Rensselaer County
Mystery Photographs

Photocopies of these photographs were kindly contributed by Katherine J. Wilkinson.

Kathy writes, "This first picture has no identifying information. The family possibilities are Tefft, Jones, Reynolds, Davis, Wylie, Burdick, Hakes, Wait; the places in Rensselaer County are most likely Petersburgh, Grafton, Hoosick or Stephentown. It is less likely but possible that this was taken in Washington County, Cambridge perhaps. Does anyone recognize any of these faces? the house? Thanks."

Kathy writes, " 'A. Jay Tefft, Photographer, Petersburgh, New York' is printed on the reverse of these beautiful pictures. I know a great deal about the photographer but nothing about the people or places in the pictures. If anyone can help, or if anyone would like to know more about the photographer, please let me know."

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