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FULLER & WARREN STOVE. We have a Fuller & Warren stove made in Troy, NY, and I am curious as to what value it might have. Do you know if there is some website that I could check or someone who might be able to give me a quote on it? Thank you! Carina Wolf, Springfield, MO 0708

FULLER WARREN COMPANY. Some 15 years ago, my wife and I and our small family met my in-laws from Wisconsin, in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. We met at Copper Harbor, and while "Ma" was in the cabinette we rented making a wonderful pasta dish, yours truly went tramping through the woods behind the cabin to see what treasures I might find. From what was either a very old cabin that had long ago burned or a junk pile, I discovered a name plate that looked very old. I secreted it away and brought it to my machine shop. It sat idle for many years until about two years ago, when I picked it up again. I sandblasted it and painted it with black background and gold letters. I now have it prominently displayed over one of my doorways. If I took a picture of it, could anyone hazard a guess as to the vintage? It says, "The Fuller Warren Company, Milwaukee, Chicago". Thanks. Gary M. Dauw 0407

FULLER WARREN WOOD STOVE. We have come across a Fuller Warren wood stove with the inscription "Maple no. 37" on it. It is a wonderful piece of art, with curly legs etc. and lots of details. I have been searching and searching the net to find out any information or pictures and came up every time with your site. So, I am hoping that those who visit your site can help me find out how old this stove is and if it is valuable. Thanks for your time. Carol Warren Ferguson 1004

FULLER & WARREN STOVE. I have a Fuller & Warren stove made in Troy, NY and wonder if it would be a collector's item. Could you let me know if there is someone who might be interested in having some information and/or a photograph of the stove? Thank you. Jack Slingerland, Moneta, VA 0704

FULLER & WARREN WOOD STOVE. We have a Fuller & Warren Co., Troy, NY wood stove (Milwaukee & Chicago), Cottage Diamond No. 210. We are trying to find out the value of this stove and any other information we can find about it. Can anyone help us? Brian & Tina Salo, P. O. Box 230, Ashby, MA 01431, USA 0606

FULLER & WARREN WOOD STOVE. We have a Fuller & Warren Co., Troy, NY wood stove with the inscription "Splendid Oak 29" on it. We are trying to find out the value of this stove and any other information we can find about it. Can anyone help us? Jan F., New York 0805

BEAUTY #20 OIL STOVE. Do you know where I can find info and pictures on the Beauty #20 oil stove? Thank you. Stan Palecek 0306

STEWART STOVES. I have a Magic Stewart 16 coal-burning parlor stove. Can anyone out there confirm if this is the same Philo-Penfield-Stewart manufacturer and what year it might have been made? Thank you. Pauline Feit 0903

STEWART STOVES. I also have a Magic Stewart no. 16. I would like any information anyone may have on this stove. Bill Weatherwax 0405

EPIDEMIC. I would like to know if anyone has any information on a possible epidemic (smallpox, typhus, cholera, etc.) that may have taken place in and possibly around Rensselaer County in the 1830s/1840s. Of course, disease was a big killer at any time in those days, but an epidemic of some sort might explain why I found so many multigenerational deaths in one line of my ancestors during that timeframe. And, it would lend a little support to a theory I have concerning the way a family in this line was structured. Ed Kohinke 0407

CITIZENS' STEAMBOAT COMPANY OF TROY. Can anyone tell me the location in Troy from which the ships of this company would leave? While reading about the 100 years of Troy, I was pleased to see the article about the "night boats" sailing from Troy to New York City. My father, Andrew GOW, who was born in Albany, New York in 1892, often talked about sailing down the Hudson with his father, James GOW, on the night boats and ending at the Fulton Market in New York City. Harold Gow 0406

