Rensselaer County
Native Americans

What is now Rensselaer County, NY was home to two principal tribes of Native Americans during the colonial period. I looked for but could not find any evidence that formal groups of Native Americans made their homes in this county after 1754. I did, however, find a statement, unelaborated, at a Troy website indicating that some Native Americans still resided in Troy as recently as 1854. Of course, individual families of Native Americans can live anywhere in the USA, including in Rensselaer County, NY. If you have Native American ancestors from Rensselaer County, please tell us! The famous MAHICAN, or Mohican, nation lived in what is now the town of Schodack until 1628, and the SCHAGHTICOKE people [actually a collection of Native American peoples] lived in what is now the town bearing their name from 1676 until 1754.

If you have information about Native Americans who were once present in or around Rensselaer County that you would like to contribute to this section, please email Debby Masterson.

Native American Veterans of the War of 1812
The Mohicans (at Debra Winchell's website)
Mahican History (at Lee Sultzman's website)
Schaghticoke Tribal Nation (based in western Connecticut)
Historical and archaeological assessment of Papscanee, Schodack and other
islands of the Hudson River once inhabited my Mahican people
(by Paul R. Huey)
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Debby Masterson.
The Sagamores' Grandmother Lucy Made Collars
"With Apologies to the Schaghticokes" (article by Dr Paul Loatman, City Historian of
Mechanicville, Saratoga Co, NY, just across the Hudson River from the town of
Schaghticoke, Rensselaer Co, NY)
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