Allen and Goewey families
of Berlin and Lansingburgh

These photographs were contributed to this website by Joan Redmond. Joan adds that in the photo of the Alexander Allen family, the eldest people in the picture were her great-great-great-grandparents. Joan also sends the captions. If you have photographs you'd like to contribute to this website, they'd be very welcome! You may scan them and send them in the body of an email message to me, Debby Masterson.

Allen and Goewey Families of Berlin, ca 1885

Front row: Annie E. Hunt Allen (1849-1929), wife of Stanton; Stanton P. Allen (1849-1901), son of elder Alexander Allen; Celia Clark Allen (1831-1903), wife of elder Alexander Allen; and Alexander S. Allen (1829-1898).

Back row: second from left: Itta Allen Fellner (1868-1953); fourth from left: Ella Goewey Allen (1862-1933), wife of the younger Alexander Allen; fifth from left: Cora Mae Allen Hollins (1884-1947), held by her father; sixth from left: Alexander ("Alex") S. Allen (1859-1942), son of the elder Alexander Allen.

The other people in the photo are probably the rest of the Allen siblings, in-laws and children. I just don't know which name goes with which face. I am Cora Allen Hollins's great-granddaughter. Her father worked at Cluett and Peabody, in the sewing-machine department. My grandmother says that her father had a bicycle dealership.

UPDATE: John Champoux, who is also related to Cora Allen Hollins, kindly supplied the following silhouette diagram of the family photo with numbers corresponding to the names listed.

1. Cora Allen, daughter of Alexander Allen II
2. Stanton Perry Hull, son of Alson and Lillian Hull
3. Daisy Hull, daughter of John and Sarah Hull
4. Pansy Hull, daughter of John and Sarah Hull
5. Schuyler A. Hull, son of Alson J. and Lillian Hull
6. Eugene F. Hull, son of Alson J. and Lillian Hull
7. Alonso Lester, half-brother of Alson J. Hull
8. Thurman Hull, son of Alson J. and Lillian Hull
9. Alson J. Hull
10. Lillian Allen Hull, wife of Alson J. Hull
11. Fred Green
12. Evaline Allen Green, wife of Fred Green
13. Alexander Allen
14. Celia Clark Allen, wife of Alexander Allen
15. Stanton P. Allen, author of "Down in Dixie"
16. Annie Hunt Allen, wife of Stanton Perry Allen
17. Molly Hunt, sister of Annie Hunt Allen
18. Itta Allen Fellner
19. Unknown person (not in family)
20. Ellen Goewey Allen, wife of Alexander Allen II
21. Alexander Allen III
22. Alexander Allen II
23. John B. Hull
24. Sarah Allen Hull, wife of John B. Hull
25. Addie Allen Edwards, daughter of Stanton P. and Annie Allen
26. William Edwards, husband of Addie Allen Edwards
27. Bessie Green Gibson, daughter of Fred and Evaline Green

Alexander S. Allen and his daughter Cora Allen, ca 1896

The Allen Family, ca 1923

Alexander S. Allen, Ella Mae Goewey Allen, Cora Allen Hollins, Helen Allen with John Robert Allen in front of her, Alexander Allen with his father, Alexander "Eck" Allen, behind him, Dorothy Allen, and at the far right an unknown person

Cora Allen Hollins (undated)
Submitted by John Champoux

Stanton Perry Allen (undated)
Submitted by John Champoux

Stanton Perry Allen (undated)
Submitted by John Champoux

Ella Mae Goewey Allen (born 28 May 1862),
wife of Alexander S. Allen and mother of Cora Allen

John B. Goewey (1821?-1898) of Lansingburgh, whose home and blacksmith shop appear below. John B. Goewey was the father of Ella Mae Goewey Allen.

Home and blacksmith shop of John B. Goewey in Lansingburgh, NY

George Goewey (b 1817) of Lansingburgh, wagonmaker; he had a shop right next door to his brother, John B. Goewey.

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