WALTER A. WOOD 294 POST G A R. At an antique show in Deerfield, Mass. in 2006, I picked up a magazine of arts and antiques in which was a colorful advertisement of Kahn Fine Antiques, 582 Main Street, Chatham, Mass. (508-945-6450), featuring a 50-inch by 27-inch colorful Grand Army of the Republic carved and painted sign, ca 1882, reading "Walter A Wood 294 Post G A R." I don't know if Walter A. Wood of this relic is the same, born in Mason, N. H., who became a successful industrial figure in New York state; his lifespan fits into the US Civil War period. Kahn Fine Antiques has a web site at and an email address of in case anyone may be interested. From the illustration, the sign is a beautiful item, and I wondered if it might be of interest to "return to its home" location. David Proper of Keene, NH. 0307
[NOTE from Lin Van Buren: For a biography of Walter Abbott Wood of Hoosick, Rensselaer County, NY, click here.]

OLD SEAT INSCRIBED WALTER A. WOOD. I have in my possession an old seat with the name "Walter A. Wood" in raised letters. The seat measures 17 inches at the width, 15-1/2 inches in depth and 4 inches in height at the highest point. It is extremely heavy (about 13 pounds), and there is a recessed pattern on both sides (front). There are 22 ventilation ribs in the rear, each measuring about 4 inches to 4-1/2 inches. These ribs are tapered from 1/2 inch (rear) to 1/4 inch (front). The front straddle has a very high area. On the bottom is written a number, which is "208". Does anyone have any idea of the history of this seat? Is it a tractor seat or an implement seat? Thanking you in advance for any help. Chuck Gallmeyer 0704

GENERAL WOOL'S SWORD. Albert E. Harris writes, "Your web article says that Gen. John E. Wool was awarded a sword by the New York State Legislature in August of 1848. I have seen an original parchment document, signed by the clerks of the NY Assembly (J. B. Snidle) and the NY Senate (A. F. Calhoun), and dated April 10, 1848, that resolves their giving thanks to Gen. Wool and requests the procurement of "a sword with suitable emblems and devices" to be presented to him. The document is in good shape and is stretched over a wooden frame. It's about a foot wide, and slightly longer. Perhaps you may know of some person or organization that would be interested in acquiring this document. Sincerely, Albert E. Harris 0305

FREIHOFER BAKERY. Does anyone have a picture (which could be copied) of the line of Freihofer horse wagons, lining up to return to the barn at the end of the day? It was a scene I saw many times during the 1930s, and I would really appreciate any help with this. Elizabeth Cowen 0605

WOMAN'S PARCEL, POSSIBLY ADELE AUDERSON WILKIMOON? I have recently come into possession of a piece of someone's family history. It is a woman's parcel, and it had a brief note attached to it. The note told of the owner, an Adele Auderson Wilkimoon [sp?] [Note from Lin Van Buren: Could this say Adele Anderson Wilkinson?], and it says that she painted the parcel and that the fringe was part of her going-away gown, as shown in "the picture". I do not know which picture the note is referring to. I have tried to research her but have found no luck as to who it is. All I know is that at one time she lived here in Rensselaer County. This came from an estate in Rensselaer County. Are you interested? Would you like me to take a photo and scan the note? Elizabeth Goodermote Barrows 0704

ROCKING CHAIR MADE IN TROY. Looking for information on a caned rocking chair that has been in our family. It is stamped Made by [--?--] Seymour, Troy, NY, Patented Sept 23, 1862. Looking for help on the origin and history of this craftsman or manufacturer. I've found a reference to a George Seymour age 50 years old, "chair manager" in the 1880 US Census in Troy, NY. The chair belonged to my grandmother (born in 1914), who said her mother used to rock her in it. They lived in the Champlain Valley area of Vermont. The chair has a cane seat and back and shows some old crude repairs of long ago. Any information would be most helpful. David Gover 0803

CEMETERY ON MUITZESKILL ROAD. Since I once lived in the area, I was searching for records on ancestors, and I came across your site. Something I noticed a couple of years ago might be of interest. When I was a kid, there was a cemetery at the corner of MUITZESKILL ROAD and KNICKERBOCKER ROAD [in Schodack]. The railroad has bulldozed it over since then. My grandfather bought the farm in 1901 (before the rail line), and the cemetery consisted of approximately 10-12 headstones. Most of the graves dated from the mid-1800s. I cannot remember any names in the cemetery, but my grandfather bought the farm from a Mrs. Biggs. Jim Dorn 0704

