1810 US Federal Census
Town of Nassau

This census was transcribed and submitted by Rich Roberge. Rich has quite rightly transcribed exactly what was on the original census, rather than attempt any "corrections". If our guests find an ancestor in this transcription, they will want to obtain a copy of the original census page anyway, as that would be the true primary record. Many thanks for a great job, Rich!

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A - Free white males under 10
B - Free white males 10-16
C - Free white males 16-26
D - Free white males 26-45
E - Free white males 45 and over
F - Free white females under 10
G - Free white females 10-16
H - Free white females 16-26
I - Free white females 26-45
J - Free white females 45 and over
K - All other free persons*
L - Slaves
* Number of Other Free Persons except Indians not taxed.

1810 US Federal Census
Nassau, Rensselaer County, New York

Head of HouseholdABCDEFGHIJKL
---, Michael210102001000
Aberson [Alberson, Albertson], John001100010000
Adams, Danl012013101000
Adams, Elijah120021110200
Adams, Hial001000010000
Adams, Noah030011000100
Adread, Roger010102101000
Adread, John101001001000
Alexander, Daniel010010010100
Allen, Ezra010010000100
Allen, Ezra, Jr100112001100
Ambler, Abram111011110100
Ambler, Peter210103201000
Aring [Earing, Earring], Charles100101001000
Aring, Frederick100100101000
Aring, John, Jr200100001000
Aring, John101012020000
Aring, Saml200102001000
Arnold, David011013211000
Atwater, Benj.001011100100
Atwater, Benjn001012100100
Atwater, Daniel110102101000
Bailey, Joseph101012101000
Bailey, Silas210102011000
Baily, Amariah [Amaziah?]020010110100
Ball [Vail?], James H.210011201000
Bateman, Charles200101001000
Bateman, Harris001001010000
Bateman, Rensselaer001000010000
Bateman, Reuben000110100100
Belknap, Asa100104001000
Belknap, John000100100100
Belnap, Eli210103001000
Benedick [Benedict?], Enoch000010000100
Benedick, Jacob001100101000
Benedick, Timothy001110000100
Benjamin, Ebenezer001010110100
Benjamin, Saml201001010000
Benton, Silas110114101100
Bigelow, Alvin000010310100
Bigelow, Joseph100110001100
Bigelow, Josiah000010000100
Blany, John100100010000
Blany, Taber001001010000
Blany, Wm000101010000
Bowton [Boughton], Jerry201103002100
Bowton, John110011120100
Bowton, Stephen010110001200
Brainard, Jeremiah412100101100
Bramhall, Moses100101010000
Brown, Caleb000112110100
Brown, James211101001000
Brown, Peter001011020100
Brown, Saml302111021102
Brown, Wm110100101000
Buck, Caleb100101010000
Budd, John110103101000
Bull, Robert100101010000
Bullis, John000102101000
Burcham, Matthias101010100100
Burk [Burke], Peter500100001000
Bush, Abijah002010020112
Campbell, Wm200102001100
Carie [?] [Carey?], Charity100001001000
Carpenter, Dexter200202101000
Carpenter, Levi100101011000
Carpenter, Oliver000111111100
Carpenter, Wm120101201000
Cary, Jenney000103001000
Cary, Jeremiah001001110000
Cary, Jesse100110000100
Case, Henry100101001000
Casey, Jeremiah001001001000
Casey, Silas221202001000
Casey, Silas220101101000
Cohoon [Cahoon], John011010020100
Cole, Jacob101000010000
Cole, John011012111100
Cole, John001011100100
Coleman [Colman], John000010010100
Coleman, Rich000103001000
Coleman, Rowland000100101000
Coleman, Saml000100001000
Comings [Cummings], Abel011013101000
Comings, Chatman100102001000
Coohoon, Heman [Cahoon, Herman]100102001000
Cook, Joseph001010200100
Cook, Levi201011000100
Cook, Philip015010030100
Coon, Henry300102001000
Corbin, Asa, Jr001011100100
Corbin, Ephraigm210103111000
Corkins [Calkins, Caulkins], Benj.111012110100
Crandel [Crandall], Wilson202021110100
Craw, John200112001000
Craw, Sherman000010100100
Crippin, Reuben100012001100
Cronkhite [Cronkite], Richard000102011000
Curk [?] [Kirk?], Job W.000101001000
Curtis, Clarck001001001000
Curtis, Jonah101000010000
David, William100011000100
Dewey, Nathaniel200101001000
Diamont, Christina000000000100
Dibble, Frederick100113001100
Dibble, Zalmon000100010000
Dickinson, Charles20101 2201000
Dickinson, Lewis001001010000
Dolly, Isaac202010100100
Dosenbury [Dusenbury, Dusenberry], Benj'n001000010000
Dosenbury, Daniel000012100101
Dosenbury, Enock [Enoch]112012100100
Dosenbury, Gabriel012010020100
