third of the way from the left, with a pointed hat and glasses on. I don't know what the significance is of what they were all wearing, or who the two uniformed people are in the center of the photo. Looks like Memorial Day or something."

8th-grade graduation picture, taken in Saint Joseph's Church.

Front row, left to right: Lydia Bilinski, Mary Agnes McNamara, Judy Simpson, Gayle Ann Berghammer, Frances Harrigan, Elizabeth May, Father Murray, Robert Campbell, Wayne Wright, Paul Tegler, John Bowman, Ted Luce, and Joe Strang.
2nd row, left to right: Theresa Rourke, Rose Ann Heagney, Tina Swenor [? - difficult to read], Patricia Sanderson, Mary Jean Guerin, Diane Williams, Walter Saurack [? - difficult to read], William Bybel, Edward DeLorme, James Collins, Richard Dinan, and John K. Dwyer.
3rd row, left to right: Donna Riley, Georgann Mosher, Karen Quisack [? - difficult to read], Shirley Spratt, Jacqueline Leaderor, Patricia Durand, Howard Manning, Rodney Kuntz, Edward Manning, Joseph Corbett (Lisa's father), Frank Fox, and Dennis Marr.
4th row, left to right: Barbara Plumadore, Betteann Dalton, Kay MacDonald, Mary Burr, Mary Jane Bassett, William Shepard, James Mooney, Alan Shaw, James Malanify, John Cody, and Joseph Plumadore.
5th row, left to right: Marilyn McMahon, Barbara Urban, Carol Rado, Ann Marie Walker, Gail Page, Betty Sheffer, James Kehoe, Fred Facteau, George Millhouse, James Phibbs, and John F. Dwyer.

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