THREE INSTITUTES. I'm looking for census information on the following institutes: (1) Mount Magdalene School of Industry and Reformatory of the Good Shepherd that located in Troy, NY; (2) Guardian Angel and Industrial School; and (3) Convent of the Good Shepherd. Barri Basze 0903

FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH OF TROY. Does anyone know if the records of this church are available online or in print? If not, has anyone had success in accessing the records by writing or calling the church office? Pat Koch 0703

ALBIA GROVE, TROY. I am looking for any information on Albia Grove, which was located near the Wynantskill/Troy line. Timewise, this was probably around the 1890s or the early 1900s. It was a picnic grove and may have had some type of amusement rides. Lois 0603

BURNS FUNERAL HOME, TROY. I am looking for records from the funeral home of John W. Burns. They were located in Troy, NY. Would anyone happen to know who would have these records? Thanks. Dorothy McDermott 0403

BRUNSWICK PINES. My father, Earle Chester SMITH, was born 1 May 1896 in Bath-on-the-Hudson, Rensselaer County, NY [now part of the City of Rensselaer]. In our family Bible, Peter P. SMITH lists his place of birth as "Brunswick Pines, New York." [He was born in 1822.] People that I've contacted in the past have never heard of Brunswick referred to as Brunswick Pines. Does anyone know where Brunswick Pines is? Mary Smith Elkins 0303

CLARK'S CHAPEL METHODIST CHURCH. Does anyone have any advice as to how I can locate the records of Clark's Chapel Methodist Church? This church once stood on the north side of Burden Lake Road in the northeastern part of the town of Schodack, across the street from where its cemetery still is. Thanks! Lin Van Buren 0303

DE LA SALLE INSTITUTE. My grandfather attended this high school run by the Christian Brothers, probably in the 1880s. My question is: do the school records survive, and if so, where would they be kept? Mary McAuliffe Nigro 0898 [Email address updated in July 2006]

EARLY RENSSELAER COUNTY "SNOW BIRDS". The last 50 years of the 19th century, my great-great-grandmother Olive Stone BIGELOW ROBINSON (widow of Dr. Dewey Hubbell ROBINSON) lived in Troy, Rensselaer Co, NY with her sister Emma Lorraine BIGELOW SQUIRES (wife of John N. SQUIRES, Vice-President of United Shirt & Collar Company). For several years prior to the Civil War, the sisters and their children traveled annually from Troy by "packet steamer" to New Orleans, and then up the Mississippi River about 100 miles to Woodville, Wilkinson County, MS, where they spent the winters, returning to NY in the spring. One year, for some unknown reason, my great-grandfather decided not to return, and stayed in MS! I am trying to find out some of the travel details of these early "snow birds" and hope there is someone in Rensselaer County who may know something about such activities. Surely, there were others who made similar journeys! Would love to hear from anyone with a bright idea. Ann Robinson McReynolds-Nall, St. Louis 0299 [e-mail address updated in June 2003]

HORACE HERRINGTON RESIDENCE IN BRUNSWICK. Is it still standing, or is there a picture of the place? The estate included two brick buildings (house and barn) in the 1855 NY State Census for Brunswick, valued at $5,000 and $2,000. He was a very prominent resident. He is listed on the census between William Gilliand and Andrew Bench. An 1854 map of Brunswick shows his estate near a cemetery and school and across the street from Dr. Pease. Jon Latham Williamson 0199 [e-mail address given in January 1999 is no longer valid in March 2003]