Dosenbury, Henry102011001200
Dosenbury, Henry G.300101001000
Dosenbury, Jacob012022200100
Dunham, Isaac402011110000
Dworak [Dvorak], widow014000100100
Eaton, Lot000010110100
Elmendorf, Jacob100101002000
Elmendorf, John110010020010
Elmer, Wm C.020113001100
Emmons, Oliver010010200100
Fields, Martin010103111000
Filkins, John000110202000
Filkins, Isaac012011100100
Filkins, Jonathan200104101000
Filkins, Langdon200102101000
Finch, Benj.100012000100
Finch, Joseph102011100100
Finch, Peter201010110100
Finch, Reuben001003001000
Finch, Simeon203010200100
Finch, widow010001000100
Fink, Eunice000000000100
Fisk, Tho.023010110100
Foggerson [Ferguson], Israel400114001000
Foggerson, Jeremy213013211000
Fondy [Fonda?], Jerry002000110000
Fosburgh [?] [Vosburgh?], Jacobus T.120100101000
Fosmire, Henry001101011000
Fosmire, Jonas100103001000
Fox, Isaac101000010010
Frost, John101106001000
Gale, Elijah200102001000
Gale, Joseph001103101000
Gale, Nathan101101010000
Gale, Saml210111021100
Gibbs, Saml E.302100001010
Gillet, Zebulun [Zebulon]002000010000
Goodrich, Saml000011000100
Green, Gilbert102000010000
Greenman, Joseph000010000100
Guild, Abel001010000100
Hadduk [Haddock], Thomas000010000100
Harder, Adam210101000100
Harger, Ephraim200103101000
Harger, Joseph201101101000
Harmance, And'w001201010000
Harmans, Garret401201110100
Harmans, Jacob010100101000
Harmans, Philip003010000100
Harris, Daniel300102201000
Harris, James112001010000
Harris, James100102010000
Harris, James003011111100
Harris, John100101010000
Hendrick, Wm001101001002
Hicks, Barnard200103010000
Hicks, John110012200100
Hicks, Joseph200101001000
Hicks, Mordecai000100010000
Hicks, Tho.001002010000
Hilliard, David011011200100
Hoag, Elkanah210102101000
Hoag, Jon [Jonathan]302111012100
Hoag, Reuben010101011001
Hoag, Wm101010101100
Hocum [?] [Holcomb?], Josiah010010000100
Hodge, Abel001000010000
Hodge, Abel010011010100
Hodge, Noah100101001000
Hodges, Nehemiah102000010000
Hoos [Hoes, Goes], Henry201121003000
Hoose, Christopher211103101000
Howling [Howland], Caleb002112121100
Huff, John201000010000
Huff, Joshua201011100100
Humphrey, David001001010000
Humphrey, Lyman001000010000
Hunt, Wm020020000100
Hunt, Wm, Jr300101010000
Husen [Van Husen], Elijah300100001000
Hustead, Titus001010101000
Husted, Ab'm100010010100
Husted, Amos100103010000
Husted, Nicholas210101101001
Hustin [Huston, Houston], Lewis011020020100
Huttestone, Isaac300111101000
Hyde, Henry112000010000
Ingham, Stephen100102001100
Irish, George110103001000
Irish, John210012101000
Irish, James M.101002010000
Jacoby, Wm112011000100
Johnson, Carly200102001000
Kane, Israel001000010000
Knap [Knapp]001101010000
Knap, Eben'r, Jr200101201000
Knap, John322111101200
Knap, Joshua010100101000
Knap, Reuben, Jr303011100100
Knap, Saml021102001000
Langdon, Daniel020010000100
Larkin, William222011011000
Lathrop, Joseph001101010000
Lawrence, James010011101000
Leach, Hosea100100110000
Leroy, Simeon111010000100
Lester, Tho.110011100100
Levensworth, David101102001100
Levensworth, William100102101000
Litts, Daniel010113101107
Lockwood, Joshua000010020100
Logdon, Levi100102010000
Loomis, Albert100100001000
Lawn [Lown], David G.311101111000
Lyon, Wm320013021000
Marks, James001004010000
Marks, Jeremiah120104101000
Marks, Joseph000010010100
Marshal [Marshall], Enos001011010100
Marshal, Moses100103001000
Marshal, Nathaniel, Jr210101001000
Martin, Eben'r100101011000
Martin, James321021011100
Martin, William110101001000
Marvin, John400100001000
Marvin, Nathaniel100100201000
Mason, Benj.010100101000
Mason, Charles210112111100
Mason, Wheaton100102001000
Mattoon, Saml200100001000
Mattoon, Saml300100010000
McCagg, Thomas301000010000
McQuade, James000010120100
Mead, Enos411010210200
Mead, Ezekiel010011000100
Merry, Eben'r000010000100
Millard, Gideon300101011000
Millard, Solomon111011001000
Miller, Plin [Pliny?]010010020100
Miller, Robert200012101000
Miller, Wm C.221103101000
Millham, Simon001010250100
Milling, David001100101001
Mitchel, Tho. [Mitchell, Thomas]002000100100
Moory [Morey], Latin300102001000
Morris, Darius200100001000
Mory [Morey], Roger212011001000
Nichols, Jenny001010000100
Niles, Elijah010103201000
Osgood, David303101011000
