Berlin School Photographs
Early 1900s

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Photocopies of these Berlin school photographs were kindly contributed by Carrie Rutherford of Madrid, Saint Lawrence County, NY. Carrie writes of the first photo, "Someone had already labeled the REYNOLDS children, so there are Clarence REYNOLDS, Addie REYNOLDS, and Carrie REYNOLDS in this photo." Of the second photo, she writes, "This is a Berlin school picture with no one identified. I do believe, however, that the boy in the back row, second to the left of the middle porch post, is young Eleazer REYNOLDS."

Labeled above: Clarence REYNOLDS, Addie REYNOLDS, and Carrie REYNOLDS

UPDATE: Sharon Klein, Town Historian of Berlin (P. O. Box 316, Berlin, NY 12022-0316), has responded to our plea for names to identify these students. Here is her list, left to right:
  • Front: Emma Shuhard, Laverna Bothwell, Anna Kalback, Millicent Cowee, Bertha Moses, Charles Butler, Frank Miller, Frank Taylor, Truman Smith, ____ Pickard
  • Middle: Russell Goodermote, Mattie Maxon, Marion Greene, Kitty Maxon, Ethel Wells, Miss Williams (teacher), Stella Nichols, Ray Wells, Dutchy Frey, John Feathers
  • Back: Madge Tracy, Elsie Finkle, Byron Hull, Howard Feathers, Felix Etman, Bill Satterlee, Harry Moses, an orphan who lived with the Finkles (name unknown), and ___ Barber.

Sharon adds that the photo was taken in front of Stillman's Store, where these students were housed because of overcrowding at the Berlin District 3 School.

UPDATE: Deborah Picard writes: "Upon doing some family history research last night, I came across this website. I showed this webpage [Berlin School] to my father today and he would like to pass along a message regarding the second photo: 'I have viewed the photos of the Berlin, NY school children. The boy on the end of the front row in the second photo is either my father, Otto Eugene Picard, or my uncle, Richard Waldemar Picard. They lived with their parents Richard and Lena for one year in Berlin, NY (approximately 1907). My father told me that was the happiest year of his childhood. Mother Lena died of pneumonia while living in Berlin and is supposedly buried in Petersburg, NY; however, my family could never locate the grave. Shortly thereafter, I believe the widowed father and two sons moved from the area.'"

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