Assorted Photos of
Berlin Residents

These photographs were kindly contributed by Carrie Rutherford of Madrid, Saint Lawrence County, NY.

The contributor writes that the men's names as listed on the back are as follows:
  • Back row, left to right: Elmer Mosley, Elton Hakes, Everett Maxon, Walt Mattison (who married Addie Reynolds, my grandmother's sister), Arthur Harris, and Joe Miner.
  • Middle row: The boy is Leon Mosley.
  • Front row, left to right: Charlie Whittaker, Frank Greene (my grandfather, who married Carrie Reynolds), Will Lackey, George Goodell, and George Lackey.

The contributor writes, "This picture is just labeled 'Eleazer Reynolds back row' and 'Peter Wyckoff standing in front of him'. Peter Wyckoff is standing in the middle with the white hair and beard, and Eleazer is standing directly behind him.... I love the picket fence and the stone wall in the background!" However, Carrie adds, "But actually, I think this photo is not labeled correctly, as if you recall, the photo of Eleazer Reynolds and Peter Wyckoff in the parlor, the man in that photo identified as Peter Wyckoff is the man standing two to the right of Eleazer Reynolds in this group and not the man standing in front of Eleazer."

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