Ostrum, Paul300101001000
Palmer, Enoch110102101000
Palmer, Fenner311102001000
Parmeter [Palmeteer], John121011211000
Patrick, John010102010000
Philip [Phillips], Isaac001010020100
Philips, Joshua400101001000
Philips, Stephen101001010000
Pink, Philip202100220100
Pinny [Penney], Joseph200010101000
Pitts, Wm211013221000
Porter, Chauncey000102110000
Powers, Condant001002010000
Quimby, Israel000010100100
Quimby, John000103101000
Raymond, John110103001000
Read, Eliphalet221100101000
Read, Joseph101102001001
Read, Lot210103010000
Reynolds, Moses000010000100
Reynolds, Moses, Jr001012301000
Ripley, Wm221100010000
Roberson [Robertson], Ezra320012100100
Roberson, Hector010011110100
Roberts, Peter320103001000
Root, Jerred [Jarod]102102210010
Root, Winthrop112101111002
Rouse [Rose]000110000100
Rouse, Elias000210000100
Rowly, Saml W.510100201000
Rowly, David102010010100
Rustin, Wm101001010000
Salts, John000010000100
Savage, Asa101102001000
Schermerhorn, Cor's W. [Cornelius]101100001101
Schermerhorn, John W.214010301103
Schermerhorn, Ab'm000100010000
Scoville, Nathan001010000100
Shepard, Jon'n R. [?]100101001000
Sherman, Abiel001010120100
Sherman, Jeremy000100101000
Sherman, Michael202011130100
Sibley, Timothy010101001000
Simons, John111012200100
Slighter [Sleighter, Sliter, Slyter], John110013021000
Smith, Benj.101001010000
Smith, Ephraim012010100100
Smith, Francis000010000100
Smith, Henry201011101000
Smith, Michael T.110104010100
Smith, Nicholas100112011102
Smith, Nicholas T.301011220100
Smith, Reuben100011111000
Smith, Stephen100103001000
Smith, Tunis T. [Teunis]000101110000
Smith, Wm200100101000
Spencer, Eliphas211101001100
St John, Daniel010103001001
St John, Daniel000010000100
St John, Erruna [Erasmus?]001001010000
St John, James110102001000
St John, John100102101000
Stackhouse, Stacy101010110100
Stevens, Hannah000000111000
Stewart, Edwin A. [?]101001010000
Stutt, Ebenezer100110020100
Taber [Tabor], George001001010000
Taber, Gersham101101001000
Taber, Peleg001004010100
Taber, Wm200102001000
Tift [Tifft], John311010030100
Tift, Jeremiah100100010000
Tift, Potter001000010000
Tift, Simon100100010000
Town, John300101101000
Townsend, Daniel001000010000
Townsend, Joel001000010000
Townsend, Jonas011010110100
Tripp, Gideon212012101000
Tripp, Stephen312112101100
Tucker, Henry021103111000
Turner, John221012010100
V. Curen, Cor'ls C. [Van Kuren, Cornelius C.]101000010001
V. Husen, Coonrad [Van Heusen, Conrad]001010010103
V. Husen, Georg [George]200102011100
V. Husen, John210103001000
Van Vleek, Barent210100001000
V. D. Bergh [Vandenbergh], James100203011000
V. D. Bergh, Wm011010000100
V. D. Water [Van de Mater?], Benj'n000102001000
Valentine, Joel220013021000
Valentine, John130014101000
Valentine, Richard011010121000
Vicory, Eli [Vickery, Eli]311012120100
Vicory, Caleb [Vickery, Caleb]210101101000
Vincent, Richard100103001000
Vinegar, Amos200102001000
Vinegar, Harry011011001000
Vingan, Oliver200102001000
Wadsworth, Ebenezer002202120000
Wait, widow100003101000
Walbridge, Mary000000010100
Waring, James001010001000
Warner, Buel221013200100
Warner, John001000010000
Warner, John100012100100
Warren, David000011110100
Waterbury, Daniel001001010000
Waterbury, David111103131000
Waterbury, Ezra211102110000
Waterbury, Jacob001001010000
Waterbury, John130103111100
Waterbury, Jon'n120010020100
Waterbury, Joseph110103001100
Waterbury, Lewis201001010000
Waterbury, Saml200101001100
Waterbury, Stephen210102020000
Waterbury, Wm310100011000
Weatherwax, George100100001000
Wells, Benjn011010020100
Wells, Elisha101000010000
Wells, Jno101021010100
Wheeler, Ezra211010000100
Wilden [?] [Weldon?], James000105001000
Wilber [Wilbur], David001010030100
Wildon [Weldon], Simon400101001000
Wilky, David020101011000
William, Asa110102001000
Williams, John000010100100
Williams, Lyman200100001000
Williams, Solomon001110120100
Williams, Warren200101001000
Wilson, Hugh211000010100
Wilson, Jacob100102001000
Wolcott, David401101001000
Woodard, Abijah001011000100
Woodard, Abijah001011000100
Woodward, Levi312023200200
Woodward, Richard100102001100
Worden, Spencer001101010000
Younglove, John000100120010

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