Home of Sarah A. Barnard
Johnsonville, Pittstown, NY

This photograph was kindly contributed by Mary Richardson. Mary writes, "I have a photo that I'd like to post with a query. It's a late 19th century photo of a substantial house. Written on the back in a hand that I don't recognize is `Home of Sarah A. Barnard / Johnsonville / N. Y.'" Mary adds, "Somewhere in my dim memory I recall that there was something to do with the making of shoes.... They seem to be affluent people if one judges from the home. I've searched the censuses as creatively as I can, but I can't find Sarah. My ggg-grandparents named one of their daughters Harriet Barnard RIPLEY, so that's another reason to suspect a connection. My ggg-grandmother was a BIRCH -- Phebe Fairley -- born in Schodack, Rensselaer Co. in 1819. She married Eliakim Cornell RIPLEY of Montgomery County, NY. Her mother was a MITCHELL -- BIRCHes and MITCHELLs and CORNELLs worked their way up the Hudson from Long Island/NYC, eventually finding their way to Rensselaer County." Can any of you shed any light on Mary's BARNARD, BIRCH, RIPLEY, MITCHELL and CORNELLsurnames?

Home of Sarah A. BARNARD in the hamlet of Johnsonville,
in the town of Pittstown, Rensselaer County, NY

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