HORACE HERRINGTON RESIDENCE IN BRUNSWICK - A REPLY. I believe that my former home at 95 Brunswick Road is part of the former "Horace Herrington Farm", which is described in the deeds as covering 76 acres, bordered by St Mary's Cemetery (Troy) to the west and running north of the "turnpike road" (now Route 2). From 1856 until her death (around 1882), Sarah E. HERRINGTON appears to have been sole owner. I have not yet established who built the fine house on the hill at 95 Brunswick Road where I lived for 10 years, and I am most interested in recovering any information on the Herringtons and the previous owners of this property - Asa GARDNER and his daughter Caroline and his son-in-law DeWitt Clinton CLARKE - and on anyone who may have been living at the property in the mid-1800s. I suspect that the estate had some very interesting visitors in those times, ranging from members of the local business and cultural elite to supporters of the Underground Railroad. Any leads would be much appreciated. Robert Moss 1203

LANSINGBURGH QUAKER BURIAL GROUNDS. Recently I viewed a microfilm mostly pertaining to Lansingburgh, NY in the early 1800s. One of the sections of the film was the Quaker Burial Grounds in Lansingburgh. I was researching my wife's BARTON and OSBORN lines and saw both names listed but couldn't tie the given names to any of her ancestors. I would like to pursue this a little. Can anyone tell me what Monthly Meeting would pertain to Lansingburgh and Troy, NY? Also, does anyone online have access to those records? Roy C. Leggitt 0598 [e-mail address is still current in March 2003]

METHODIST EPISCOPAL CHURCH AT WALLOOMSAC. I'm looking for the church and cemetery records for the M. E. Church at the village of Walloomsac, in the town of Hoosick, Rensselaer County, NY. There is a sign posted at the cemetery that states the following: "New York, Site of Walloomsac M. E. Church, incorporated April 18, 1811, reincorporated 1845 and 1858. On Pittstown Circuit. Church building removed 1898. State Education Department 1936." Bob Heck 1198

NAIL FACTORY DISTRICT. I am searching for information about, and the location of, the "Nail Factory" section of Troy in the 1860s. At first I thought this to be a nail business; however, I have come to learn it was a rather large area, and I believe it to be in the south end. Bob Farrell 0199

NATURALIZATIONS AND PETITIONS FOR NATURALIZATION. Is there a record of Petitions for Naturalization and Naturalizations for Troy for the years 1835-1875? If so, how may it be accessed? John 0898

NORTH HOOSICK GRIST MILL. Trying to obtain information on a grist mill that was located in North Hoosick in the 1880s. The owner supposedly was a Mr. John Burke. Connie 0401

OAKWOOD CEMETERY. Looking for story concerning Oakwood Cemetery, Troy, NY and a "bleeding rock". Is anyone familiar with this? Cheryl Morison 1198 [e-mail address given in November 1998 is no longer valid in March 2003]

OBITUARIES. I am trying to find the name and address of a library or archives that would have back issues of newspapers for an obituary of Alice GATHEN of Schodack. Olabelle from VA 0898 [e-mail address is still current in March 2003]

SLOOP CAPTAINS. In 1870, Edward QUINN is listed as a sloop captain in Troy. Where can I learn more about where sloops sailed or where they might be registered? What companies might he have sailed for? Peggy Quinn 1098 [e-mail address given in October 1998 is no longer valid in March 2003]

STEAMSHIP SWALLOW. Sometime in 1845, the steamship Swallow ran aground in the Hudson River and sank. Many lost their lives, including Louisa M. Bowman Coffin of Troy, NY. Does anyone have a resource for detailed information on this incident? A date would be helpful, as the newspapers must have reported it. Carla Johnson 0999 [e-mail address is still current in March 2003]

VITAL RECORDS BEFORE 1880. Is there a way of accessing vital records for Troy that predate the 1880 statewide collection? I understand that Troy has had a number of fires that destroyed records, but is it possible that these records were duplicated or microfilmed or moved offsite before those disasters? Does anyone know if the LDS or any other group has early Troy records? John 0898

127 FERRY STREET. Does anyone have any idea as to how I could find photos of what once was 127 Ferry Street? The building was torn down in order to build the Ahearne Apartments, projects which are now empty. The location is near the jail, almost at 7th Street. Neither the library nor the historical society seems to have these photos. Mary McAuliffe Nigro 1198 [Email address updated in July 2006]

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