19th Century
Straw Papermaking Mills
in Rensselaer County, NY

Information on this page is from The Paper Mill Directory of the World, Clark W. Bryan, publisher, and comes from about 1885. It was transcribed and submitted by Chuck Friday of Ravena, NY.

Rensselaer County

Nassau Mill.
Located at Brainard. Owners: John D. Shufelt. Succeeded Hart and Barnes. Established 1883. Two 700 lb engines. One 72 inch cylinder. Water. Two wheels 90 HP. Employees 16. Straw wrapping. Rated at 8,000 lbs in 24 hours.

XX Mill.
Located at Brainard. Owner: John D. Tompkins. Established 1870. Erected 1846. [sic] Three 400 lb and one Kingsland engine. One 68 inch cylinder. Water. Two wheels, 36 and 90 HP. Employees 16. Straw wrapping. Rated at 8,000 lbs in 24 hours.

Riverside Mill.
Located at Castleton. Three 350 lb engines. One 48 inch and one 68 inch cylinders. Water. Straw wrapping. 5 tons in 24 hours.

Palm Leaf Mill.
Located at Sand Lake. Owner: A. J. Smart. Established 1850. Two 400 lb and two 500 lb engines. One 52 inch cylinder. Steam and water. One steam engine 50 HP. Two wheels 85 HP. Employees 15. Straw wrapping. 6,000 lbs in 24 hours.

Empire Mills.
Located at Schaghticoke. Owners: Wiley & Button. Two mills. Four engines. Two 50 inch cylinders. Water. Six wheels. Employees 21. Straw wrapping. 3.5 tons in 24 hours.

Gold Leaf Mill and Troy City Mill (two mills).
Located at Troy. Owner: R. T. Smart. Established 1859. Three 250 lb and three 350 lb engines. One 62 inch and one 66 inch cylinders. Steam and water. Two steam engines 30 HP each. Four wheels 10, 15, 16, and 65 HP. Employees 34. Straw wrapping. 11,000 lbs in 24 hours.

Valley Falls Paper Manufacturing Company.
Located at Valley Falls. Thomas Long, president; John Kenyon, secretary and treasurer. Firm established 1873. One 300 lb and two 600 lb engines. One 58 inch cylinder. Water. Three wheels 200 HP. Employees 17. Straw wrapping. 6,000 lbs in 24 hours.

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