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Is this Alice Maher
of Hoosick Falls?

A photocopy of this photo was submitted by Bill Mahar.

Bill writes, "My great-great grandfather was Thomas MAHER; the surname may have originally been spelled MAGHER. He married Johanna LUDDY in New York. They had three children: Patrick MAHER, Alice MAHER and William MAHER. After Johanna died, Thomas married a widow by the name of Mary WHITE, and the family moved to Nebraska, with the exception of Alice. This photo was in a very old album that we believe belonged to William, though unconfirmed. Since this is a studio photo and the studio name (Millhan) and address (53 Classic Street, Hoosick Falls, NY) appear, we have wondered if this is, indeed, Alice. We have practically no information about her, other than that she was born 11 June 1860, the family was Catholic, and she supposedly passed away in Hoosick Falls in about 1925. I've contacted the Catholic Church in Hoosick Falls but have yet to hear back from them. It would be incredible if someone in the area might recognize the young lady in the photo." (Yes, along the way, William changed the spelling of the last name to MAHAR.)

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