Deaths Recorded at
Grace Methodist Church
in Nassau, 1857-1903

Grace Methodist Church, now Grace United Methodist Church, was founded before 1820, and the church building was dedicated in autumn 1833 "opposite the Reformed Church"; this building was still in use in 1880. The church's present location is 38-42 Church Street in the village of Nassau, in the town of Nassau, Rensselaer County, NY. Nathaniel Bartlett Sylvester, writing in 1880 in his History of Rensselaer County, states on page 430, "The records of the church are not well preserved...." But he adds that in 1880, the church "is at present in a flourishing condition." The source of the information on this page is a typescript "copied" by Mildred Adriance in 1973 from an unspecified earlier source, I hope the original churchbook. It is not specified in the typescript source whether the date is the date of death or the date of the funeral. If you have any questions or comments, please email me, Debby Masterson.

Deaths 1857-1903
Name of DecedentMarital Status or AgeDate
Ashley, Almond B.married13 Mar 1882
Ashley, Malindawidowed1 Jan 1883
Balentine, Mrs..1 Oct 1902
Barnfather, William.7 Oct 1869
Bink, Bethiahmarried16 Mar 1883
Bink, Mary.11 Sep 1875
Bullis, John.30 Sept 1869
Clark, Clarisa.23 Feb 1876
Cleveland, Allen, Sr.married20 Apr 1898
Coon, Catherine.1873
Davis, Ebenezer.22 Sept 1857
DeGroff, John.17 Sept 1876
DuBois, Sarah.2 Nov 1858
Earing, Georgemarried29 July 1886
Fellows, Angiemarried26 Nov 1883
Ferguson, Henry S..27 June 1876
File, Lizziesingle26 Mar 1883
Finkell, Jamesmarried28 Feb 1898
Folemsbee, Jonathan [Folmsbee?]married17 June 1887
Fredenburg, Rachel.1 Nov 1869
Frost, Anna S.married29 Sept 1901
Frost, Elizabeth.Sept 1857
Frost, MarymarriedMay 1892
Gabor, Susanna [Tabor?].1 Dec 1863
Gardner, Cyrussingle"1864 Union Army"
Garrison, Danielmarried26 June 1896
Garrison, Susannah.6 Nov 1872
Germond, Elizabethmarried1892
Green, Hart.July 1900
Green, Sarah.1876
Herrick, Lucyage 943 Mar 1872
Higgins, Mariamarried15 Apr 1878
Hoag, Caroline M.[single]June 1865
Hoag, Hannah.1874
Hoag, Mary E..16 June 1866
Hoag, Samuel W..6 Oct 1865
Huested, Orrymarried18 Sept 1883
Jones, Henry.July 1864
Jones, Olive A.age 7314 Nov 1873
Kie, Johnmarried19 Mar 1883
Kie, Sophiawidowed18 May 1893
Mickle, Hannah.1873
Morey, Ann E..11 Oct 1869
Morey, Hannah.31 Mar 1867
Newman, Marysingle1 July 1903
Northup, Charles [Northrop][married]Feb 1858
Palmer, George V.marriedJan 1902
Palmer, Lavinia O.widowed8 Sept 1895
Payne, Matildawidowed20 Mar 1885
Pitts, David W..21 July 1858
Pitts, Ellenmarried27 Feb 1888
Pitts, Susan.24 Apr 1872
Reynolds, Janesingle9 Mar 1882
Reynolds, John.27 Sept 1875
Reynolds, Martinsingle23 Jan 1882
Reynolds, Thomas J.married20 Oct 189-
Rogers, M. Agnessingle6 Feb 1880
Stickles, Martha A.married6 Oct 1895
Tabor, Susannah.1 Dec 1863
Tabor, William.22 June 1857
Taffe, William J.single17 Apr 1889
Thompson, Jerusha.4 Mar 1886
Thompson, Joseph.10 Feb 1873
Van Valkenburgh, Laura.30 Jan 1870
Van Valkenburgh, PetermarriedAug 1892
Velie, Mary Ettasingle17 June 1888
Waterbury, Chester H.married8 Aug 1883
Waterbury, Sallywidowed13 Feb 1898
Weber, Isaac V.married19 Feb 1891
Winters, Nelson.6 Oct 1863 or 1865
Wood, Rachel E..8 Feb 1868

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